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Scammer - Ironman993Daves


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Says he has a druid wit full teir 1 on onyxia - xfered to it, but Blizzard wont let u xfer toons to any server that is newer than 90 days old

Ironman993Daves: Hi, are you interested in a level 60 night elf druid , full tier 1, has epic mount, on onyxia pvp us server, new server, rank 6, level 40, level 30 warlock and warrior with blues, 1 month gametime, i am original owner and provide secret question, secret answer, cd key, can change email for u, also i can ship CDS but wont pay shipping cost.
FutBallidess 07: how u got a full teir 1 on onyxia alrdy?
Ironman993Daves: Paid transfer?
FutBallidess 07: can u show ingame?
FutBallidess 07: hello?
Ironman993Daves: yea
FutBallidess 07: can u show me druid ingame plz
Ironman993Daves: probably later