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Scammer Richter 2066 (NAXX ROGUE)


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richter2066: hey
the irish pyro: hi
richter2066: im interested in ur account
richter2066: http://ctprofiles.net/3299
richter2066: theres my offer
the irish pyro: whoa
the irish pyro: can I see ingame
richter2066: yea but not right now my buddy is on him doing naxx
the irish pyro: whats your markee name
richter2066: dont have one
the irish pyro: ok im going to ask your friend
the irish pyro: if you are trading, alright?
the irish pyro: what do you mean
the irish pyro: richter isnt even on

Try harder /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif