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scammer report... again


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saiitek (4:44:29 PM): ok, if you know my IP what is it?
saiitek (4:44:46 PM): And it's not "Guys," It is only one guy
[censored] stop recalling
saiitek (4:45:49 PM): Heh, but still
saiitek (4:45:54 PM): What's my IP
saiitek (4:45:57 PM): If you so know it
antihero802 (4:46:10 PM): get on my vent server so we can chat!!!
saiitek (4:46:16 PM): No thanks
saiitek (4:46:23 PM): So, you don't have it! Clever, clever
saiitek returned at 4:46:25 PM.
antihero802 (4:46:33 PM): dude Id like to end this
antihero802 (4:46:43 PM): please stop
saiitek (4:46:59 PM): Heh, it will NEVER EVER end
saiitek (4:47:06 PM): I have ALL your info, ALL
saiitek (4:47:37 PM): Anyways, I will just lock your account, so NONE of us ever get it
antihero802 (4:47:37 PM): Im asking you s nicly as posiable
antihero802 (4:48:14 PM): seriously stop being a ****** ant think about me for once besides yourself
antihero802 (4:48:20 PM): quit being a [censored] and get on vent
saiitek (4:48:30 PM): I do not care about other people over the [censored] internet
antihero802 (4:48:37 PM): GET ON VENT
saiitek (4:48:38 PM): no, I am not going on Vent, you will get my IP
antihero802 (4:48:46 PM): GET ON TS THEN
saiitek (4:48:57 PM): Ah, what the heck, I have a Dynamic one!
antihero802 (4:49:18 PM): Please just stop it, what did I do to you
saiitek (4:49:26 PM): Give me the account, and it will stop
saiitek (4:49:35 PM): I can get your account back... you know it too
saiitek (4:49:52 PM): I will lock it after I get it
antihero802 (4:50:00 PM): how are you going to lock it
saiitek (4:50:13 PM): Why would I tell you? The person I am dong it too
saiitek (4:50:18 PM): Ok, wait
saiitek (4:50:23 PM): I will offer you a deal...
antihero802 (4:50:28 PM): whats your deal?
saiitek (4:50:28 PM): listen, please
saiitek (4:50:40 PM): YOU help me scam a better account
saiitek (4:50:44 PM): I will leave you alone
saiitek (4:50:53 PM): We do it together...
antihero802 (4:50:55 PM): ...Ok
antihero802 (4:51:05 PM): but after we get it I dont want anyhting to do with it
saiitek (4:51:11 PM): I know
saiitek (4:51:12 PM): I know
saiitek (4:51:24 PM): Ok, lets look for someone to scam..
saiitek (4:51:47 PM): How'd you get the account back?
saiitek (4:51:52 PM): Just curious
antihero802 (4:52:01 PM): called bliz
saiitek (4:52:05 PM): Really?
saiitek (4:52:08 PM): Same with me
saiitek (4:52:17 PM): what'd you say?
antihero802 (4:52:25 PM): my name and that i got scammed
saiitek (4:52:33 PM): Ok
saiitek (4:55:09 PM): FInd anyone/
saiitek (4:55:10 PM): ?
antihero802 (4:57:22 PM): no
antihero802 (4:59:50 PM): ...no im not helping you scam anyobdy, thats very thoughtless
antihero802 (4:59:59 PM): Im turing this convo into blizz though
saiitek (5:00:08 PM): Well, you are violation the TOS
saiitek (5:00:15 PM): I am locking your account
antihero802 (5:00:22 PM): lol try it
saiitek (5:00:25 PM): And you are probably photoshoppiing this
saiitek (5:00:29 PM): I am, calling rightnow
antihero802 (5:00:33 PM): ok
antihero802 (5:00:52 PM): go right ahead
antihero802 (5:01:42 PM): The account will be lock and up for review...And I will get it back
saiitek (5:01:47 PM): Nope
antihero802 (5:01:52 PM): yeah
saiitek (5:01:53 PM): I will say YOU are the scammer
saiitek (5:01:56 PM): And not I
saiitek (5:02:14 PM): Because, truly you are the oen
antihero802 (5:02:29 PM): ..When i called that said ifanybody trys to change info again its getting locked and being investiagted
antihero802 (5:02:31 PM): so try it
saiitek (5:02:41 PM): I am, still in line
saiitek (5:03:21 PM): After it;s locked, back to playing my other accounts, and of course, scamming mroe
saiitek (5:03:32 PM): And don't forget, making a new AIM after you post this on Markee
antihero802 (5:03:59 PM): np
antihero802 (5:04:10 PM): my guilds got your IP
antihero802 (5:04:14 PM): ....
saiitek (5:04:17 PM): Also, take screenshots of this conversation, please
saiitek (5:04:20 PM): So?
