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Scammer Ceebznet


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
This guy is such an [censored]. I give him my account info and Secret question word and he tries to recall money from paypal. I have proof! His paypal name is Ronny [email protected]

ceebznet (9:52:08 PM): hey

ceebznet (9:52:39 PM): im interested in your mage

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:53:23 PM): hey

ceebznet returned at 9:53:23 PM.

ceebznet (9:53:38 PM): how much

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:53:59 PM): offer

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:54:04 PM): i got an offer for 120

ceebznet (9:54:09 PM): 130

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:54:38 PM): ok

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:55:01 PM): u have paypal?

ceebznet (9:55:03 PM): yes

ceebznet (9:55:04 PM): verified

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:55:40 PM): ok well I have all the info and if you want to see my mage in game ill be on

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:57:03 PM): i accept your offer that other guy doesnt want to pay more than 120

ceebznet (9:57:10 PM): k

ceebznet (9:57:50 PM): what realm?

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:58:01 PM): korgath pvp

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:58:12 PM): its a new transfer server with new hardware

ceebznet (9:58:28 PM): nice

ceebznet (9:58:54 PM): im making a level 1 there

ceebznet (9:58:57 PM): what race should I make it

ceebznet (9:59:08 PM): closet to you

ArkmanDaLuxE (9:59:27 PM): i guess human ill go to stormwind

ceebznet (9:59:30 PM): k

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:04:30 PM): ok im logging on

ceebznet (10:04:33 PM): k

ceebznet (10:04:37 PM): his name is ceeb

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:04:42 PM): ok

ceebznet (10:07:11 PM): his name is ceebz

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:07:29 PM): k

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:12:04 PM): so how do u like it

ceebznet (10:12:16 PM): yeah

ceebznet (10:12:19 PM): I like it

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:12:29 PM): its worth much more than 130

ceebznet (10:12:34 PM): yeah

ceebznet (10:12:35 PM): a bit

ceebznet (10:12:44 PM): why you selling?

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:12:59 PM): if u look on ebay ull see chars with all blues and no epic mounts are worth around 150+

ceebznet (10:13:06 PM): yup

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:13:30 PM): im selling becasue i just got an xbox 360 and got no games or hardrive so i dont want it to lay there

ceebznet (10:13:38 PM): ok

ceebznet (10:13:52 PM): what is your paypal

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:14:27 PM): Censored
ceebznet (10:15:10 PM): #130?

ceebznet (10:15:12 PM): $130?

ceebznet (10:15:17 PM): are you original ower

ceebznet (10:15:18 PM): owner

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:15:22 PM): yes

ceebznet (10:15:33 PM): sending

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:15:47 PM): oh ok that was fast lol

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:15:58 PM): didnt know u wanted it today

ceebznet (10:16:15 PM): oh

ceebznet (10:16:37 PM): you cant sell it today?

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:16:44 PM): i can

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:16:55 PM): was jsut fast lol

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:17:28 PM): ok...remmember to change the info...pw.

ceebznet (10:17:32 PM): yeah

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:18:32 PM): alot of good bwl guilds on this server and alliance wins almost all bgs

ceebznet (10:18:42 PM): yeah

ceebznet (10:18:46 PM): im gonna be pure pvping

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:18:46 PM): not sure about av though

ceebznet (10:18:53 PM): unless your guild does bwl and av

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:19:14 PM): umm my guild is new they have 70 members but everyone has bwl exp

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:19:28 PM): they are doing mc/zg already

ceebznet (10:19:36 PM): nice

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:19:42 PM): worth a shot

ceebznet (10:19:49 PM): yeah

ceebznet (10:19:50 PM): ok im sending

ceebznet (10:21:03 PM): sent

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:21:14 PM): one sec

ceebznet (10:21:27 PM): You have sent a payment! An email has been sent to the recipient.

