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Scammer gets PWNED! :D


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No1 ever try scam me...

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windexcleaner89 (6:43:28 PM): Hi.
windexcleaner89 (6:43:37 PM): Are you still trading your warlock?
C0HPL (6:45:59 PM): yeah
windexcleaner89 returned at 6:45:59 PM.
windexcleaner89 (6:48:02 PM): I have a mage on frostmane recently frozen about on the 8th. I know the you stated 8/8 tier 2 but i have full tier 1 4/8 tier 2 and amazing pvp gear.
windexcleaner89 (6:48:13 PM): Including Enigma set
windexcleaner89 (6:48:23 PM): http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?1348229
C0HPL (6:48:26 PM): amazing pvp gear = epic ?
windexcleaner89 (6:48:29 PM): Yea
windexcleaner89 (6:48:39 PM): thats her profile
C0HPL (6:49:39 PM): rofl
C0HPL (6:49:41 PM): omfg
C0HPL (6:49:42 PM): hahahah
C0HPL (6:49:52 PM): actualy good for fire
C0HPL (6:49:58 PM): the wand lol
windexcleaner89 (6:50:08 PM): yea i know lol =)
windexcleaner89 (6:50:39 PM): The rest of the armor is in the bags
windexcleaner89 (6:50:57 PM): I was using her for mostly pvp
windexcleaner89 (6:51:09 PM): Staying up late alot pvping in wsg
C0HPL (6:51:15 PM): yeah
C0HPL (6:51:18 PM): ROFL
C0HPL (6:51:23 PM): 1337 DK's :p
C0HPL (6:51:27 PM): thats so leet
windexcleaner89 (6:51:32 PM): yea i know lol <3
windexcleaner89 (6:51:36 PM): took me so long
C0HPL (6:51:48 PM): wher is rank gear?
windexcleaner89 (6:52:08 PM): I never bought any but there plently of gold there for you to buy it
windexcleaner89 (6:52:17 PM): Its not to expensive
C0HPL (6:52:28 PM): wait
C0HPL (6:52:36 PM): u not buy em yet?
C0HPL (6:52:48 PM): i hgout u had to buy it when u was that rank
windexcleaner89 (6:53:00 PM): No lol
windexcleaner89 (6:53:03 PM): theres a pvp vendor
windexcleaner89 (6:53:04 PM): in sw
C0HPL (6:53:18 PM): yeah
windexcleaner89 (6:53:22 PM): You go to the champions hall and theres people that sell them
C0HPL (6:53:29 PM): yeh
windexcleaner89 (6:53:32 PM): buying them is not required
C0HPL (6:53:40 PM): they only sell em when u that rank..
windexcleaner89 (6:53:55 PM): Yea lol
C0HPL (6:54:01 PM): so
C0HPL (6:54:05 PM): wait up lol
C0HPL (6:54:07 PM): tell me
C0HPL (6:54:10 PM): wat rank you are atm
C0HPL (6:54:15 PM): and tell me what pvp gear u have
windexcleaner89 (6:55:29 PM): My pvp gear is equipped in the profile currently. Hes probably Knight Liet now. I didn't buy any actualy pvp gear with just the +stamina and intellect
windexcleaner89 (6:55:46 PM): I didn't feel the need to due to the fact i was already fine in wsg.
windexcleaner89 (6:55:57 PM): But if you wish you could buy the actual pvp gear
C0HPL (6:56:10 PM): no i mean
windexcleaner89 (6:56:11 PM): My pvp gear was the +spl dmg gear i had
C0HPL (6:56:14 PM): rank gear
windexcleaner89 (6:56:24 PM): Yea i know
windexcleaner89 (6:56:26 PM): None
windexcleaner89 (6:56:30 PM): you buy your ranked gear
C0HPL (6:56:31 PM): ok
C0HPL (6:56:35 PM): yeh
C0HPL (6:56:38 PM): thats what i was asking
windexcleaner89 (6:56:49 PM): Na but its only between 4 and 12 gold
C0HPL (6:56:49 PM): u have to be certen rank to buy it tho
windexcleaner89 (6:56:57 PM): Yea
windexcleaner89 (6:57:00 PM): you can get
C0HPL (6:57:11 PM): ooo
C0HPL (6:57:15 PM): i mis understould you
C0HPL (6:57:22 PM): u said amazing pvp gear, i thought u meant rank..
