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Scammer Destidart


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Banned - failed to resolve scam thread -http://vbforums.mmobay.net/scammers/406875-account-recalled-after-trade.html
traded a warrior for a druid about 2 weeks ago. Now info has been changed and druid is up for trade

Session Start (sadistic poultry:destidart): Fri Feb 10 12:15:57 2006
[12:16] sadistic poultry: thanks for scamming me
[12:17] destidart: huh?
[12:18] sadistic poultry: password is changed on druid
[12:18] sadistic poultry: and hey whatcha know u've got a druid up for trade
[12:18] destidart: It was a recall as the warrior was recalled
[12:19] sadistic poultry: First off, you told me you traded the warrior already. Secondly, I know for a fact the warrior wasn't recalled. It will be now however
[12:19] destidart: Yes it was because the guy with the warlock told me not to worry about it
[12:20] destidart: but**
[12:21] sadistic poultry: yea whatever


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Ironically it seemed as though the warrior was unlogable. So I took it as a recall and there was only one thing I could do and that was to recall my Druid. If you beleive that this is an error we will rectify this.