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Futballdess07 (5:41:07 PM): hello
AndrewReynold MD (5:50:16 PM): sup
Futballdess07 (5:50:19 PM): Hello
Futballdess07 (5:50:26 PM): you wanted a warrior correct?AndrewReynold MD (5:50:35 PM): yeah
Futballdess07 (5:50:49 PM): check profile... has all the details
Futballdess07 (5:50:54 PM): not sure if thats what u are looking for though
AndrewReynold MD (5:51:02 PM): i'll take a look at it
AndrewReynold MD (5:52:01 PM): I've only got 130 bucks sorry
Futballdess07 (5:52:44 PM): lol... thats fine... it will get me a new account =) my buddies want me to play with them on horde soi need to buy one... and to be honest warriors are boring to me now
AndrewReynold MD (5:55:07 PM): Yeah I'll buy it
AndrewReynold MD (5:55:42 PM): Call me on my cell, *** *** ***
Futballdess07 (5:56:05 PM): k one moment
AndrewReynold MD (5:57:21 PM): hey your the guy I was leveling that 40 warrior with right?
Futballdess07 (5:57:42 PM): u mean a bit back?
AndrewReynold MD (5:57:52 PM): yeah a few weeks ago
Futballdess07 (5:58:20 PM): yeah
AndrewReynold MD (5:58:27 PM): oh, hey how's it going
Futballdess07 (5:59:18 PM): not bad.. i am a bit tired... and pissing me off... since i cant find my cell phone... i swear it was on my charger
AndrewReynold MD (5:59:46 PM): I can call you if you have a home phone, or I could try and dial your cell
Futballdess07 (6:00:33 PM): only have a cell...college is expensive thats why i am selling my account... neeed to pay for books
Futballdess07 (6:00:39 PM): its 2 weeks in!
Futballdess07 (6:00:45 PM): and i still dont have all my books
Futballdess07 (6:00:56 PM): give me a second though
Futballdess07 (6:00:58 PM): let me try and find it
AndrewReynold MD (6:01:02 PM): alright
Futballdess07 (6:02:47 PM): going out to car... brb
Futballdess07 (6:02:53 PM): seeing if its in the seat or something
AndrewReynold MD (6:02:57 PM): alright
Futballdess07 (6:06:37 PM): .....
Futballdess07 (6:06:47 PM): must have left it at my buddies dorm
Futballdess07 (6:06:54 PM): do u want to wait around a few minutes? like 30?
Futballdess07 (6:06:58 PM): or talk tomorrow?

AndrewReynold MD (6:07:14 PM): you got a vent or something we could talk on?
AndrewReynold MD (6:07:43 PM): actually I have a vent if you have a mic
Futballdess07 (6:07:58 PM): checking to see if this laptop has it.. " school provited" and no mic
Futballdess07 (6:08:02 PM): i could just download vent
Futballdess07 (6:08:06 PM): but i dont have a mic on this laptop
Futballdess07 (6:08:38 PM): if u can wait until tomorrow
Futballdess07 (6:08:41 PM): i can get my cell
Futballdess07 (6:08:53 PM): or.we can do the deal tonight. up to you
AndrewReynold MD (6:08:55 PM): You seem legit, just alittle sketchy that you would sell a nice warrior like that this cheap, I really want an account tonight though
Futballdess07 (6:09:35 PM): well... to be honest... buddy of mine wants me to join his guild. so i am going to glide something
AndrewReynold MD (6:10:12 PM): Do you have the SQ/A and all that?
Futballdess07 (6:10:26 PM): yes sir
AndrewReynold MD (6:10:34 PM): Ok, how do we do this?
Futballdess07 (6:12:23 PM): well since paypal has some [censored] up policy we can do a payment for 90 and 40? i think it is... " i have gone over on my limit" i just got some dumb email for my rogue i traded. anyways... after that. ill give u cd key, SQ/A address name etc
Futballdess07 (6:12:24 PM): or whatever
Futballdess07 (6:12:58 PM): or again we can wait until tomorrow
AndrewReynold MD (6:13:01 PM): ok, what's your paypal address?
Futballdess07 (6:13:02 PM): its your call man
AndrewReynold MD (6:13:53 PM): you look pretty legit, 9 pos on markee is pretty damn good
Futballdess07 (6:14:39 PM): [email protected]
Futballdess07 (6:15:12 PM): MD is markee
AndrewReynold MD (6:15:14 PM): [email protected]?
Futballdess07 (6:15:41 PM): yes paypal for books and such online
AndrewReynold MD (6:16:23 PM): k, just sent the 90
AndrewReynold MD (6:16:36 PM): let me know when you get it and I'll send the 40
Futballdess07 (6:17:13 PM): ok
Futballdess07 (6:17:15 PM): gotit
AndrewReynold MD (6:17:41 PM): just sent the 40
Futballdess07 signed off at 6:17:49 PM

Looks like he took off with my money...warning to all.


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Re: Possible scammer-Futbalidess07

I think thats a scammer using Futballidess 07 aim name


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Ahhh fell for the oldest trick in the book. The reason the scamemer said 90 then 40 is because paypal doesnt really take notice to payments less than 100$. It wont register as a big sale. Taht happened to me,some loser stole my 110$ that way. Said full t2 hunter.. my fault for being so stupid i guess lol


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Re: Possible scammer-Futbalidess07

Edit your post, you obviously got scammed by a wannabe Futballidess 07 isnt a scammer.


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Re: Possible scammer-Futbalidess07

First clue was he wanted to sell cause he's joining friends and needs to buy another account, then a few mins later he has to buy college books?? does no even pay attention to what the other person is saying?

Sorry it happened but it's rather obvious if something looks to good to be true... IT IS. If they can't even remember the reason they are selling, or they are in a hurry, can't find their phone blah blah blah.. it's a scam, walk away.