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Scammer or maybe just a complete idiot...


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If you can be fcuked reading it, do you think that was really his "dad"?

fall161: are you the one i traded the warlock too for the pally?
aimfortheheadFTW: no
aimfortheheadFTW: oh yeah
aimfortheheadFTW: proberly
fall161: tier 2 pally
aimfortheheadFTW: yeah
fall161: tier 2 warlock?
fall161: so did you wanna trade the SQAs now?
aimfortheheadFTW: can u give me the e-mail registered to the account
fall161: too which acct?
aimfortheheadFTW: the warlock
fall161: [email protected]
fall161: thats what im changing the one on the pally too..
aimfortheheadFTW: but i mean can u give it to me lke the pw to it
fall161: umm its kinda my email for every thing
fall161: blizzard will change it for you when you give them the SQA
aimfortheheadFTW: alright, u gonna be on in like 6hours?
fall161: prob not
aimfortheheadFTW: well *** to school be on this time tommorrow
fall161: im not waiting
fall161: all this time
aimfortheheadFTW: waiting all this time for what you have the character and ur playing it
fall161: doesnt mean you wont recall it
aimfortheheadFTW: well trust me i wont recall it unless urs gets recalled
fall161: it takes 2 seconds
fall161: mine is dionne
fall161: yours?
aimfortheheadFTW: :-\
fall161: what is yours?
fall161: hello?
fall161: dude come the [censored] on
aimfortheheadFTW: i said i didnt want to do it now...
fall161: well you have mine
fall161: what is yours?
fall161: dude [censored] just give it too me
fall161: you have mine
fall161: all you gotta do is type a word
fall161: its not hard
aimfortheheadFTW: lemme see if urs works...
fall161: dude youve had it for 2 mins
fall161: not to mention my CC is on that acct
fall161: what is your freaking SQA man
fall161: ive waited 4 mins
aimfortheheadFTW: *****
fall161: didnt work
fall161: dude [censored]
fall161: now your scamming me huh
fall161: your [censored] gay
fall161: dude
fall161: [censored] is the real SQA
aimfortheheadFTW: im not scamming u
aimfortheheadFTW: wait a [censored] sec
fall161: ive been waiting 6 mins what do you mean wait a sec
aimfortheheadFTW: well im doing other things atm...thats why i didnt want to trade right now
aimfortheheadFTW: sqa is *******
aimfortheheadFTW: also i recalled the acccount to check ur sqa, can i give me the new pw
fall161: ummmm
fall161: dude you dont check it like that
fall161: you go through parental controls
aimfortheheadFTW: yeah i know
fall161: so why did you recall the acct to my email?
aimfortheheadFTW: cause i traded ur warlock and i couldent log on to check it
fall161: let me check my email
fall161: uh no email
fall161: and why trade the acct i OWN still
fall161: my CC is on that acct
fall161: you better have cancled it
aimfortheheadFTW: remember i said i could have another month since mine has like a month longer then urs
fall161: dude
fall161: you traded my [censored] acct
fall161: to some one i dont [censored] know
fall161: and my CC is on the [censored] acct
fall161: wow dude...
fall161: just wow
fall161: you better have traded it for somthing good
aimfortheheadFTW: are u gonna give me the new pw or not
fall161: i havent gotten the email yet dude
fall161: not to mention my email = [censored] latly
aimfortheheadFTW: check ur spam
fall161: ive checked junk and all that [censored]
fall161: i really need to make a new email =/
aimfortheheadFTW: as if u havent recieved it
fall161: dude i havent [censored] recieved the god damn email
fall161: and if your dumb enough to trade MY acct with out the SQA and my CC on it
fall161: then your just dumb
aimfortheheadFTW: yup whatever
aimfortheheadFTW: ur the one who traded ur account with ur CC on it now me...
aimfortheheadFTW: not
fall161: yeah cause i thought YOU would keep the acct too play
fall161: not to chain trade
fall161: oh wow thx for scamming
fall161: what ever ill just get the email changed by blizzard
aimfortheheadFTW: see ur scamming
fall161: no im [censored] not
fall161: youve got my [censored] SQA
aimfortheheadFTW: i recalled my account and go the pw instantly
fall161: you wait 10 mins
fall161: yeah wow you got it instantly
fall161: doesnt mean i will
fall161: your a [censored] idiot dude
aimfortheheadFTW: i know u have ur pw
fall161: NO I [censored] DONT
fall161: check the [censored] ingame [censored] check any [censored] thing you mother [censored] want
fall161: i didnt [censored] get the damn password
fall161: your a [censored] retard
aimfortheheadFTW: got it yet?
fall161: no i [censored] dont
fall161: im too busy locking your acct
fall161: <3 parental controls
aimfortheheadFTW: kek
aimfortheheadFTW: well i have ur sqa so if ur gonna [censored] with me say goodbye to ur account
fall161: lol
fall161: im just locking you out
fall161: untill i get it back
fall161 is idle at 7:59:42 AM.
aimfortheheadFTW: so what? are both gotta lose our accounts?
aimfortheheadFTW: wow dude ur an idiot, you must be like 12, i know where u live i know ur phone number and i know the sqa to your account, so unless you want this to turn bad talk now
fall161 is no longer idle at 8:07:42 AM.
fall161: just got my email for the warlock
aimfortheheadFTW: ok
aimfortheheadFTW: RXM2N2NEGKFYWHE
aimfortheheadFTW: theres the pallys pw
fall161: back
fall161: not even sure i wanna trade you now
aimfortheheadFTW: ...
fall161: who did you trade my lock too?
fall161: id like their AIM
aimfortheheadFTW: no
fall161 signed on at 8:13:58 AM.
fall161: what are you talkin about
aimfortheheadFTW: ?
aimfortheheadFTW: are u gonna give me ur pw or nto
aimfortheheadFTW: not
aimfortheheadFTW: u have 5 minutes
fall161: pw for what
aimfortheheadFTW: ur wow account
fall161: why would i give you my password
aimfortheheadFTW: ok i guess thats no
aimfortheheadFTW: im not gonna play ur games
fall161: i don't know what your talkin about
aimfortheheadFTW: just be prepared to lose ur account
aimfortheheadFTW: and i dont care if i lose mine
aimfortheheadFTW: ive got this whole char recorded, u know what im talking about...
aimfortheheadFTW: chat*
fall161: you have the wrong person
aimfortheheadFTW: lol k
aimfortheheadFTW: retard
aimfortheheadFTW: so ur not
aimfortheheadFTW: Brandon Campbell
17 Windrush Drive
United Kingdom
aimfortheheadFTW: 7027684322
aimfortheheadFTW: and the sqa to ur account TMKbrandon isnt dionne
fall161: I just deleted the pally and all account info
aimfortheheadFTW: wait it thought i had the wrong person
aimfortheheadFTW: so u are infact retarded?
fall161: do your worst I dare you!!! Please try your best.....
aimfortheheadFTW: ok bye
aimfortheheadFTW: gl

