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Scammer: Gnomeivor61/Hoody554


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Gave him the full info to my account with a promise of payment directly after.

As I give him the info he says he has to go afk, after about 10 minutes he logs off and as I attempt to recall the account I find that the phone# and email have been changed.

Any suggestions?


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Hey there,

Sorry for your loss. However, if you are the original owner and you know the Security Question/Answer, along with CD-Key and any other personal information, you may send an email to [email protected]. They will temporarily disable access to your account (because your account has/may have been compromised), where then you must fax or mail them the Account Retrieval page that they email to you. Once you fill out ALL information w/ Photo ID, fax/mail it to Blizzard, and they will most likely restore access to your account. (There will be sections in the Account Retrieval page to input your updated email, phone, and address). Note that it is not 100% guarenteed that you will be able to retrieve your account, but your chances are very high.

Hope that helps!