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scammer sgg049


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Herbsman235: yea ur a scammer
Sgg049: proof?
Sgg049: and how am I?
Herbsman235: u scammed valor235
Sgg049: proof?
Herbsman235: the account kyleden04 doesnt exist
Sgg049: Yes, yes it does
Herbsman235: noooo it doesnt
Sgg049: but the pass doesn't work
Sgg049: Idk why it doesn't
Herbsman235: so u did scam me?
Herbsman235: can u retrieve the password?
Herbsman235: like the password retrieval please?
Sgg049: no = (
Herbsman235: why not?
Sgg049: I don't want to
Sgg049: Your account is borked also
Sgg049: Idk, it's sorta lame
Herbsman235: my acc is what?
Sgg049: borked *****
Herbsman235: whats borked
Sgg049: broke back mountain
Sgg049: its hawt
Herbsman235: did u even see my hunter?
Sgg049: Yeah, lol
Sgg049: full BS lol...
Herbsman235: it has full BS
Herbsman235: u never even logged onto it
Sgg049: and my warrior has 7/8 might, OEB, Quel Serrar
Sgg049: Yeah, I did
Sgg049: And one BOE epic
Sgg049: lol
Herbsman235: its on shadowmoon
Sgg049: crappy trinkets and rings
Sgg049: I know it is
Herbsman235: can i have my acc back then?
Sgg049: No
Sgg049: I'll sell it
Herbsman235: oimg scammer
Sgg049: OIMG??

Herbsman235: OMG**
Sgg049: O rly?
Herbsman235: ....
Sgg049: lol
Sgg049: anyways, ill just join a PvP guild, and get rank 11
Herbsman235: u dont even have a warrior do you
Sgg049: also, your pet doesn't even have bite, claw 8, and dash 3
Sgg049: I do, and a full EF shaman
Sgg049: all scammed

ill buy a account off someone since mine got scammed