windexcleaner89 (6:57:31 PM): You can buy it.
windexcleaner89 (6:57:40 PM): it only ranges between 4 and 12 gold
windexcleaner89 (6:57:49 PM): and i have like 150 gold
C0HPL (6:57:49 PM): what does?
windexcleaner89 (6:57:55 PM): To buy your ranked gear
windexcleaner89 (6:58:04 PM): from the pvp vendor
C0HPL (6:58:15 PM): rofl i know
C0HPL (6:58:16 PM): but
C0HPL (6:58:20 PM): ur not hgih enough ran
C0HPL (6:58:22 PM): k
windexcleaner89 (6:58:27 PM): Yea i am lol
C0HPL (6:58:34 PM): u rank 10+?
windexcleaner89 (6:58:44 PM): You can start getting your rank pvp gear at rank 4
windexcleaner89 (6:58:46 PM): lol
C0HPL (6:59:07 PM): rofl
C0HPL (6:59:08 PM): ok
windexcleaner89 (6:59:09 PM): You can get sergeants cape, seargent majors arm guards
C0HPL (6:59:12 PM): well i am very intrested
C0HPL (6:59:37 PM): ut
windexcleaner89 (6:59:37 PM): With his rank you can complelty fill all your slots with ranked pvp gear
C0HPL (6:59:44 PM):
C0HPL (6:59:45 PM): ok
C0HPL (6:59:55 PM): But, u said ur account is frozen..so is mine
C0HPL (7:00:02 PM): i have a CC
C0HPL (7:00:07 PM): so i can put tiem on both of them
windexcleaner89 (7:00:54 PM): =/ i dk about that bro. i could just go out and get a gamecard but if i find someone else to trade with tonight im gonna take it.
windexcleaner89 (7:01:06 PM): I just got payed aswell
windexcleaner89 (7:01:17 PM): so i can buy a gamecard
C0HPL (7:01:46 PM): yeh
C0HPL (7:01:56 PM): im offering to put time on ur account..
windexcleaner89 (7:02:20 PM): Yea i know but i know you wouldnt give me your credit card info lol.
windexcleaner89 (7:02:27 PM): And i dont wanna have someone else login and do it
C0HPL (7:02:37 PM): ?
C0HPL (7:02:41 PM): how about this then
C0HPL (7:02:47 PM): i put time on mine
C0HPL (7:02:50 PM): sho wu in game
C0HPL (7:03:03 PM): and u know i have +13/-0, trustwhjo ID'd btw...
C0HPL (7:03:05 PM): then
C0HPL (7:03:30 PM): i will log on urs stik time on and give u my info..............
windexcleaner89 (7:04:01 PM): Yea i really would like to see yours ingame but i currently have no account to login with.
windexcleaner89 (7:04:08 PM): So i'll have to contact a friend
windexcleaner89 (7:04:35 PM): Are you oo?
C0HPL (7:04:36 PM): well
C0HPL (7:04:46 PM): u seen my feedback man?
C0HPL (7:04:57 PM): waht about
C0HPL (7:05:02 PM): we use middle man
C0HPL (7:05:14 PM): and then we both put time on that account..
C0HPL (7:05:18 PM): so its even
C0HPL (7:05:22 PM): and safe
windexcleaner89 (7:05:34 PM): No lol sorry bro i'm just going to look someone else to trade with
windexcleaner89 (7:05:39 PM): Thanks for your time.
C0HPL (7:05:45 PM): wats wrong?
C0HPL (7:05:52 PM): u not got ur mage?
windexcleaner89 (7:06:05 PM): No i do but this all seems a little sketchy to me.
C0HPL (7:06:16 PM): please tell me how
C0HPL (7:06:28 PM): and i will make it so its a clean trade..
