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TradeMe105 MD-banned

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DyeHard PB (4:53:58 PM): hey

BloodAngel1040 (4:55:10 PM): hello

BloodAngel1040 (4:55:27 PM): can i help u

DyeHard PB (4:55:28 PM): I have a lvl 60 gnome war, 8/8 might, 5/8 wrath, epic rings/trinks, quel serrar,drillborer, zin rokh

BloodAngel1040 (4:55:34 PM): server?

DyeHard PB (4:55:37 PM): boulderfist psp

DyeHard PB (4:55:39 PM): pvp

BloodAngel1040 (4:55:46 PM): SQA?

DyeHard PB (4:55:53 PM): no, you?

BloodAngel1040 (4:56:07 PM): nope got vent?

DyeHard PB (4:56:14 PM): i do but i dont have a mic

DyeHard PB (4:56:17 PM): at this comp

DyeHard PB (4:56:21 PM): im reaper from the forums

DyeHard PB (4:56:24 PM): 400 p[osts

BloodAngel1040 (4:56:27 PM): o_O

DyeHard PB (4:56:28 PM): 11 pos no neg

BloodAngel1040 (4:56:42 PM): wanna trade chars for a bit?

BloodAngel1040 (4:56:44 PM): to play one anothers

BloodAngel1040 (4:57:01 PM): ??

DyeHard PB (4:57:04 PM): k as long as u go first

BloodAngel1040 (4:57:08 PM): sure

BloodAngel1040 (4:57:19 PM): Login: Namehere
Password: -----

DyeHard PB (4:57:20 PM): i dotn have sqa, do u

BloodAngel1040 (4:57:28 PM): nope /cries

DyeHard PB (4:57:35 PM): alrighty

BloodAngel1040 (4:57:35 PM): it's easy to get

BloodAngel1040 (4:57:45 PM): urs?

DyeHard PB (4:57:56 PM): it didnt work

BloodAngel1040 (4:58:03 PM): ??

DyeHard PB (4:58:17 PM): nvm it did

DyeHard PB (4:58:18 PM): what server

BloodAngel1040 (4:58:23 PM): Dalvengry

BloodAngel1040 (4:58:24 PM): ^.^

DyeHard PB (4:58:42 PM): k

BloodAngel1040 (4:58:44 PM): and urs?

DyeHard PB (4:58:45 PM): oo nice

DyeHard PB (4:59:03 PM): k here

BloodAngel1040 (4:59:27 PM): ?

BloodAngel1040 (4:59:54 PM): well

BloodAngel1040 (5:01:07 PM): hello
Previous message was not received by DyeHard PB because of error (5:01:07 PM): User DyeHard PB is not available.

No Info Account Retireived Nothing Bad Happened But This Guy Scams BEWARE

Ace Logan

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When people claim to be from the forums here, you should have them PM you a private message to check for sure.


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well, there should a tutorial somewhere on how to trade because giving out account infos and reminding the other guy twice that you don't have the secret word = dumb.


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I traded with Dyehard a long time ago, i traded a 60 NE hunter for some money, he didn't scam me. He seemed legit, we talked on the phone and stuff. Nonetheless, sorry that you got scammed /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif.


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I didnt try to scam him...

My friend justin had access to my computer for the week i was gone which has all my saved passwords, its sad how he tried to [censored] my rep, he knows acct trading well he had a username of Juz.

Sorry bout the confusion