He then logged onto a new AIM after i blocked him

crazed6606: hey
aimfortheheadFTW: yo
crazed6606: its slaeyn12 my dad started talking
crazed6606: made a new aim
aimfortheheadFTW: huh
crazed6606: but yeah not sure if i can trust you until i talk to the guy you suposivly traded the lock too
crazed6606: to make sure you actually traded and all that [censored]
aimfortheheadFTW: who are you?
crazed6606: fall161
crazed6606: slaeyn12
crazed6606: my other 2 screen names
crazed6606: gave you the wrong one lol
aimfortheheadFTW: ic
aimfortheheadFTW: well i know all his account info and his sqa, so we did trade and then he started acting stupid
aimfortheheadFTW: and its own fault
aimfortheheadFTW: TKMbrandon

Contact Address:
Brandon Campbell
17 Windrush Drive
United Kingdom
Phone Number:
Day: 7027684322
Email Address:
[email protected]

sqa: dionne
crazed6606: this is him
crazed6606: and its not my fault
crazed6606: you recalled the acct
crazed6606: and flipped out when i was waiting for the email to come
crazed6606: saying i was a liar and [censored]
crazed6606: when you traded my acct
crazed6606: with the CC on it
aimfortheheadFTW: well when it did come through u acted like u didnt know me and [censored] i was talking about, then i gave u my pallys info and u said u deleted all his crap and then refused to give me the locks pw
crazed6606: like i said it was my dad
crazed6606: he wanted to [censored] with you lol
crazed6606: but yeah
crazed6606: just block that AIM
crazed6606: hes on it too much haha
aimfortheheadFTW: sure he is mate
aimfortheheadFTW: well all ur info's all over the net now
crazed6606: its not my real info nub
crazed6606: lol
crazed6606: not my number
crazed6606: my adress
crazed6606: my country
aimfortheheadFTW: well ur account still is
crazed6606: [censored] dude
crazed6606: why the hell would you do that
crazed6606: i didnt do [censored] too your acct
crazed6606: and you can tell that by looking at it
crazed6606: maybe if you used some [censored] sens
crazed6606: sense*
aimfortheheadFTW: u locked it....u said u deleted it
crazed6606: my dad said he deleted it nub
crazed6606: cant you tell he actually speaks english lol
crazed6606: he didnt say lol
crazed6606: he used proper punctuation
crazed6606: and i can unlock it if you want
crazed6606: not to mention you recalled the acct
crazed6606: before i suposivly deleted your char
crazed6606: so i couldnt have deleted it
crazed6606: come on man use some sense
aimfortheheadFTW: well u could of still been logged into it and deleted it
crazed6606: omg wow
crazed6606: my info doesnt work now
crazed6606: thanks [censored] wipe
aimfortheheadFTW: haha
crazed6606: your a [censored] duesch
crazed6606: i didnt do jack [censored] [censored]
crazed6606: now your accts staying locked
crazed6606: i can just call blizz
crazed6606: get every thing changed on the acct
aimfortheheadFTW: meah, i wanted to quit this game anyways
aimfortheheadFTW: so thankyou
crazed6606: yeah and this will be put on markee
crazed6606: and ill post your [censored] too
aimfortheheadFTW: lol ok
crazed6606: [censored] [censored] head
aimfortheheadFTW: see it wasnt ur dad
aimfortheheadFTW: it was you
crazed6606: no it wasnt
crazed6606: i locked your acct
crazed6606: then left
crazed6606: he got on
crazed6606: and said he deleted your char and [censored]
crazed6606: so [censored] off
aimfortheheadFTW: i boubt that
crazed6606: dude [censored]
crazed6606: your retarded
crazed6606: and i just recalled my acct

And the final chapter.

aimfortheheadFTW: playing ur warlock?
crazed6606: ?
aimfortheheadFTW: oh wait the info's changed hahha
crazed6606: uhh i recalled it
crazed6606: and got it back
crazed6606: called blizzard
crazed6606: all info = changed
aimfortheheadFTW: login right now then
crazed6606: y?
aimfortheheadFTW: just try
crazed6606 signed off at 9:44:50 AM.