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Scammer Healyou


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I recently traded my GW acct for a WoW acct and 2 days later he took the wow back.

AIM: HealerDrezz

[19:25] WachurbakDiched: you change PW?
[19:25] HealerDrezz: ya because someone changed urs
[19:25] *** Auto-response sent to HealerDrezz: I had to sleep. zzzzzzzzzz
[19:25] HealerDrezz: cheese burger or whatever didnt work....
[19:25] WachurbakDiched: cheeseburger 1 word?
[19:26] HealerDrezz: ya
[19:27] WachurbakDiched: hmm
[19:27] HealerDrezz: anyways im selling it
[19:27] WachurbakDiched: selling what?
[19:27] HealerDrezz: the account
[19:27] WachurbakDiched: wow?
[19:28] HealerDrezz: yes
[19:28] WachurbakDiched: so you take the GW acct, change pw then say it doesnt work and take the wow back?
[19:28] HealerDrezz: umm
[19:28] HealerDrezz: i didnt change no gw pass
[19:28] HealerDrezz: i cant log on
[19:29] WachurbakDiched: so if i reset the PW and you try it and it works you still going to sell the wow?
[19:30] HealerDrezz: ya man i dont even get the guild wars game
[19:31] WachurbakDiched: hmm, thats not cool
[19:31] HealerDrezz: dude i dont like the game nor do i get it
[19:32] WachurbakDiched: what do you mean get it
[19:32] HealerDrezz: the guild wars game
[19:33] WachurbakDiched: how dont you get it?
[19:33] HealerDrezz: its weird....
[19:33] HealerDrezz: anyways i need the money
[19:33] WachurbakDiched: when did you play it?
[19:33] HealerDrezz: right when we traded
[19:33] HealerDrezz: for like 2 hours
[19:34] WachurbakDiched: so was this before or after "the password didnt work"
[19:34] HealerDrezz: before
[19:35] WachurbakDiched: well whatever i got the GW back, so do what you will but just because you traded and didnt like the game doenst mean you can take your old acct back
[19:35] HealerDrezz: why not?
[19:35] HealerDrezz: i own it
[19:36] WachurbakDiched: you traded it tho, its just not cool
[19:36] HealerDrezz: dude the game is for a bunch of nerds....
End of HealerDrezz buffer: Sun Aug 20 19:39:40 2006

This is just the part after he took it back, i also have the entire convo,