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scammer report


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TheSkunkist (1:17:04 PM): Whats up
Gunitt2704 (1:17:09 PM): nm hbu
TheSkunkist (1:17:16 PM): how are ya
TheSkunkist (1:17:44 PM): anyways you got any wow accounts?
Gunitt2704 (1:18:05 PM): yea
TheSkunkist (1:18:18 PM): which ones
Gunitt2704 (1:18:49 PM): epic warrior
TheSkunkist (1:19:25 PM): yep, I traded you that for your gamecard lol, wanted to know if I can play it for a few minutes like 5 or 10minutes, i dont have a wow account anymore : /
TheSkunkist (1:19:58 PM): I thought recalling was a bad idea since I traded you legitly
Gunitt2704 (1:20:35 PM): ya u still need to give me sq/a
TheSkunkist (1:20:44 PM): Yep thats true
TheSkunkist (1:21:21 PM): I lost my priest a day ago, you probably read on markee /cry
TheSkunkist (1:21:39 PM): If i give you sq/a could you give me another account ?
Gunitt2704 (1:21:48 PM): yea
Gunitt2704 (1:21:50 PM): i said i would
TheSkunkist (1:21:52 PM): cool which one
TheSkunkist (1:22:06 PM): not looking for any good one, just a 50+ would be good
TheSkunkist (1:22:08 PM): or 40+
Gunitt2704 (1:22:39 PM): 54 shaman
TheSkunkist (1:22:53 PM): okay, some time on it would be good
Gunitt2704 (1:22:56 PM): ill give u when u put account to my email adress
TheSkunkist (1:23:13 PM): ill give you sa/sq right now, the email thingy i have to do by calling blizzard
Gunitt2704 (1:23:53 PM): yea just call blizz and set it up and ill get u account
TheSkunkist (1:23:57 PM): okay
TheSkunkist (1:24:11 PM): Hey, could I play my warrior that i traded you for a few minutes?
TheSkunkist (1:24:20 PM): Just have to talk to some friends of mine
Gunitt2704 (1:24:24 PM): im raiding atm
TheSkunkist (1:24:46 PM): ah okay, well just 2-5 minutes is all im asking.
TheSkunkist (1:25:12 PM): I had a good friend of mine playing with me on that server.
TheSkunkist (1:28:51 PM): How long would it take by any means do you know?
Gunitt2704 (1:29:12 PM): would what take?
TheSkunkist (1:29:37 PM): Your raiding, because I just need to log in, talk to a few friends, and log off within 5minutes as i have promissed you.

TheSkunkist (1:30:40 PM): thats not my account name lol
TheSkunkist (1:31:27 PM): My account name was Darku
Gunitt2704 (1:31:39 PM): i kno
TheSkunkist (1:31:40 PM): character named hogan
Gunitt2704 (1:31:43 PM): go on that 1
TheSkunkist (1:31:54 PM): i need to get on "my account"
TheSkunkist (1:32:01 PM): all my info is on there, and my contacts
TheSkunkist (1:32:21 PM): look, i can just recall it..which i dont want to do since we traded..
TheSkunkist (1:32:27 PM): so im asking you for 5minutes
Gunitt2704 (1:33:04 PM): i have all ur info man, i cant just let u login the account cuz u can just change pw
TheSkunkist (1:33:27 PM): You dont have all my info. You dont have SA/SQ -> which is needed to recall an account.
TheSkunkist (1:33:38 PM): I will recall my account and the password will change automatically...
Gunitt2704 (1:33:44 PM): i have u adress and name and phone number
TheSkunkist (1:34:03 PM): Just let me log in lol, im not a scammer, you can check my feedback on markee
Gunitt2704 (1:34:17 PM): u have 5 mins
TheSkunkist (1:34:22 PM): into my account for a few minutes, i dont need to change the password because im the original owner
Gunitt2704 (1:34:22 PM): 1celtic1 is pw
TheSkunkist (1:34:24 PM): ok
TheSkunkist (1:34:26 PM): thanks
Gunitt2704 (1:39:41 PM): its been 5 mins u done?
TheSkunkist (1:39:48 PM): 1 min
TheSkunkist (1:42:04 PM): ok done
TheSkunkist (1:42:05 PM): thanks
Gunitt2704 (1:42:10 PM): kk
Gunitt2704 (1:42:21 PM): u didnt even go on
TheSkunkist (1:42:28 PM): yep i did
Gunitt2704 (1:42:31 PM): no u didnt
TheSkunkist (1:42:35 PM): how do u know?
Gunitt2704 (1:42:36 PM): i didnt get disc
TheSkunkist (1:42:42 PM): disc?
Gunitt2704 (1:42:48 PM): disconnected
TheSkunkist (1:42:57 PM): strange
TheSkunkist (1:42:59 PM): let me try again
Gunitt2704 (1:43:19 PM): hey ur accounts getting banned
Gunitt2704 (1:43:25 PM): u changed pw
Gunitt2704 (1:43:36 PM): and im bringing u to court
TheSkunkist (1:43:44 PM): well im stuck on authenticating now
Gunitt2704 (1:43:44 PM): i should prob call ur mommy
TheSkunkist (1:44:08 PM): i already got one of my accounts banned
TheSkunkist (1:44:11 PM): because of you
TheSkunkist (1:44:16 PM): like you said, yourself
Gunitt2704 (1:44:18 PM): not cuz of me
[censored] idoit
Gunitt2704 (1:44:37 PM): i had nothing to do with ur account getting banned
TheSkunkist (1:44:37 PM): yep cuz of you, yesterday you told me your account will get banned - the one that uses ur gamecard - and it did
TheSkunkist (1:44:46 PM): what a coincidence!?
Gunitt2704 (1:44:49 PM): no i didnt u moron
Gunitt2704 (1:44:55 PM): i never said that
TheSkunkist (1:45:01 PM): Look dude, i have never used any hacks in my life
TheSkunkist (1:45:10 PM): and thats my fukin original account i spent 360+ dollars on it
Gunitt2704 (1:45:12 PM): ur account got stolen u idoit!!!!
TheSkunkist (1:45:19 PM): no , i had it
Gunitt2704 (1:45:24 PM): no u didnt
TheSkunkist (1:45:27 PM): lol i did
Gunitt2704 (1:45:33 PM): gamecards dont equal bans
Gunitt2704 (1:45:40 PM): im calling ur house
TheSkunkist (1:45:45 PM): i dunno about that since u threated my about it
Gunitt2704 (1:45:52 PM): Robert Jarosh

