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scammer Hastings201066


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i traded my mage for his shaman and everything was ok for about a day then he recalls it. the log when we traded is below.

Taurentaru: hey, i got a 60 human mage on stormscale, got 3 epics and full blue pvp set
Taurentaru: i'll trade for your shaman
Hastings201066: male?
Taurentaru: yea
Hastings201066: may i see please?
Taurentaru: and dead sexy one ; )
Taurentaru: sure
Hastings201066: hahaa
Taurentaru: make a human on stormscale
Taurentaru: name is shockwave
Hastings201066: k
Hastings201066: hey
Taurentaru: yo
Hastings201066: imon lighting blade
Hastings201066: not illidan
Hastings201066: thats my war
Hastings201066: heh\
Taurentaru: o snapz
Hastings201066: still make an orc
Taurentaru: ok made a orc named Taurentaru, gotta watch this shitty intro though : /
Hastings201066: PRESS ESCAPE
Hastings201066: caps lock
Taurentaru: lol never knew that
Hastings201066: lol
Hastings201066: k
Hastings201066: account name is frecklecream
Hastings201066: password is baggins1
Hastings201066: wait
Hastings201066: pass is baggins10
Taurentaru: alright lol gimme a minute to take CC off and change pass on my account
Hastings201066: whats CC
Taurentaru: credit card
Hastings201066: oh
Hastings201066: credit card
Hastings201066: k
Taurentaru: ok
Taurentaru: account name is Jardojo
Taurentaru: pass is 1wtflol1
Hastings201066: wewt!!!!!!
Hastings201066: what is secret question answer
Hastings201066: jsut nice to know
Hastings201066: mine is baggins
Hastings201066: mothersmaiden name
Taurentaru: not sure, wasn't orginial owner
Hastings201066: oh
Hastings201066: ok
Hastings201066: np
Taurentaru: if thats cool
Hastings201066: yea
Hastings201066: thats fine
Hastings201066: justhope they dont reset the password
Taurentaru: if you have any regrets please just say and we'll trade back
Hastings201066: k
Hastings201066: same
Hastings201066: for you
Hastings201066: 8)
Hastings201066: awsomeman!!!!
[censored] the [censored] out of the horde
Hastings201066: lol
Taurentaru: lol np, i'm gonna take your CC off k
Hastings201066: k
Taurentaru: well have fun : )
Hastings201066: you too
Hastings201066: dont frostshioock too manypeople
Taurentaru: lol
Taurentaru: damn 500+ instants
Hastings201066: hehehe
Taurentaru: i'll stay on aim for the next few days so if you got any problems or questions just ask

his information that i found on the account

Cathy Burton
116-3 Willow Trace Circle
Clemmons, NC 27012
United States


[email protected]

SQA: baggins