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Dmoneymafia356: what u trading
WhitestAfrOcan21: mage
Dmoneymafia356: is it good for pvp
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya
WhitestAfrOcan21: u messaged me like 2 hours ago
Dmoneymafia356: yea i kno pvp server
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya
Dmoneymafia356: transferable
WhitestAfrOcan21: ya
Dmoneymafia356: umm alliance
WhitestAfrOcan21: yes
Dmoneymafia356: willing to trade dude please
Dmoneymafia356: i have a troll warrior pvp machine
Dmoneymafia356: really need alliance
Dmoneymafia356: 6 months left on it
WhitestAfrOcan21: on wat
Dmoneymafia356: shattered hand pvp server horde onw bgs
Dmoneymafia356: soo
Dmoneymafia356: ur gear good
Dmoneymafia356: does ur mage have good gear
WhitestAfrOcan21: alright
Dmoneymafia356: so u will trade
Dmoneymafia356: is he good in bgs
Dmoneymafia356: what rank r u
WhitestAfrOcan21: brb
Dmoneymafia356: so u think u will
WhitestAfrOcan21: id have to convince my friend that ur warrior is better than the one i have right npw
WhitestAfrOcan21: now
Dmoneymafia356: okk
Dmoneymafia356: so u will trade
WhitestAfrOcan21: i have to see in game first
WhitestAfrOcan21: and its not my decision
WhitestAfrOcan21: its my friends
Dmoneymafia356: nvm
WhitestAfrOcan21: wat?

Thats my convo, after i said ingame he signed off, didnt get back on, has 6 months left on him? He "really" wanted my character, yet he didnt remember me, even tho i described my guy in our first convo.

Not saying hes a scammer, just a little suspicious IMO.