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Scammer alert


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He probably has multiple AiM's so I'll just post the characters he's using to bait people.

Decain (or name very close to this) 60 female gnome mage on Detheroc.

Savana (again, or name something very close) Rank 12 Night Elf Hunter on Burning Legion.

60 warlock (Don't know name) In random blues.

If someone messages you about trading for these characters (his name when he talked to me was juggalokam) he is a scammer, and will log on your account and delete/DE all your gear just for fun. 3 cheers for [censored] bags.

The entire aim convo is too long to post, so ill just edit it down to the best parts.

KefkaEatsbabies (10:51:49 AM): i'm getting pretty pissed off at how much you're changing the password, get it right soon or im recalling my mage and reporting you to markee
juggalokam (10:52:18 AM): whats markee going 2 do
KefkaEatsbabies (10:52:45 AM): ok so either give me the mage info or my mage is getting recalled
juggalokam (10:53:06 AM): are u sure u can recall it ?
KefkaEatsbabies (10:53:12 AM): 100%

juggalokam (10:55:19 AM): ok ok
juggalokam (10:58:02 AM): sorry i was jsut distchting your staff
KefkaEatsbabies (10:59:08 AM): umm why? nexus on a character you wont have access to?
juggalokam (10:59:21 AM): ?
KefkaEatsbabies (10:59:25 AM): i mean go ahead and be as mean as you want, I can get it all back
KefkaEatsbabies (10:59:34 AM): There's just really no point
juggalokam (11:00:30 AM): well i am getting u banned form wow [censored] wee speek mY MAN IS CALLED [censored] AND JEW
KefkaEatsbabies (11:01:29 AM): ok well have fun then I'll get it all back, consider both accounts you just showed me reported as stolen, and you will not get them back since you're not the original owner
KefkaEatsbabies (11:01:34 AM): Have a nice day
juggalokam (11:01:42 AM): TY
juggalokam (11:01:51 AM): ooo plz plz dont tell markee
juggalokam (11:01:57 AM): that stupied little ste
juggalokam (11:02:00 AM): site plzzz
juggalokam (11:02:04 AM): sir DONT
juggalokam (11:02:10 AM): dont give me bad AIM rep
juggalokam (11:02:12 AM): PLZZZ