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Mistikal1der (7:52:33 PM): heykabarsky321 (7:52:35 PM): wnkabarsky321
(7:52:39 PM): yo [censored]
Mistikal1der (7:52:41 PM): did you recall the warlock?Mistikal1der (7:52:42 PM): ;/
kabarsky321 (7:52:45 PM): why did you recall the palyMistikal1der (7:52:53 PM): i didnt -_-
kabarsky321 (7:53:01 PM): then why the [censored] cant i log onkabarsky321 (7:53:02 PM): it booted me
Mistikal1der (7:53:07 PM): i just got booted
kabarsky321 (7:53:07 PM): and now i dont have pass wordkabarsky321 (7:53:19 PM): cause i told the warlcok to recallkabarsky321 (7:53:24 PM): casue soem one recaleld pallyMistikal1der (7:53:31 PM): i told you not to do that dudeMistikal1der (7:53:35 PM): let me talk to the warlockMistikal1der (7:53:42 PM): whats his namekabarsky321 (7:53:47 PM): waitkabarsky321 (7:53:48 PM): wtfMistikal1der (7:54:00 PM): I didnt recall the paladin, remember I told you I couldnt
kabarsky321 (7:54:01 PM): do what?
kabarsky321 (7:54:01 PM): i didnt do [censored] [censored] man
kabarsky321 (7:54:01 PM): you [censored] recalled kabarsky321 (7:54:01 PM): thats bull [censored] (7:54:08 PM): no i didnt =/
kabarsky321 (7:54:09 PM): i cant recall the warlock
Mistikal1der (7:54:13 PM): i know
Mistikal1der (7:54:15 PM): im not sayin you did
Mistikal1der (7:54:20 PM): im sayin let me talk to the guy who recalled the lock
kabarsky321 (7:54:25 PM): Snp399
kabarsky321 (7:54:25 PM): i told him too
kabarsky321 (7:54:32 PM): cause it kicked me off of pallykabarsky321 (7:57:59 PM): yeah dude
kabarsky321 (7:58:01 PM): [censored]
kabarsky321 (7:58:06 PM): now your gunna trade with him?Mistikal1der (7:58:22 PM): what are you talking aboutMistikal1der (7:58:31 PM): im asking him if he has the info so i kknow whats going on
Mistikal1der (7:59:42 PM): man you scammed me..
Mistikal1der (7:59:46 PM): I knew i couldnt trust you
kabarsky321 (7:59:50 PM): THATS [censored] BULL [censored] (7:59:52 PM): i didnt scam [censored] (7:59:54 PM): [censored] you man
kabarsky321 (8:00:04 PM): u recalled the pally
Mistikal1der (8:00:10 PM): I CANT RECALL THE PALADIN
Mistikal1der (8:00:13 PM): MY NAME ISNT ON THE ACCOUNT
Mistikal1der (8:00:17 PM): MY NAME IS
kabarsky321 (8:00:17 PM): THEN WHO THE [censored] DIDMistikal1der (8:00:21 PM): I HAVE A MYSPACE
kabarsky321 (8:00:27 PM): I DONT [censored] GIVE A [censored] (8:00:29 PM): ABOUT YOUR MYSPACE
kabarsky321 (8:00:43 PM): YOU TRIED TO STEAL HIS [censored] CHARACTER
Mistikal1der (8:00:49 PM): steal whos character
kabarsky321 (8:00:48 PM): AND IT BACK FIRED ON YOUMistikal1der (8:00:50 PM): o.o
kabarsky321 (8:01:00 PM): THE LOCK
Mistikal1der (8:01:02 PM): you traded me the lockkabarsky321 (8:01:12 PM): its snp399's lock
kabarsky321 (8:01:18 PM): i dont have the sq/a to it Mistikal1der (8:01:21 PM): I know
kabarsky321 (8:01:22 PM): iwas gunna get it today
Mistikal1der (8:01:23 PM): ..
kabarsky321 (8:01:25 PM): when i gave him the sq/akabarsky321 (8:01:39 PM): man [censored] you dudeMistikal1der (8:01:44 PM): calm down first of all
kabarsky321 (8:01:44 PM): me and snp now your a scammer
Mistikal1der (8:01:47 PM): and dont overreact
kabarsky321 (8:01:46 PM): [censored] off bro
kabarsky321 (8:01:54 PM): no [censored] you
kabarsky321 (8:01:57 PM): your calling me outMistikal1der (8:01:59 PM): How am i a scammer?
kabarsky321 (8:01:59 PM): saying im a scammer
Mistikal1der (8:02:04 PM): dude CALM DOWN
kabarsky321 (8:02:30 PM): bro recall your pally call me a scammer, i dont give a [censored]... im over it ...
Mistikal1der (8:02:36 PM): its not my paladin
Mistikal1der (8:02:39 PM): i cant recall whats not mine
Mistikal1der (8:02:43 PM): my email isnt even on the account
Mistikal1der (8:02:49 PM): I can talk to the OO of the paladin
Mistikal1der (8:02:51 PM): and see what happened
kabarsky321 (8:02:50 PM): THEN WHY THE [censored] DID YOU TRADE IT TO ME
Mistikal1der (8:02:56 PM): ..
Mistikal1der (8:03:00 PM): i had the paladin yes
Mistikal1der (8:03:03 PM): but im not the original owner
Mistikal1der (8:03:05 PM): i told you i wasnt
kabarsky321 (8:03:11 PM): you could have changed the email
Mistikal1der (8:03:44 PM): i can give you my emailMistikal1der (8:03:49 PM): [email protected]
Mistikal1der (8:03:53 PM): send me an email and ill reply
kabarsky321 (8:04:01 PM): i dont want your email
kabarsky321 (8:04:01 PM): i was saying
Mistikal1der (8:04:03 PM): and i cant change any info on the account without the sq/a
Mistikal1der (8:04:08 PM): which i didnt havekabarsky321 (8:04:10 PM): wow
Mistikal1der (8:04:14 PM): for the lock*
kabarsky321 (8:04:21 PM): the pally
kabarsky321 (8:04:32 PM): why didnt you change pally emailMistikal1der (8:04:47 PM): blizzard wouldnt let meMistikal1der (8:04:51 PM): i tried a couple timesMistikal1der (8:04:56 PM): they said i didnt have enough info to do that
kabarsky321 (8:05:17 PM): dude
kabarsky321 (8:05:30 PM): after you learn how to tradekabarsky321 (8:06:13 PM): you can talk to me about this... but im not guna give you a neg/pos but im gunna tell you this.....DONT BE A [censored] IDIOT AND TRADE ACCOUNTS THAT ARE UNSECURE
kabarsky321 signed off at 8:06:26 PM.

This guy is a complete scammer, and a bad one. DO NOT TRUST HIM. I wish I could find his markee name.. he has 2 AIMS are:




DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON... He will try to trade you a paladin with 3/8 tier 2. BEWARE

EDIT: Sorry for bad spacing, the copy paste kinda [censored] it up. the paladins name is Cryth btw


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Looks like its intellectual night on MD, 3 misplaced threads in a row. Shame, on, you.



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Sorry I posted in the wrong thread, i just know people dont check the scammer forums and I wanted to make sure no one got scammed by this guy :\ my bad