TheSkunkist (1:45:56 PM): go ahead, i wont pick up
Gunitt2704 (1:46:06 PM): ill call the polic
TheSkunkist (1:46:12 PM): u cant call police
TheSkunkist (1:46:15 PM): ill call blizzard
Gunitt2704 (1:46:17 PM): ya i can
Gunitt2704 (1:46:20 PM): for what?
TheSkunkist (1:46:25 PM): and tell them you are a fukin fagget and got my account banned for no reason
Gunitt2704 (1:46:32 PM): ur an idoit
Gunitt2704 (1:46:37 PM): that accounts getting back
TheSkunkist (1:46:39 PM): its not easy losing 360bucks
Gunitt2704 (1:46:40 PM): banned
Gunitt2704 (1:46:50 PM): ur gunna have both banned
TheSkunkist (1:46:56 PM): [censored] you *****
TheSkunkist (1:47:05 PM): i knew ur gamecards were hacked or something
Gunitt2704 (1:47:10 PM): hahahahah!
Gunitt2704 (1:47:12 PM): ur a noob
TheSkunkist (1:47:16 PM): because when i let my friend borrow it, he said the time stills says the same
Gunitt2704 (1:47:34 PM): gamecards dont equal ban
TheSkunkist (1:47:39 PM): look u idiot, when i used ur gamecard , it should say april something 2006, but when i let my friend log in, he said it was still march 25th
TheSkunkist (1:47:51 PM): you and ur fukin scams
TheSkunkist (1:47:54 PM): gamecard scams
Gunitt2704 (1:47:58 PM): it was authenticating moron
TheSkunkist (1:48:00 PM): it was wierd
TheSkunkist (1:48:03 PM): he even sent me a screenshot
TheSkunkist (1:48:15 PM): and i have a screenshot
Gunitt2704 (1:48:17 PM): takes a day to authenticate
TheSkunkist (1:48:19 PM): i have all my evidence
TheSkunkist (1:48:23 PM): no it doesnt lol
Gunitt2704 (1:48:27 PM): wanna bet
TheSkunkist (1:48:30 PM): i have used gamecards in the past
TheSkunkist (1:48:32 PM): sure
Gunitt2704 (1:48:42 PM): dude ur wars getting banned
TheSkunkist (1:48:43 PM): bet for what
TheSkunkist (1:48:52 PM): okay, good luck with tha
TheSkunkist (1:49:00 PM): if you get mine bannned im gonna get your banned
TheSkunkist (1:49:03 PM): im not stupid
Gunitt2704 (1:49:05 PM): lol
TheSkunkist (1:49:09 PM): yep laugh all u want
Gunitt2704 (1:49:10 PM): get what banned?
TheSkunkist (1:49:14 PM): your account banned
TheSkunkist (1:49:23 PM): i have all the info on it lol
Gunitt2704 (1:49:32 PM): really do u
TheSkunkist (1:49:40 PM): copy and paste =D
Gunitt2704 (1:50:20 PM): not my account lol
TheSkunkist (1:50:29 PM): lol whoever it belongs to, its gonna get [censored] up
Gunitt2704 (1:50:36 PM): lol go on ur warrior
Gunitt2704 (1:50:39 PM): look at him
TheSkunkist (1:50:44 PM): yea lol
Gunitt2704 (1:50:48 PM): look now
TheSkunkist (1:50:52 PM): yea i know
TheSkunkist (1:50:54 PM): your a fagget
TheSkunkist (1:50:59 PM): but i can get items back dont worry lol
Gunitt2704 (1:51:05 PM): no u cant
TheSkunkist (1:51:16 PM): lol i can
TheSkunkist (1:51:20 PM): trust me
TheSkunkist (1:51:28 PM): and even if u delete my character
TheSkunkist (1:51:30 PM): ill get it back lol
Gunitt2704 (1:51:56 PM): no u wont dude its gunna get compromised
TheSkunkist (1:52:00 PM): lol just watch
TheSkunkist (1:52:03 PM): stupid kid
Gunitt2704 (1:52:03 PM): i will
Gunitt2704 (1:52:06 PM): ur stupid
Gunitt2704 (1:52:12 PM): they check IP adresses
TheSkunkist (1:52:19 PM): lol ur dumb
[censored] 14 year old
Gunitt2704 (1:52:33 PM): im gunna call ur mommy
TheSkunkist (1:52:45 PM): go [censored] urself kid
TheSkunkist (1:52:49 PM): ur an evil [censored]
Gunitt2704 (1:52:56 PM): ur evil
TheSkunkist (1:52:58 PM): ur evil bitc
Gunitt2704 (1:53:00 PM): u scamed me
TheSkunkist (1:53:03 PM): i never saw anyone delete anyones toons
TheSkunkist (1:53:06 PM): u scammed me *****
TheSkunkist (1:53:09 PM): u got my account banned
Gunitt2704 (1:53:18 PM): omg ur an idoit
TheSkunkist (1:53:24 PM): [censored] you fukin **** sucker
Gunitt2704 (1:53:24 PM): plz post this on markee
TheSkunkist (1:53:26 PM): go [censored] ur mom
Gunitt2704 (1:53:32 PM): they will laugh at u
TheSkunkist (1:53:33 PM): yea i will
TheSkunkist (1:53:37 PM): your a fukin gamecard scammer
Gunitt2704 (1:53:42 PM): no such thing
TheSkunkist (1:53:50 PM): dumb ass
Gunitt2704 (1:55:57 PM): ur an idoit
TheSkunkist (1:56:07 PM): well i hoped u enjoy deleting my gear
TheSkunkist (1:56:11 PM): u fuki nasshole no i cant even resell
Gunitt2704 (1:56:12 PM): i did
TheSkunkist (1:56:15 PM): to make up my loss
Gunitt2704 (1:56:33 PM): dont try an scam ppl then and blame then for u bein an idoit
TheSkunkist (1:56:40 PM): ur a scammer prick
TheSkunkist (1:56:44 PM): im gonan take u down just watch
TheSkunkist (1:56:48 PM): for getting my priest banned
TheSkunkist (1:56:56 PM): ur account is gonna get [censored] just watch kid


