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The markeedragon member argh just scammed me out of $100.
His AIM sn is BBgun32.

Everything was going fine, he seemed like a really cool and trustworthy guy, I gave him the money, he took awhile giving me the account name and password.. but I eventually got them both. He said go check and see if everything is there, I did.. he blocks me.

I have the second part of our convo saved, the first part I lost because my AIM client crashed, I signed on and he had blocked me. This convo is my other sn:

Joggins18 (4:13:47 PM): hey, what happened?
BBgun32 (4:14:06 PM): how can i help ya?
Joggins18 (4:14:19 PM): this is wtfbbq l0lz y
Joggins18 (4:14:23 PM): what happened?
BBgun32 (4:14:23 PM): ?
Joggins18 (4:15:10 PM): you just blocked me after? i never got the sqa.. we never 'finalized' the trade
BBgun32 (4:15:13 PM): ?
Joggins18 (4:15:32 PM): what does the question mark mean?
BBgun32 (4:15:37 PM): what are you talking about
Joggins18 (4:15:56 PM): I am wtfbbq l0lz y
Joggins18 (4:16:16 PM): the guy you were just talking too
Joggins18 (4:16:28 PM): i gave you $100 for the mage account
BBgun32 (4:16:54 PM): oh right
Joggins18 (4:17:16 PM): lol, so whats the deal.. why did you block me?
BBgun32 (4:18:04 PM): f'k;asd;fjlasdf?
Joggins18 (4:18:21 PM): okay..
BBgun32 (4:18:29 PM): k, nice doing buisness with you
Joggins18 (4:18:34 PM): that clears things up
Joggins18 (4:18:48 PM): also, i hope you aren't planning on scamming me
BBgun32 (4:18:54 PM): oh?
Joggins18 (4:18:58 PM): for your sake that is
BBgun32 (4:19:00 PM): why?
Joggins18 (4:19:39 PM): because that would be one hell of a [censored] thing too do, and you used a verified paypal..
BBgun32 (4:19:54 PM): which means?
Joggins18 (4:20:11 PM): your a [censored].. i guess?
Joggins18 (4:20:17 PM): yeah that would be about right
Joggins18 (4:20:38 PM): and you should die in a fire.. i guess?
Joggins18 (4:20:45 PM): yeah that too seems about right
BBgun32 (4:21:01 PM): =O
Joggins18 (4:21:27 PM): for real though man, why would you even do something like that?
Joggins18 (4:22:06 PM): you would totally [censored] another person over for your own personal gain? that says a lot about your character

he tries to act stupid like he doesn't know what's going on..
just don't trade with him. I had to file a dispute with paypal.


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Same thing happened to me, he wouldn't give me SQ/A or my characters PW back. I just deleted his paladin and got his account banned o.o.


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LOL he escalated the dispute to a claim saying:

"Player got account, is lieing to try to get money along with account."

Yeah, your right.. I had the account for about 5 minutes. Then you decided to be a [censored] and change the info.