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Scammer: Aim Ziggydiggy59


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
I didnt manage to make a copy of the first convo with him, but got one just a few mins ago where he admitted he scammed me, he is offering a 60 Dwarf Paladin with 10 MC epics 1 of them being Quel'Serrar. The Paladins name is something around the lines of Demetrius. He is not the smartest scammer either, he didnt even change my email or phone number so i was able to get my account back through the WoW site.

Ziggydiggy59: hey
Ziggydiggy59: i wana trade with u
xX Gappo Xx: why so u can scam me again?
Ziggydiggy59: LOL
Ziggydiggy59: pwnt
Ziggydiggy59: did u recall ure account
xX Gappo Xx: nah didnt have to, ur stupid ass didnt change the email or the phone number
Ziggydiggy59: yes i did
Ziggydiggy59: rofl
Ziggydiggy59: ure the guy with 3, 60s right?
xX Gappo Xx: well i was able to use mine in the get password
xX Gappo Xx: yeh thats me
xX Gappo Xx: ur probably the worst scammer i have come across, u didnt delete any of my chars or anything like that
Ziggydiggy59: yea
Ziggydiggy59: i spammed ****** in orgrimmar
Ziggydiggy59: and gave lal ure " descent " stuff ot my friends
xX Gappo Xx: no, all my enchanting [censored] was still there
Ziggydiggy59: they didnt want the shards
xX Gappo Xx: there was basically nothing to give them then
Ziggydiggy59: well there was 30g
xX Gappo Xx: lol lookout the whole of 1 hours work
Ziggydiggy59: i hope u know the reputation on cheesecakei s ruined
Ziggydiggy59: i spammed ****** in org
xX Gappo Xx: no its not
Ziggydiggy59: yes it is
Ziggydiggy59: lol
xX Gappo Xx: i ran 3 instances yesterday
Ziggydiggy59: O LA LA
xX Gappo Xx: lol if my rep was ruined i wouldnt be in a single one of them
Ziggydiggy59 signed off at 7:16:53 AM.