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Scammer aim [email protected] aim-grat5546


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fsufan2993: my accoutn name is travisrox21
fsufan2993: password brit2005
GRAT5546: ok
fsufan2993: urs?
GRAT5546: can i log on and see?
fsufan2993: can i ahve urs to
GRAT5546: ill give you mine once i make sure you have what you said
fsufan2993: dude
GRAT5546: im not going anywehere though
fsufan2993: thats not cool
GRAT5546: ?
GRAT5546: im right here stop complaining
fsufan2993: plz
fsufan2993: r u there?
GRAT5546: ok
GRAT5546: cool
GRAT5546: i just checked it out
fsufan2993: phew i was getting scared
GRAT5546: lol
GRAT5546: im not going to scam you
fsufan2993: can i ahve info plz
GRAT5546: yeah
GRAT5546: im writing yours down
GRAT5546: ok
GRAT5546: account
fsufan2993: im ready
GRAT5546: Jack0Lantern
GRAT5546: and i just changed the password
GRAT5546: to pimpman1
fsufan2993: invalid
GRAT5546: hmm
GRAT5546: try pimpman11
fsufan2993: dude
fsufan2993: r u serious
fsufan2993: u got to be kidding me
fsufan2993: u just scammed me
fsufan2993: all of a sudden u dissapear
fsufan2993: to bad i took ur ip
fsufan2993: and o i forgot to tell u my dad is a cop
fsufan2993: ok ill go through everything and get account back
fsufan2993: [censored] you
GRAT5546: what?
fsufan2993: it doesnt work
GRAT5546 signed off at 10:48:20 PM.


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Not true. Ask him yourselves.

GRAT5546 (9:41:52 PM): yo
fsufan2993 (9:43:02 PM): hi
GRAT5546 (9:43:10 PM): question
GRAT5546 (9:43:18 PM): did you post on markee that i scammed you?
GRAT5546 (9:44:23 PM): take that off lol
fsufan2993 (9:51:24 PM): well u did
fsufan2993 (9:51:30 PM): for a day lol
GRAT5546 (9:51:55 PM): not really
GRAT5546 (9:51:58 PM): nothing happened lol
GRAT5546 (9:52:27 PM): and you have your account
GRAT5546 (9:52:31 PM): can you remove that post
fsufan2993 (9:55:03 PM): ill try
GRAT5546 (9:55:27 PM): please do im trying to make a legit trade and this guy thinks im a diehard scammer
fsufan2993 (9:56:02 PM): wats his name ill talk to him
fsufan2993 (9:56:10 PM): aim*