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Scammer: AIM is hakajakalaka


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[09:03] hakajakalaka: U got SQ/A?
[09:03] AnTiHeRo17171: yes
[09:05] AnTiHeRo17171: interested or no
[09:05] hakajakalaka: i am.
[09:07] AnTiHeRo17171: what ya got to offer
[09:12] hakajakalaka: 60 mage
[09:12] hakajakalaka: full Netherwind.
[09:12] AnTiHeRo17171: can we arrange an in game showing?
[09:13] hakajakalaka: I can let u hop on, don't got enough time to get on WoW + my comp is lagging like a [censored]
[09:13] AnTiHeRo17171: thats fine
[09:15] AnTiHeRo17171: yea?
[09:15] hakajakalaka: if its ok that i get ur info to, just to check over the forums so I have ur trust u wont do anything to the mage.
[09:16] AnTiHeRo17171: whats your markee name
[09:16] AnTiHeRo17171: im 06goat
[09:17] hakajakalaka: dont got one /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif....I never found it usefull. I find MD usefull but not the usernames because idc how much positive rep i got scammed from a guy with 20 positive.
[09:17] AnTiHeRo17171: alright
[09:17] AnTiHeRo17171: what info you want
[09:17] hakajakalaka: The priest's...we'll go usernames first and then pws..
[09:18] AnTiHeRo17171: alright
[09:18] AnTiHeRo17171: this is a little bit sketchy though
[09:18] hakajakalaka: username: Games4lifefreak
[09:18] AnTiHeRo17171: what do you mean you have no time to get on wow
[09:19] hakajakalaka: I need to go soon and going on WoW means lagg..I already have slow internet.I probably will keep getting D/C'd.
[09:19] hakajakalaka: Ima just let u take alook
[09:19] hakajakalaka: just so u know im legit and that u can be intersted.
[09:19] AnTiHeRo17171: well, alright
[09:19] AnTiHeRo17171: account name: randomnobody
[09:21] hakajakalaka: on 3??
[09:21] AnTiHeRo17171: Meh :| kinda sketchy like i said
[09:22] AnTiHeRo17171: alright
[09:22] AnTiHeRo17171: well
[09:22] AnTiHeRo17171: im going to trust you
[09:22] AnTiHeRo17171: and i hope that you are legit
[09:22] hakajakalaka: i am mate. Get ready to see a pure ownage mage.
[09:22] hakajakalaka: on 3.
[09:22] hakajakalaka: 1...
[09:22] hakajakalaka: 2...
[09:22] hakajakalaka: 3...
[09:22] AnTiHeRo17171: boobdude1
[09:22] hakajakalaka: solomon101
[09:23] AnTiHeRo17171: no good
[09:23] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

haha i knew it was sketchy so i gave him fake infos!!! WOO!!!


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hakajakalaka: heya
cartmanL337: hey
hakajakalaka: What u lf ur rogue/
hakajakalaka: ???
hakajakalaka: dude?
cartmanL337: anything
cartmanL337: naxx geared
hakajakalaka: 3/9 Frostfire mage?
hakajakalaka: 7/8 Netherwind. + more.
cartmanL337: xferable? and race?
hakajakalaka: PvP xferble, undead.
cartmanL337: can i see him ingame?
hakajakalaka: not atm but if u'd like I can go ventrilo with ya.
hakajakalaka: ???
cartmanL337: tell me when you can show him ingame
hakajakalaka: not atm.
hakajakalaka: i cna let u on it though.
cartmanL337: sure what server is he on?
hakajakalaka: Destromath
hakajakalaka: power48.nrgservers.net
hakajakalaka: 3547
hakajakalaka: come to the Demoted channel
cartmanL337: k
hakajakalaka: wow
hakajakalaka: ok let me find one more.
cartmanL337: k
hakajakalaka: voice.clanservers.com
hakajakalaka: 4651
hakajakalaka: LETHAL CHANNEL PLZ.
cartmanL337: mic is down atm [censored] thing broke
hakajakalaka: ok
cartmanL337: ok
cartmanL337: you there?
cartmanL337: no thanks...
cartmanL337: there is a post about you in the markee forums already
cartmanL337: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...true#Post237448
hakajakalaka: yea i recalled the acc...that R tard changed my pw.
hakajakalaka signed off at 3:12:52 PM.

the part I said no thanks to was when he told me he wanted my info so he could login to the forums just like above rofl he is like 10 years old also.


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Sorry for bumping a rather old post, but I'd like to say something... Games4lifefreak is my account, and I believe I know who this guy is somewhat, because he traded me (sometime before this happened) two accounts for my Hunter. One account was stolen, and got recalled, the other hasn't been recalled yet.

He transferred the hunter off teh account not long later, and he always says he "can't get the sq/a" or some crap like that. I don't know if I can recall the hunter back on my account, but I am going to attempt to.

Anyways, when I talked to him he used the aim fkingjuggernaut - otherwise, I can't say much.

But yeah, I can assume this guy was a scammer as well.

--Question: IS it possible to recall a transferred off character? I didn't even get the approve the transfer as well, it just did it.

Edit: I never had a mage on my account, so maybe it was a guy using my account name.