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SCAMMER Beware !


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this guy gave me a "beta key" for a glider key and forum account...now i saw he got back online and messaged him
here is how the conv. went.

priestfortrade: hey
Carmo1124: Hi
priestfortrade: why did you giv me a fake beta key ?
Carmo1124: When?
priestfortrade: when i traded you my glider key
Carmo1124: I did?
priestfortrade: yes you did
Carmo1124: It didn't work for you?
priestfortrade: did you use it ?
Carmo1124: No, I didn't
priestfortrade: i would appreciate my stuff back
priestfortrade: or at least give me the right key this time
Carmo1124: I really don't know what happened, you can have your things back
priestfortrade: i gave you glider key and forum account.
Carmo1124: Ok, take it back
priestfortrade: well, you changed the password.
priestfortrade: wow...you are scum...
Carmo1124: WHat?
priestfortrade: well, you scam people
Carmo1124: No, I don't
priestfortrade: umm well give me my user/pass back..
Carmo1124: l
Carmo1124: kk
Carmo1124 signed off at 5:25:44 PM.