C0HPL (7:06:50 PM): http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/10317
C0HPL (7:06:54 PM): http://www.trustwho.com/[email protected]
C0HPL (7:08:30 PM): .....lol....windexlceaner is typing ....
windexcleaner89 (7:09:10 PM): I really don't feel like giving my info first period. Regardless of your feedback. And for the middle man how do i know hes not your friend. If this trade is going to happen it will be a simple swap. You give your info i give you mine right after. If not i will find someone else to trade with.
windexcleaner89 (7:09:23 PM): Brb gotta feed my pup.
windexcleaner89 (7:10:13 PM): k back
C0HPL (7:11:23 PM): so
C0HPL (7:11:25 PM): wait
C0HPL (7:11:28 PM): Middle man...
C0HPL (7:11:34 PM): everybody goes with Nuka....
C0HPL (7:11:36 PM): hes the Mod
C0HPL (7:11:39 PM): or Noobian 14
C0HPL (7:11:46 PM): hes a mod on Markee
windexcleaner89 (7:12:34 PM): Why can't we just do a simple swap?
windexcleaner89 (7:12:42 PM): I would really feel more comfortable
windexcleaner89 (7:14:37 PM): Would that be ok with you sir?
C0HPL (7:15:18 PM): back
C0HPL (7:15:21 PM): well
C0HPL (7:15:23 PM): i will do that yes
C0HPL (7:15:27 PM): but
C0HPL (7:15:30 PM): why do i have to go first..
C0HPL (7:15:41 PM): whats ur feedback?
windexcleaner89 (7:16:19 PM): I don't have feedback on markee dragon. I'm a 34 year old man I am no scammer sir.
windexcleaner89 (7:16:39 PM): It will be a simple swap.
C0HPL (7:16:43 PM): ok simple swap
C0HPL (7:16:45 PM): u first
C0HPL (7:16:51 PM): if its " simple"
windexcleaner89 (7:17:09 PM): Alright im just going to look for someone else to trade with.
windexcleaner89 (7:17:20 PM): Thanks for your time.
C0HPL (7:17:27 PM): man
C0HPL (7:17:29 PM): u such a scammer
windexcleaner89 (7:17:39 PM): I'm a scammer?
C0HPL (7:18:06 PM): show me in game
C0HPL (7:18:08 PM): i will go first
C0HPL (7:18:13 PM): i will show u mine in game
windexcleaner89 (7:19:05 PM): Why can't you just do a simple swap. you give your username i give mine, you give password, i give mine
windexcleaner89 (7:19:12 PM): I have done this many of times.
windexcleaner89 (7:20:04 PM): I am not going to scam a Wow account bro.
windexcleaner89 (7:20:12 PM): Thats just childish.
windexcleaner89 (7:20:33 PM): If your not intrested i will just find someone else to trade with.
C0HPL (7:22:28 PM): i am intrested
C0HPL (7:22:33 PM): but
C0HPL (7:22:36 PM): i think ur a scammer
C0HPL (7:22:44 PM): why can't u let me on ur account?
windexcleaner89 (7:22:45 PM): Well you think wrong my friend.
C0HPL (7:23:27 PM): look man
windexcleaner89 (7:23:31 PM): Because I'm just not comfortable giving my info first. I'll gladly give you my info, just as long as you go first. It will be a simple swap.
C0HPL (7:23:35 PM): not to be mean or anuythin
C0HPL (7:23:43 PM): Im not comfortable with mie going first
C0HPL (7:23:45 PM): simple answer
C0HPL (7:23:47 PM): middle man..
C0HPL (7:24:40 PM): i will talk on phone
C0HPL (7:24:42 PM): use middle man
C0HPL (7:24:45 PM): show in game
windexcleaner89 (7:25:11 PM): Theres no need for that. It would just be a simple swap. Do you honestly think im going to waste my time scamming a online gaming account? No i'm not. If you can't just give your info first for some security for me then i guess we will both have to find other people to trade with.
windexcleaner89 (7:26:00 PM): I can tell you it will be your lose though.
C0HPL (7:26:40 PM): dude
C0HPL (7:26:45 PM): u have 0 proof
C0HPL (7:26:49 PM): that mage is yours
C0HPL (7:26:52 PM): 1 sec
C0HPL (7:26:53 PM): brb
windexcleaner89 (7:27:35 PM): Alright dude I'm just going to find someone else to trade with if you don't feel comfortable giving your info first.