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I traded him the warrior for his gamecard. He started to threat me that he will call the police and blizzard to get my account banned if i tried to scam. Well, everything went well for a day or so, until my other account got banned. I contacted him back asking him if he was involved in anything, didnt recieve a reply for some time, so i emailed him back asking him if he could reimburse my account since a) He did something to my account, I have never used any type of hacks or any third party programs in my life, i even let him go on my account for a few minutes, from what i know he was responsible for getting my account banned and probably used bots to complete his task. So I asked him if i can get back on the warrior and talk to a few friends before i was qutting, he started to make problem at first, then he gave me 5minutes, i logged in and changed the password under the circumstances I knew he was messing around with me. His gamecard also didnt work and was somehow bugged. I didnt tell him that until the last moment because i was afraid that if i told him he was provinding me with incorrect key that he would delete my characters and items. Well that didnt work out well, and yes he ended up with deleting all my items characters etc.I have a few screenshots of his gamecard he gave me on the account page, and where it said it was invalid. I only had 2 world of warcraft accounts, one i lost because of this guy, 2nd one i also lost since I cant get my items reimbursed. He is probably a scammer since I have never let anyone onto my other account that got banned for some time, maybe a month or so. However i let him log into it for a while.


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Not 100% sure but in my opinion I would say Sunkist is innocent and in no way is a scammer, I know this because i've talked to him a fair bit and he has told me that Gunnitt deleted his characters before this post was made, so its not as if he is making this up.

I don't think Sunkist is a scammer, and it sounds as if Gunnitt was the one who is trying to compensate for getting the account banned after trading for it.


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acounts cant get banned from using a gamecard kthnxbye and if u read thats what hes accusing me of

[/ QUOTE ]

Hes accusing you for getting the account banned after he traded it to you then you recalling your account.

If you read you'll notice that the E-Mail from Blizzard that he showed explained that it was because of a 3rd Party Program or something that alters the game that is against the EULA. Not because he attempted to add a gamecard.