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NIGGS05: hey
NIGGS05: interested in a priest?
Iplaywowalot: yes
NIGGS05: 5/8 t1 1/8 t2
Iplaywowalot: nice
NIGGS05: im sorry i forgot what you have
NIGGS05: :-(
Iplaywowalot: ?
Iplaywowalot: o
Iplaywowalot: lol
Iplaywowalot: look at it
NIGGS05: was it a rogue
Iplaywowalot: yes
NIGGS05: troll?
NIGGS05: yea it is
Iplaywowalot: no
Iplaywowalot: undead
NIGGS05: o theres ur post
NIGGS05: oh yeah!
Iplaywowalot: heh
NIGGS05: if u transfer it to darkspear ill trade instantly
Iplaywowalot: damn
Iplaywowalot: cant
Iplaywowalot: no money
NIGGS05: hmm
NIGGS05: k
NIGGS05: well do u wanna trade?
Iplaywowalot: yes
NIGGS05: ok
NIGGS05: middleman from markee?
Iplaywowalot: lemme find
NIGGS05: kk
Iplaywowalot: got one
NIGGS05: kk
NIGGS05: MD name?
Iplaywowalot: add
Iplaywowalot: eternaldarness is him
Iplaywowalot: and add
Iplaywowalot: ipwnwow08280
Iplaywowalot: is aim
NIGGS05: that username doesnt exist on md
NIGGS05: eternaldarness
Iplaywowalot: ooops
Iplaywowalot: eternaldarkness
Iplaywowalot: sry
NIGGS05: ah
NIGGS05: one sec
NIGGS05: okay
Iplaywowalot: ok
Iplaywowalot: he trustable enough?
NIGGS05: err
NIGGS05: can i pick one
NIGGS05: ill just hsow him
Iplaywowalot: maybe
NIGGS05: k
NIGGS05: okay hes fine
Iplaywowalot: ok i gave him info
NIGGS05: are we trading sq/a
Iplaywowalot: yes
NIGGS05: k
NIGGS05: im gonna transfer the rogue
NIGGS05: kk?
Iplaywowalot: ok
NIGGS05: i dont need your email or anything
NIGGS05: im not gonna recall mine
Iplaywowalot: ok
NIGGS05: you are such a [censored]
Iplaywowalot: ?
NIGGS05: trying to scam me..
Iplaywowalot: who did?
NIGGS05: you
Iplaywowalot: how?
NIGGS05: that guys aim isnt even real
NIGGS05: its you
Iplaywowalot: what?
NIGGS05: dont try and BS
Iplaywowalot: no its not
Iplaywowalot: wow
NIGGS05: he changed my [censored] pw
Iplaywowalot: he did?
Iplaywowalot: wow
Iplaywowalot: go too markee and negative
Iplaywowalot: it
NIGGS05: no it was you
NIGGS05: that wasnt his aim
Iplaywowalot: NO IT WASNT
NIGGS05: you made that aim
NIGGS05: AND UR A [censored] SCAMMER