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Scammer aim:ILLWILL1884


Account Disabled
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Multiple Accounts
ILLWILL1884: were u still intrestred in my sham?
yamimage17: what was his gear again?
ILLWILL1884: 6/8 t1 1/8 t2
yamimage17: oh
yamimage17: u wanted the pally right
yamimage17: but u didnt have sq
ILLWILL1884: ya
ILLWILL1884: u have sqa?
yamimage17: yes
ILLWILL1884: ok
yamimage17: if u want we can trade
ILLWILL1884: k
ILLWILL1884: im jus scared ur gonna recall and scam m
ILLWILL1884: e
yamimage17: err
yamimage17: if you are not going to [censored] around i wont
yamimage17: and besides i have 3 positives
yamimage17: so yah
ILLWILL1884: ok
yamimage17: u wana do it or..
ILLWILL1884: ya i do
yamimage17: ok
yamimage17: whats ur username
ILLWILL1884: well y am i going first?
yamimage17: yeah no worries
yamimage17: if i had negatives then you would be worried but i dont im a legit trader
ILLWILL1884: well ppl with postives scan
ILLWILL1884: a guy with 7 postives scammed me
yamimage17: 90% they dont
yamimage17: now do you want to do this or no i really dont have time for child play
ILLWILL1884: well [censored] im just tried to make sure i dont get scammed
ILLWILL1884: [censored] is child play about that
yamimage17: im not going to scam you
yamimage17: child play is that you keep saying il scam you..i wont..seesh
yamimage17: you have the best bet to get a good trade with soemone that haves positives rather then none or negatives
ILLWILL1884: well fine idc about ur postives lets just do this or not
yamimage17: okay
yamimage17: whats ur username
ILLWILL1884: graffitiguru
ILLWILL1884: u
yamimage17: shinysilverspoon
yamimage17: ur pass?
yamimage17: ?
yamimage17: umm..
ILLWILL1884: traded2u
ILLWILL1884: urs
yamimage17: its not wright man
ILLWILL1884: see [censored]
ILLWILL1884: i know its not
ILLWILL1884: ur suppose to give m urs
ILLWILL1884: stop trin to scam me
yamimage17: i would of have if it was actually right bro
yamimage17: but it wasant so..
ILLWILL1884: im not gonna first this is bs
ILLWILL1884: u have sqa i dnt and i gotta go first
ILLWILL1884: [censored]
yamimage17: thats means u want to scam
ILLWILL1884: ..
yamimage17: ok fine
yamimage17: but it better be right
yamimage17: whats ur markee name
ILLWILL1884: i dnt have 1
yamimage17: right.
ILLWILL1884: does it matter?
yamimage17: no whatever
yamimage17: um
yamimage17: my username is *******pass ****** whats urs
yamimage17: ??
ILLWILL1884: acct names ******
yamimage17: pass
ILLWILL1884: lol
ILLWILL1884: urs doesnt work
yamimage17: omfg
ILLWILL1884: but nice try
yamimage17: thats the oldest trick in the game saying that...ur a scammer and this convo is over