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Scammer (noob btw)


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Alright so this guy recalled the account i had traded (i had the account for a while) and he recalled it after he found out i traded the account since he was the original owner.
Sad thing is he was "friends" with me and now hes preety much robbed me. Either way heres his info and he also has the account up on Ebay.....

ID: Hiireallyhateu
PW: changed of course

Ian Harp
696 Johnson Town Road
Zebulon, NC, 27597
(919) 404-2273
[email protected]
Aim: ImaDaBoiUEnvy

The link for ebay is:


The character thast on the picture is a 60 warlock named Devinci on the Vengeance guild.
The 42 dwarf hunter on eldre'thalas is named Lovak.

Again just warning you guys im doing all i can to get this [censored] banned from the game and ebay. IF you see him trying to trade this account here know hes will recall it and scam you for your account if he can.