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Scammer. AIM wowisdashi


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hi. for starters, we traded. i gave him safe account not recallable, he gave me a "safe account" supposedly not reacllable. in fact, his friend told me how "lucky" i was that it was a safe account that that the orig owner can not access it and quit wow long ago. i was pretty comfortable, i guess it was him lieing on a lvl 1. his Markee name is Rezzinpwndu or some stupid name like that, maybe had a number on it. ill be sure to destroy his threads so he has no hope of getting a trade. AIM convo now. this is after we traded, i do not have trading log, but it should be clear in this log.

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wowisdashi (6:04:20 PM): ....
xSmashgoodx (6:04:26 PM): ?
wowisdashi (6:04:34 PM): how u like rogue?
xSmashgoodx (6:04:40 PM): fine..
xSmashgoodx (6:04:42 PM): you?
wowisdashi (6:04:49 PM): someone took it..
wowisdashi (6:04:55 PM): the lock..
xSmashgoodx (6:04:59 PM): as in you got scammed
xSmashgoodx (6:05:06 PM): by who?
wowisdashi (6:05:19 PM): idk
wowisdashi (6:05:21 PM): but i didnt trade it
xSmashgoodx (6:05:29 PM): ...
xSmashgoodx (6:05:34 PM): all i k now is it wasnt recalled
wowisdashi (6:05:35 PM): could u reacall it..
xSmashgoodx (6:05:45 PM): i cant
xSmashgoodx (6:06:13 PM): who else had your pass?
wowisdashi (6:06:14 PM): dude....
wowisdashi (6:06:16 PM): no one
xSmashgoodx (6:06:25 PM): when we traded you said your sharing it? -__
xSmashgoodx (6:06:37 PM): dude i have nothing to do with it, noone has the recall for that account
xSmashgoodx (6:06:46 PM): the guy dont have recall
wowisdashi (6:07:13 PM): yea..well..i dont ahve it..
wowisdashi (6:07:17 PM): and i dont have an account to pla now..
xSmashgoodx (6:07:41 PM): well
xSmashgoodx (6:07:44 PM): i dont know what to say
xSmashgoodx (6:07:45 PM): lol
wowisdashi (6:08:05 PM): well u have my account.. and i dont have nay
xSmashgoodx (6:08:28 PM): not to sound like an ass, but not my fault lol
wowisdashi (6:08:38 PM): i didnt give ANYONE pw or anything
wowisdashi (6:08:47 PM): ok, well im ganna recall my rogue...or u can give it back..
wowisdashi (6:08:53 PM): cause im ticked
xSmashgoodx (6:09:08 PM): if you did that youd be a scammer...
wowisdashi (6:09:13 PM): no
wowisdashi (6:09:17 PM): because u must have scammed my account
xSmashgoodx (6:09:25 PM): its not my responsibility what happens to you after we trade.... the account was safe when i gave you it
wowisdashi (6:09:28 PM): cause NO ONE else knows it, uless ur telling me somethigne
wowisdashi (6:09:33 PM): either do that, or let me atleast play it..
wowisdashi (6:09:44 PM): mine*
xSmashgoodx (6:09:45 PM): dude
xSmashgoodx (6:09:55 PM): i cant sacrifice for you, its not my fault
wowisdashi (6:10:09 PM): ok....but dont be mad if u dont have the rogue tomrrow
xSmashgoodx (6:10:26 PM): i will be, cause youd be a scammer
wowisdashi (6:10:36 PM): and a - on markee
xSmashgoodx (6:10:50 PM): ok, i have a copy of this convo, lol
wowisdashi (6:11:15 PM): yea and?
xSmashgoodx (6:11:23 PM): learn to take responsibility and stop lieing
wowisdashi (6:11:25 PM): lol
wowisdashi (6:11:26 PM): no
xSmashgoodx (6:11:29 PM): k


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Multiple Accounts
markee name: rezzinpwndu2

other aim s/n- rezzin4tw

also: the chars he has now are a UD warlock on stormreaver with 5/8 felheart, and a NE rogue on dethecus with gutgore ripper, rank 9 nearly 10(thanks to me -_-), av exalted, nightslayer shoulders and bracers. do not trade for these characters, especially the rogue as he can recall and he will.


BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
lmfao are u kidding me? ur the one thats trading ur warlock now...and i STILL dont have that rogue back....thx to u rank 10...im the one that got it 40000honor in 2 days...so yea..thanks to you...w/e so yea.....howd u get ur lock back?