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scammer alone4evagotohell


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FFXI7676: /poke [Ok heres ne and alones convo we argreed on wicked crackle as mm]
alone4evago2hell: yes?
FFXI7676: wicked
alone4evago2hell: one sec
FFXI7676: ok
FFXI7676: afk bathroom\
alone4evago2hell: k
FFXI7676: bac
alone4evago2hell: k
alone4evago2hell: feel better?
alone4evago2hell: lol
FFXI7676: yah
FFXI7676: lol
alone4evago2hell: do you have any screens of zero?
FFXI7676: nope
alone4evago2hell: and i should be 66 in about an hour or 2
FFXI7676: trades off
FFXI7676: srry
alone4evago2hell: why
FFXI7676: mt
FFXI7676: i was gunna trade another guy
alone4evago2hell: lol i was like [censored]
FFXI7676: if u didnt show
alone4evago2hell: wut does he have
alone4evago2hell: brb
FFXI7676: a mnk'
FFXI7676: 74 mithra
alone4evago2hell: o
FFXI7676: ok changed pass
FFXI7676: u ready bro?
alone4evago2hell: give me 30 mins to finish
FFXI7676: 30 to?
alone4evago2hell: finish pt
alone4evago2hell: and put drk in mog
alone4evago2hell: bathroom
alone4evago2hell: back
FFXI7676: wb
alone4evago2hell: ty
alone4evago2hell: 20 mins
FFXI7676: ight
FFXI7676: well i did my sh it he got info waiting on u
alone4evago2hell: ok
FFXI7676: hey man
FFXI7676: wicked says u cant log on to kujata
alone4evago2hell: Error code: FFXI-3001
No responce from the FINAL FANTASY XI server.
Connection timed out.
Press OK to shut down.
FFXI7676: so u cant get on to kujata?
alone4evago2hell: that is what im getting now that i logged out
alone4evago2hell: im calling a GM now
alone4evago2hell: loged on the drks mule to meet wicked in game now i cant get on
FFXI7676: see what u can do
FFXI7676: i got my info back
FFXI7676: change pass
FFXI7676: waiting onu
FFXI7676: hey so wuts going on
alone4evago2hell: im not doing it
FFXI7676: i knew dumb [censored] u think im stpid or sumthing cant scamm me foo
FFXI7676: i got it all
alone4evago2hell: i bet
FFXI7676: ur done [censored]
alone4evago2hell: oh rele
alone4evago2hell: lol
FFXI7676: yeah rly
FFXI7676: gl trading on markee
alone4evago2hell: learn to spell you [censored] nut
FFXI7676: hah peace [censored] u shud pick ur mm better
[but wicked didnt want to scamm me]
WickedCrackle: hey dude
FFXI7676: ya
FFXI7676: hey
WickedCrackle: ok so ur gonna trade with alone4eva?
FFXI7676: ya
WickedCrackle: well between me and you
WickedCrackle: dont say [censored] to him
WickedCrackle: he wants to scam you lol
WickedCrackle: buttttt
FFXI7676: ok
FFXI7676: im out
FFXI7676: [censored] this
WickedCrackle: wait
WickedCrackle: we can get him
FFXI7676: ok
WickedCrackle: alone4evago2hell: hmmm good point, that would make me suspisious too...
alone4evago2hell: well the pw was itsminenow
alone4evago2hell: i changed it to something i could remember
alone4evago2hell: it will take 9-10 minutes to get the info from him then block him
alone4evago2hell: no one will believe him cause i will back you up on the fourms
alone4evago2hell: and me and you both walk away happy
WickedCrackle: wants me to MM
WickedCrackle: but im gonna try to get drk info first
WickedCrackle: and if it doesnt work i suggest you DO NOT trade with him unless u use spar and only spar as middleman
FFXI7676: i said that
FFXI7676: but he said u and i trust u so
FFXI7676: yuah
WickedCrackle: lol ya he wanted me to scam u, but i didnt want to so im gonna try to get him to give me the info
WickedCrackle: since part of the deal is he was gonna give me the drk
WickedCrackle: in exchange for me scamming you
FFXI7676: what a prik
FFXI7676: yeah fuking scam his asss what a fuker
FFXI7676: always me
FFXI7676: i always get duesh bags
FFXI7676: kk im say i changed my pass
FFXI7676: etc
WickedCrackle: WickedCrackle: lol thenits basically like we trading accounts @ same time.. and i never ever ver ever do that because thats how you get scammed
alone4evago2hell: >< we've been over this
WickedCrackle: exactly
WickedCrackle: only way ill do it is if i get info first
WickedCrackle: not gonna scam you, ive dealt with you before
alone4evago2hell: i trusted you now you gotta trust me, THIS IS AN EXAMPLE!!! and if i DID scam you, you wouldnt loose anything NOT SAYING I WILL!
