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SCAMMER ALERT: BBGUN32 ( [email protected] )


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I have a post on this site that I'm buying a rogue, this person with the AIM name BBGUN32 and his paypal email is [email protected] offered me a full tier 1 rogue for 174 dollars, I agreed on the price and sent him the money, he signed off asap and I am now stuck here with a complaint letter to PayPal.

This is info of him from what I got from Paypal:

his name is BRIAN BARNARD.
his email is [email protected]
his aim name is BBGUN32.
he said he doesnt have a markee username,
i was an idiot for not further asking more questions, checking for the character on game, etc.

best of luck to the rest of you, i lost 174 bucks =/