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SCAMMER - AIM = Hajimei1223. Ebay username:candy11886


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This loser scammed me... my daoc account

ikickyoheadin: hi
hajimei1223: hello
ikickyoheadin: i read your ebay posting? think it was the WTT inf / bot? am i correct...
hajimei1223: ya
ikickyoheadin: my username on ebay is icusosuc.. i sent you an e-mail.. you replied and told me to add you on AIM.. so here i am ^^
hajimei1223: whih account u had i forgot
ikickyoheadin: think it was a 50 ranger / hero on pellinor
hajimei1223: ah
hajimei1223: what server
ikickyoheadin: pellinor :p .. ranger is RR 3L9, is fully artied up../ templated.. hero is in ToA suit
ikickyoheadin: which is the Caerleon cluster
hajimei1223: nay mls?

ikickyoheadin: is ML3
ikickyoheadin: soujourner
hajimei1223: does hero have any artys?
ikickyoheadin: no..
hajimei1223: ah
ikickyoheadin: would also throw in another account also
ikickyoheadin: does the inf accoutn have all exspansions
hajimei1223: yes, what does other one have
hajimei1223: he is cl5
ikickyoheadin: ranger only CL1 i think.. hero hasnt statted CL yet.. also willing to throw in a RR4 CL5, (with firesteed horse (15p mount) ) has champ weapon.. and is in full MP suit.. vamp
hajimei1223: if i uncluded bot ?
ikickyoheadin: hmm.. yea i would trade for just the inf account
hajimei1223: what arty ranger has
ikickyoheadin: GSV, MSG, FB, BB...
ikickyoheadin: with some others... also..
ikickyoheadin: account is closed.. so i dont know them all
hajimei1223: ah vamp account closed
ikickyoheadin: ?
hajimei1223: is vamp account closed
ikickyoheadin: no
hajimei1223: he same cluster
ikickyoheadin: no
hajimei1223: which server
ikickyoheadin: bors
hajimei1223: what artys he got
ikickyoheadin: GSV , golden spear.. thats all he needs
hajimei1223: ah what is spec
ikickyoheadin: 49 SM , 44 pierce.. the best spec
hajimei1223: ah
hajimei1223: anything u wanna know bout in?
hajimei1223: err inf
ikickyoheadin: oh btw, on the vamp account.. there is also a 50 enchanter..
ikickyoheadin: he specc'd for pbaoe
hajimei1223: what rr
ikickyoheadin: only RR2.. its a fricken farm toon :p :)
ikickyoheadin: only use for PvE
hajimei1223: o
hajimei1223: anything u wanna know bout inf?
ikickyoheadin: does inf have mount?
hajimei1223: ya
ikickyoheadin: what kinda cash does it have on the inf / necro together...
ikickyoheadin: plat wise
hajimei1223: he has 4p but selling cetus cloak to guildie for another 4p
ikickyoheadin: ah, kk
ikickyoheadin: so..would you be interested in trading your inf account for a 50 ranger / hero and 50 vamp / enchanter?
hajimei1223: i would have to think bout it but any of em have sw
ikickyoheadin: no.. both dont have sw :-( .. so, think about it then give us a shout when you've decided
hajimei1223: kk

ikickyoheadin: yo..did u trade with the other person?
hajimei1223: didnt email me back
ikickyoheadin: well.. dont know if u got my e-mail.. said i would also include a 50 hero on gareth, 50 healer on lamorak and a 50 savage on MLF for your bot account included...
hajimei1223: what artys savage gots
hajimei1223: and no didnt get it my intrnet went down for a few ours thats why i was off
ikickyoheadin: ah, well, hero is RR3L5, CL5 ... healer is RR5 , (both templated) .. and savage im not sure.. will just check now for you
hajimei1223: k
ikickyoheadin: so i am offering in total 50 ranger / hero / hero / healer / vamp / enchanter / savage for both your accounts
hajimei1223: and i am offering 50 inf 50 sm 50 eldy 50 bot and 50 chanter seems realivty fair but can u check what savage has
ikickyoheadin: doing now mate
hajimei1223: ok
ikickyoheadin: ok he has GoV, dream sphere
ikickyoheadin: winged helm
ikickyoheadin: GOLM
ikickyoheadin: orions belt
ikickyoheadin: then he has champ weapon... all his armour is MP
hajimei1223: what other wepaon he useing sides champ
ikickyoheadin: a 100% qual weapon.. called "arcanium salamander Tail"
ikickyoheadin: has good stats on it
hajimei1223: ah kobby?
ikickyoheadin: aye
hajimei1223: does it have sw
ikickyoheadin: no
hajimei1223: so ranger/savage acount for inf/bot correct?
ikickyoheadin: ranger / savage and vamp account = 3 accounts for inf / bot
hajimei1223: can i see savage?
hajimei1223: mlf right?
ikickyoheadin: aye, logg onto mid-mlf.. will meet ya
hajimei1223: k
ikickyoheadin: meet in aegirhamn
hajimei1223: what name
ikickyoheadin: kaisners
hajimei1223: u wanna do trade like this...
hajimei1223: u give me info for 50 savage account then i check it ou if there i will give bot info then ranger account and i will give info for inf then we can do vamp last
ikickyoheadin: ok... seems fair.. when ready for savage info?
hajimei1223: o ya one more thing what cl is savage or other charcthers on the account
ikickyoheadin: the hero on gareth is CL5.. not sure what CL healer is, savage aint any CL yet
hajimei1223: ok gonan brb bio b4 we do it
ikickyoheadin: k
hajimei1223: ok back and rdy
ikickyoheadin: ok here comes savage info
hajimei1223: kk
ikickyoheadin: mattik - coulter
hajimei1223: mattik account name?
ikickyoheadin: yea
hajimei1223: k

dont even think of trading with this noob