WickedCrackle: i would lose my rep
WickedCrackle: i scam him and then u scam me
WickedCrackle: hes being tough
WickedCrackle: if i cant get the info
WickedCrackle: then i suggest you dont trade with him unless u get spar
WickedCrackle: in fact
WickedCrackle: dont trade with anyone unless u have spar.. or u get info first
FFXI7676: k i posted this to all my friends on markee btw so he fuked
FFXI7676: posting it to nuka
FFXI7676: hes off]
FFXI7676: dam
FFXI7676: k im tellem i gave u my info
WickedCrackle: well
WickedCrackle: im gonna give him info for this rdm account i have, hes gonna give me drk
WickedCrackle: and then after that is when he wants me to scam you
WickedCrackle: but of course
WickedCrackle: not gonna happen lol
FFXI7676: lol
FFXI7676: if u get drk ill trade yah my sam
WickedCrackle: so hes gonna be getting an account, so not really scamming him
FFXI7676: its supposed be a 65 drk taru
WickedCrackle: k gonna tell him u gave me the info for the same
FFXI7676: ight hows [censored] rolling
WickedCrackle: i asked him to log onto the drk to prove that he has it
WickedCrackle: becasue couple days ago he lost his PW
WickedCrackle: and mircously remebered
WickedCrackle: for some reason
WickedCrackle: he cant get on the game...
WickedCrackle: he says he can log on his remora mule
WickedCrackle: but cant log onto kujata
WickedCrackle: which is BS
FFXI7676: he said it on ragnorak
FFXI7676: man
WickedCrackle: he said the drk on rag?
WickedCrackle: lol
FFXI7676: ya
WickedCrackle: lmao
WickedCrackle: naw its on kujata
FFXI7676: he said name like Joern
FFXI7676: or sum [censored]
FFXI7676: lol is name miztical
FFXI7676: lol
FFXI7676: thats mine
FFXI7676: old 1
FFXI7676: girl
FFXI7676: female taru
FFXI7676: shall i just tellem
FFXI7676: i know
FFXI7676: dont seem that u gunna get it
WickedCrackle: hold for a bit
FFXI7676: k\
WickedCrackle: when u do eventually call him out
WickedCrackle: just act stupid at first
WickedCrackle: be like "so whats happeneing? wicked telling me u cant log onto kujata... i thought the char was on rag ..."
WickedCrackle: and just [censored] him up
FFXI7676: do it now?
WickedCrackle: wait
WickedCrackle: did u yet?
FFXI7676: yes
WickedCrackle: dont yet
FFXI7676: i said
WickedCrackle: k np lol
FFXI7676: wicked says u cant logon to kujata
WickedCrackle: o ok
FFXI7676: FFXI7676: so u cant get on to kujata?
alone4evago2hell: that is what im getting now that i logged out
alone4evago2hell: im calling a GM now
WickedCrackle: ok
WickedCrackle: dont do anything yet
WickedCrackle: gonna try one last time to get drk
FFXI7676: k
FFXI7676: im gunna be like dude ur an idiot ive knowen this whole tine
FFXI7676: dont try to [censored] with me
WickedCrackle: ok but dont tell him tht i was gonna scam him
FFXI7676: k say now?
WickedCrackle: not yet
FFXI7676: k
WickedCrackle: i told him
WickedCrackle: i gave the info back to you
WickedCrackle: but that i can get it back
WickedCrackle: so well see what he says
FFXI7676: lol idk why hed want to scamm me then give u drk
FFXI7676: why not just trade he still losing drk
FFXI7676: lol
WickedCrackle: he says
WickedCrackle: thats ur a [censored] and you act like ur god
WickedCrackle: and him and nato want to scam you
FFXI7676: lol
FFXI7676: omfg
FFXI7676: him and nato
FFXI7676: the first time
FFXI7676: they where in on it
FFXI7676: omfg
FFXI7676: HE scammed me also
FFXI7676: sob
FFXI7676: u used nato as mm before and was in trade with him
FFXI7676: me and alone trading
FFXI7676: and nato mm
FFXI7676: and nato ripped me off and he got my account
WickedCrackle: ya
FFXI7676: sob
WickedCrackle: i remember u telling me
FFXI7676: im tellin ghim o iknow
FFXI7676: [censored] him
WickedCrackle: wait
WickedCrackle: wAIT
WickedCrackle: one sec
FFXI7676: ok
WickedCrackle: one sec
WickedCrackle: [censored] him up
WickedCrackle: dont tell him
WickedCrackle: that i was gonna scam him either
FFXI7676: yeah id idnt