saiitek (5:04:32 PM): My IP is Dynamic
antihero802 (5:04:37 PM): lol
antihero802 (5:04:49 PM): lol your 14
saiitek (5:04:50 PM): Well, IPs sorry
saiitek (5:04:55 PM): no, I am not
antihero802 (5:05:01 PM): lol i can tell
saiitek (5:05:12 PM): How can you tell?
antihero802 (5:05:23 PM): info......myspace.....
antihero802 (5:05:27 PM): ip....
saiitek (5:05:34 PM): You look like the teenager, your incoherent spelling and grammer make it seem you are
saiitek (5:05:43 PM): I do not have Mypsace, and I do not have buddy info
saiitek (5:05:53 PM): Myspace* Excuse me
antihero802 (5:06:00 PM): i looked it up
antihero802 (5:06:07 PM): w/ your ip
saiitek (5:06:20 PM): Right, ok, if you know my myspace, which I don't have, please link it
saiitek (5:06:32 PM): Also, give me my so called, "IP"
antihero802 (5:06:36 PM): and ill call your mommy and daddy
saiitek (5:06:38 PM): Which you clearly do not have
saiitek (5:06:56 PM): Call them, you do not have my phone number either
antihero802 (5:07:56 PM): GET ON VENT SHOW YOUR FACE [censored]
saiitek (5:08:02 PM): Why would I go on Vent?
saiitek (5:08:26 PM): How am I a [censored] over the internet? God, you internet freaks and whimsical ideas
antihero802 (5:08:51 PM): GET ON MY VENT NOW
saiitek (5:08:55 PM): NO
antihero802 (5:09:08 PM): YOUR A [censored]
saiitek (5:09:12 PM): How?
saiitek (5:09:19 PM): You are a child
antihero802 (5:09:23 PM): CAUSE YOUR [censored] ASS WONT GET ON VENT
antihero802 (5:09:47 PM): adults dont scam people, well at least mature ones dont which I see you are not.
saiitek (5:10:36 PM): Adults do not have incomprehensibly grammer, like you, they do not call people pussies over the internet like you, you say you have all my info, but you do not
antihero802 (5:10:47 PM): [censored] you
saiitek (5:10:59 PM): No thanks, I am not a homosexual
antihero802 (5:11:05 PM): your so immature, seriously I hope you burn in hell
saiitek (5:11:21 PM): What's hell? You Catholics have lost your mind
saiitek (5:11:40 PM): I belive thier is a higher power, but not a after-life, or Heave and Hell
saiitek (5:11:55 PM): I prefer being a Thesist, not an Athesist or any other religion'
antihero802 (5:12:20 PM): If you got this so figured out, why do you scam people personal pleasure?
saiitek (5:13:17 PM): No, I give the accounts to friends, sell some as I am only 17 years old and it brings in some money, not that I need it though because I am luckly born in a rich family, and am very grateful for it
saiitek (5:13:36 PM): Well, anyhow I have to go to basketball practice, I will still be logged in but not here
antihero802 (5:13:44 PM): lol
antihero802 (5:13:59 PM): [censored] you, thats all I have to say
saiitek (5:14:28 PM): Go cross back over the border and make some money, please
[censored] piece of [censored] scammer
saiitek (5:15:13 PM): If you are not a beaner, please go hang out with them because you are cleary of the same lower poor class as them
antihero802 (5:15:18 PM): Now get on vent
antihero802 (5:15:30 PM): oh am Im not the one scamming account here SO [censored] YOU
saiitek (5:15:50 PM): Did I not say I was scamming?
antihero802 (5:16:19 PM): your racial commets piss me off boy, oh boy I cant wait to call your mommy and daddy
saiitek (5:17:23 PM): If you could, please go back over the border, please do, or if your black, go sniff some more cocaine and get in some more gang wars, then eat some fried chicken and get some plastic jewlery and call it "bling" and feel good
ATTENTION (5:18:48 PM): Talk session initiated.
saiitek (5:18:56 PM): Just curious, what color skin are you and what is your nationality? If you are none other than a whitish color you are ttuly scum
saiitek (5:19:08 PM): I can't hear you, speak up
saiitek (5:19:09 PM): ******
saiitek (5:19:20 PM): ******, you heard me
saiitek (5:19:49 PM): Wow, you sound threating
saiitek (5:19:58 PM): No
saiitek (5:20:06 PM): I am just going to laugh at your foolishness
saiitek (5:20:34 PM): And of course when I see you carrying a shopping cart next to Home Depot filled with paint and lawnmowers
saiitek (5:20:45 PM): And the go low my lawn and clean my house
saiitek (5:20:57 PM): Please do
saiitek (5:21:05 PM): Ok
saiitek (5:21:08 PM): Go ahead
saiitek (5:21:22 PM): How does it feel inside your mom's basement
saiitek (5:21:23 PM): ?\
saiitek (5:21:34 PM): Cold, warm?
saiitek (5:21:35 PM): Moist