C0HPL (7:28:07 PM): EH>???
C0HPL (7:28:17 PM): UR ONLINE?
windexcleaner89 (7:28:32 PM): umm ?
windexcleaner89 (7:28:42 PM): No im not online you (Bad word)
C0HPL (7:28:49 PM): frostmane?
C0HPL (7:28:54 PM): Virility
C0HPL (7:28:57 PM): ?
windexcleaner89 (7:29:00 PM): Yes
C0HPL (7:29:07 PM): sum1's on ur account
C0HPL (7:29:11 PM): and somehow put time on it
windexcleaner89 (7:29:23 PM): I think you lie
C0HPL (7:29:36 PM): well
C0HPL (7:29:39 PM): log on,,,
C0HPL (7:29:46 PM): or change pass
windexcleaner89 (7:29:56 PM): OMG THIS IS (bad word) (bad word) !
windexcleaner89 (7:30:08 PM): (bad word) THIS (Bad word) THAT (Bad word) SCAMMED ME.
windexcleaner89 (7:30:13 PM): dude is faxmeurbuild online?
windexcleaner89 (7:30:19 PM): on aim
C0HPL (7:30:22 PM): ????????????
windexcleaner89 (7:30:32 PM): i was trying to trade with this guy named faxmeurbuild
windexcleaner89 (7:30:44 PM): and i gave him my username
windexcleaner89 (7:30:49 PM): but then he randomly signed off
windexcleaner89 (7:30:53 PM): and now my info is changed
windexcleaner89 (7:31:06 PM): (bad word) dude im calling wow
windexcleaner89 (7:31:21 PM): is faxmeurbuild online for u?
C0HPL (7:31:40 PM): no
windexcleaner89 (7:31:51 PM): (bad word) this (bad word) dude
windexcleaner89 (7:32:00 PM): I'll hit you up tommrow when i get it back.
windexcleaner89 (7:32:04 PM): and ill show u ingame
windexcleaner89 (7:32:08 PM): cause it will have time
C0HPL (7:32:11 PM): wait up man
C0HPL (7:32:17 PM): i was kidding...
C0HPL (7:32:26 PM): lol
windexcleaner89 (7:32:34 PM): well my info has been changed.
windexcleaner89 (7:32:49 PM): I'm calling wow right now.
windexcleaner89 (7:33:02 PM): just going to give them cd key
windexcleaner89 (7:33:04 PM): so i can get back
C0HPL (7:33:13 PM): wow = closed
windexcleaner89 (7:33:21 PM): Are you (bad word) me?
C0HPL (7:33:50 PM): 3-3...
C0HPL (7:33:55 PM): 6-6 EST for me
C0HPL (7:34:00 PM): its 7:30 estern
windexcleaner89 (7:34:11 PM): Wow
C0HPL (7:34:20 PM): world of warcraft
C0HPL (7:34:22 PM): rofl/jk
windexcleaner89 (7:34:37 PM): Hold im going to get on a friends account and see if someone is on him.
C0HPL (7:34:57 PM): no one is lol
windexcleaner89 (7:35:26 PM): I'm waiting for him to sign on
C0HPL (7:35:58 PM): dud
C0HPL (7:36:01 PM): i was kidding
C0HPL (7:36:17 PM): yt?
windexcleaner89 (7:36:32 PM): cause i know someone has it
C0HPL (7:36:37 PM): dude
C0HPL (7:36:39 PM): post the logs
C0HPL (7:36:44 PM): on scammers section on markee
C0HPL (7:36:48 PM): please
windexcleaner89 (7:36:53 PM): Kk
windexcleaner89 (7:37:01 PM): How do i get logs?
windexcleaner89 (7:37:12 PM): I don't used triton
windexcleaner89 (7:37:38 PM): I'm calling my friend and having him recall.
