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Ok so we were trading info and...yeah i used a different email cuz i was suspicious that the nightelf rogue wasn't on the account seeing how i asked him wat server it was on a bunch of times(this was ingame in party chat) and he had to log off just to find out wat server it was on... and that he wanted to trade the SQA and the email before we even gave account info, I asked him ingame if I could try the rogue and he just said a FULL trade is wat he wanted..no trying out...so heres wat happened in AIM...BTW PxUxNxKx69 is my AIM if u hadn't noticed /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif ALSO i would like to add that ingame i told him that I wasn't interested in his rogue(undead) and then magically he says, WAIT u didnt see my 60 nightelf rogue it has gutgore ripper and epic mount...some other stuff....so i was all excited and then went to go check him out...then the story continues below in AIM

Sk8ForZero122: Ok
Sk8ForZero122: first trade the emails
PxUxNxKx69: k
PxUxNxKx69: email is (My Email)
Sk8ForZero122: (his email)
PxUxNxKx69: password is (my pass)
PxUxNxKx69: urs?
Sk8ForZero122: (his pass)
PxUxNxKx69: now accounts?
Sk8ForZero122: sure
PxUxNxKx69: my account is (my acct)
Sk8ForZero122: (his acct)
Sk8ForZero122: wait
Sk8ForZero122: lets do SQA now
Sk8ForZero122: before we do passwords ok ?
PxUxNxKx69: k
PxUxNxKx69: SQA is (my SQA)
PxUxNxKx69: answer is (my A to SQ)
Sk8ForZero122: SQA is
Sk8ForZero122: (His SQA)
Sk8ForZero122: answer is (his a to SQ)
Sk8ForZero122: ok
Sk8ForZero122: now for pass words
PxUxNxKx69: k
PxUxNxKx69: password is (my pass)
Sk8ForZero122: (his pass)
PxUxNxKx69: wheres the nightelf rogue?
Sk8ForZero122: its on there
PxUxNxKx69: nope
PxUxNxKx69: dude was the nightelf rogue on another account?
Sk8ForZero122: u have to log on
Sk8ForZero122: and log back off
Sk8ForZero122: it does that
Sk8ForZero122: that server is [censored]
PxUxNxKx69: not working
Sk8ForZero122: dont worry
Sk8ForZero122: log on the rogue on firetree
PxUxNxKx69: wtf
PxUxNxKx69: tried to scam me?
PxUxNxKx69: lol no one scams me
Sk8ForZero122: ..
PxUxNxKx69: ever
Sk8ForZero122: i didnt
Sk8ForZero122: u tried to scam me
PxUxNxKx69: the rogue isnt there
Sk8ForZero122: idiot.
Sk8ForZero122: it is
Sk8ForZero122: and u recalled
Sk8ForZero122: i cant log on
Sk8ForZero122: good job
PxUxNxKx69: and on worldofwarcraft.com ur email is different
Sk8ForZero122: wrong email and everything good game
Sk8ForZero122: i have it relay.
PxUxNxKx69: ur email was different too
Sk8ForZero122: it relays
Sk8ForZero122: mail from there
PxUxNxKx69: wtf is relay
Sk8ForZero122: to ur accnt
Sk8ForZero122: or to (his email)
PxUxNxKx69: bullshit
Sk8ForZero122: ..
Sk8ForZero122: lol
Sk8ForZero122: i dont lie
PxUxNxKx69: plus ur nightelf rogue isnt there
Sk8ForZero122: yea it is.
Sk8ForZero122: lol
PxUxNxKx69: ur so full of [censored]
Sk8ForZero122: lol
Sk8ForZero122: u recalled
Sk8ForZero122: before i could even log on
PxUxNxKx69: yeah because the rogue isnt there
Sk8ForZero122: did u go on firetree
PxUxNxKx69: yeah
PxUxNxKx69: i dont care about the undead rogue
Sk8ForZero122: its there.
PxUxNxKx69: im talking about the nightelf one
PxUxNxKx69: its prolly on another account
PxUxNxKx69: because u didnt even know wat server it was on
PxUxNxKx69: until u logged off
Sk8ForZero122: whatever
Sk8ForZero122: now your not getting it
Sk8ForZero122: Mr Recall man
PxUxNxKx69: so now ur undead rogue is deleted :)
PxUxNxKx69: have fun scammer


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rofl this guy just tryed to scam my friend whos sitting right next to me right now rofl