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:22:30 PM): ok thanks

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:22:46 PM): my info is Account name-Censored

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:23:24 PM): password is Censored

ceebznet (10:23:45 PM): cd-key?

ceebznet (10:23:54 PM): question and awnser

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:25:42 PM): q&A is Censored

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:26:06 PM): its the name of my school

ceebznet (10:26:15 PM): ok

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:26:19 PM): Censored
ceebznet (10:27:12 PM): alright

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:27:23 PM): i threw my cd keys out when i first bought the game becasue i didnt think they would be needed but when u call blizz make sure u know what other characters are on each srever

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:27:38 PM): they will ask

ceebznet (10:27:58 PM): well

ceebznet (10:28:02 PM): becuase you dont have the cd-key

ceebznet (10:28:12 PM): i will need to have the information to your email that is associated with the account.

ceebznet (10:28:18 PM): if that is not a provlem

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:28:51 PM): ?

ceebznet (10:29:02 PM): when ever you want your account back

ceebznet (10:29:09 PM): you can just retrieve the password..

ceebznet (10:29:13 PM): becuase its set to your email

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:29:32 PM): you can change the email

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:29:41 PM): all you need is secret word

ceebznet (10:29:49 PM): alright

ceebznet (10:29:52 PM): I will do that tommorow

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:29:59 PM): and need to know what other characters are on the account

ceebznet (10:30:04 PM): ok

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:30:28 PM): remmember that because they will ask

ceebznet (10:30:37 PM): ok

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:30:51 PM): ok well thanks man gl and enjoy the mage!

ceebznet (10:30:58 PM): for sure

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:31:14 PM): alright if u need anything ill be on aim

ceebznet (10:31:20 PM): kk thanks very much man

ceebznet (10:31:27 PM): what spec is he

ceebznet (10:31:29 PM): ?

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:31:33 PM): thanks to u now i can buy battlefield 2

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:31:41 PM): im arcane/fire

ceebznet (10:31:45 PM): ooooh

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:31:46 PM): 21/30

ceebznet (10:31:47 PM): never tried that

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:31:59 PM): most important i got bast wave and POM

ceebznet (10:32:03 PM): yeah

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:32:06 PM): right now fire is the best

ceebznet (10:32:27 PM): frost

ceebznet (10:32:30 PM): is what I played on my friends

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:32:31 PM): i do crazy damage I can kill a person so fast they wont touch me

ceebznet (10:32:34 PM): with the new ice bubble think

ceebznet (10:32:39 PM): thing**

ceebznet (10:32:44 PM): absorbs alot of damage

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:32:50 PM): ice barrier

ceebznet (10:32:53 PM): yea

ceebznet (10:32:58 PM): the only reason I wanted a mage

ceebznet (10:33:03 PM): is cause I played my friends

[censored] my pants

ceebznet (10:33:07 PM): there sooooooo gooooood

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:33:10 PM): haha

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:33:14 PM): and there fun

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:34:05 PM): ok man have fun ill be on aim if u got any questions

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:34:47 PM): remmember to change the info and what other characters I got (lowest level and highest)

ceebznet (10:34:53 PM): ok

ceebznet (10:34:55 PM): ill writ it down

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:35:00 PM): cool

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:36:03 PM): its a good investment if u get better gear ur mage will be worth 300+

ceebznet (10:36:15 PM): i dont sell it

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:36:27 PM): i mean if u ever will want to

ceebznet (10:36:34 PM): its my new main

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:37:06 PM): ok ima go eat gl

ceebznet (10:37:14 PM): thanks

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:37:20 PM): thank you 2

ceebznet signed off at 11:55:17 PM.

ATTENTION: You are no longer rate limited, and you may now send messages.

ceebznet signed off at 12:10:03 AM.

ATTENTION: You are no longer rate limited, and you may now send messages.

ceebznet signed off at 10:06:30 AM.

ceebznet signed on at 10:24:08 AM.

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:24:29 AM): dude [censored]

ArkmanDaLuxE (10:24:42 AM): y did you reverse payment after I sent you all the info

ceebznet signed off at 10:24:46 AM.

Case proven