C0HPL (7:37:53 PM): no dude
windexcleaner89 (7:37:54 PM): Be back in about 15
C0HPL (7:37:56 PM): ur aim logs
C0HPL (7:37:58 PM): no man
C0HPL (7:38:00 PM): aim
windexcleaner89 (7:38:08 PM): Where are they at?
C0HPL (7:38:16 PM): when u talked to him..
windexcleaner89 (7:38:20 PM): Yea i know
C0HPL (7:38:24 PM): copy the text
C0HPL (7:38:29 PM): and post them on scammers
C0HPL (7:38:35 PM): sectino so i can read
windexcleaner89 (7:38:41 PM): I signed off.
windexcleaner89 (7:38:47 PM): And the window is closed
windexcleaner89 (7:38:50 PM): can i still get them.?
C0HPL (7:38:55 PM): dude
C0HPL (7:38:59 PM): u did not sign off
windexcleaner89 (7:39:18 PM): Dude this was a good 2 hours ago.
windexcleaner89 (7:39:23 PM): Check my online time.
C0HPL (7:39:24 PM): ok then
C0HPL (7:39:31 PM): why are u trying to trade me
C0HPL (7:39:32 PM): now
C0HPL (7:39:34 PM): ?
C0HPL (7:39:39 PM): lets sa
windexcleaner89 (7:39:41 PM): Cause i never checked the info till now
C0HPL (7:39:42 PM): u did get scammed
C0HPL (7:39:46 PM): on ur imgainary mage
C0HPL (7:39:49 PM): u try scam me..
windexcleaner89 (7:40:03 PM): dude are u dumb?
windexcleaner89 (7:40:10 PM): I didnt try to login the account till now.
C0HPL (7:40:13 PM): no, but, i think you are bcoz ur a scammer
C0HPL (7:40:18 PM): how did he et password?
windexcleaner89 (7:40:27 PM): No idea
C0HPL (7:40:29 PM): ?
windexcleaner89 (7:40:38 PM): I gave him username
windexcleaner89 (7:40:40 PM): no pass
windexcleaner89 (7:40:51 PM): prolly brute force
windexcleaner89 (7:41:00 PM): brb going to a friends to recall
C0HPL (7:41:02 PM): wats that?
windexcleaner89 (7:41:12 PM): brute force is a hack program
windexcleaner89 (7:41:17 PM): that generates passwords
windexcleaner89 (7:41:19 PM): till ti auths
C0HPL (7:42:28 PM): where do i get it?
windexcleaner89 (7:42:35 PM): No idea
windexcleaner89 (7:42:41 PM): Search brute force on google
C0HPL (7:42:46 PM): bcoz i would use it again on him rofl
windexcleaner89 (7:42:56 PM): lol
windexcleaner89 (7:43:03 PM): you can try
windexcleaner89 (7:43:04 PM): username
windexcleaner89 (7:43:08 PM): = cowman05
C0HPL (7:43:17 PM): ?
windexcleaner89 (7:43:25 PM): try to get the pass
C0HPL (7:43:34 PM): which?
windexcleaner89 (7:43:44 PM): the one i was just scammed from
windexcleaner89 (7:43:49 PM): username = cowman05
windexcleaner89 (7:44:00 PM): brute force will generate passes
windexcleaner89 (7:44:13 PM): old pass was
windexcleaner89 (7:44:15 PM): jason0707
windexcleaner89 (7:44:24 PM): Try to go along those lines
C0HPL (7:45:18 PM): i logged in
windexcleaner89 (7:45:26 PM): Did it work?
C0HPL (7:45:30 PM): yeh
windexcleaner89 (7:45:58 PM): no it doesnt
C0HPL (7:46:05 PM): yep
C0HPL (7:46:08 PM): wanna know why lol
C0HPL (7:46:14 PM): ur account dopesn't exist! :d
windexcleaner89 (7:46:25 PM): omg dude ur a(bad word) idiot
windexcleaner89 (7:46:48 PM): i hate (bad word) hate nerds that play this game late fool.
windexcleaner89 (7:46:49 PM): [censored] (Bad word)
windexcleaner89 signed off at 7:46:53 PM.


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hillarious convo. I loved your clever use of the "joke" about his char being online. That made him crap all over his clever little story /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif