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MdBaramor37: back?
i am ed462: Yes sir
i am ed462: anything else you want to know about the account?
MdBaramor37: is the character ugly?
MdBaramor37: lol
MdBaramor37: do you have sq/a
MdBaramor37: etc..?
i am ed462: no
i am ed462: i put that in bold in the thread that i do not... sorry
MdBaramor37: oh.. dang..
MdBaramor37: well are you interested in my warrior?
i am ed462: link?
MdBaramor37: NE, pvp xferable
MdBaramor37: ashkandi
MdBaramor37: chromatic boots
MdBaramor37: flameguard
MdBaramor37: etc..
MdBaramor37: I need to know, like.. SOON if you're interested...
MdBaramor37: interested??
i am ed462: possibly
MdBaramor37: Ashkandi!!
i am ed462: heh ik ik!
MdBaramor37: You wo't get an offer like this again
MdBaramor37: If you are interested
MdBaramor37: please tell me ASAP.
MdBaramor37: ill give you my info first.. and...
i am ed462: do u have a ct profile?
MdBaramor37: Priest = dream class.
MdBaramor37: only class I havent played..
MdBaramor37: here
MdBaramor37: just log onto it, I have no time.
MdBaramor37: really want to trade
MdBaramor37: before I leave
MdBaramor37: li****** // co******
MdBaramor37: k?
i am ed462: hmmmm
i am ed462: name is sorta wierd
i am ed462: but its cool cuz mine is a little wierd 2
i am ed462: :p
MdBaramor37: Name? Frostyfreeze, XFER IS AVAILABLE!
MdBaramor37: so you can xfer to your OWN account
MdBaramor37: or to diff.. server
MdBaramor37: so..? what ya think ? /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
i am ed462: yeh
i am ed462: i will do it
MdBaramor37: go ahead and change the p/w
MdBaramor37: Priest in a raiding guild? i wanna get some more transendence..
i am ed462: do u have SQ/A?
i am ed462: yes
MdBaramor37: No, sadly /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
i am ed462: guild is on firemaw
MdBaramor37: What's your account information? just give it to me soon, gtg in a few minutes..
MdBaramor37: any raid today, btw?
MdBaramor37: damn. finally a priest..
MdBaramor37: only class Ive never raided on
MdBaramor37: or pvp'd on
MdBaramor37: besides test realm
MdBaramor37: and it OWNED.
i am ed462: eliminsta ******
i am ed462: ****** ^^
MdBaramor37: er
MdBaramor37: didnt work..
MdBaramor37: dude..?
MdBaramor37: wow man...
MdBaramor37: lame.....
i am ed462: *******
MdBaramor37: whats the account name??
MdBaramor37: *******
MdBaramor37: ??
i am ed462: elminsta
MdBaramor37: there we go
i am ed462: ooops added an i >_>
i am ed462: hmm
i am ed462:

You have no characters on Stormscale.
Please choose a different realm.
MdBaramor37: yeah, I know..
MdBaramor37: its bugged.
MdBaramor37: tried earlier
i am ed462: you know theres a 60 priest on daggerspine right
MdBaramor37: lol?
MdBaramor37: onw hat account?
i am ed462: yeh
MdBaramor37: on the warrior one???
i am ed462: u just trade it?
i am ed462: lol yes
MdBaramor37: [censored]?
MdBaramor37: gear?
i am ed462: ehh blues n greens
MdBaramor37: er..
MdBaramor37: i thought the priest was pvp xferable....
i am ed462: it is...
i am ed462: magtheridon is pvp xferable
MdBaramor37: i have a warlock on magtheridon
MdBaramor37: lol.....
MdBaramor37: named " vitriolock"
i am ed462: i think the whole thing is glitched
i am ed462: cuz i see no chars on char trade
MdBaramor37: its bugged..
MdBaramor37: since yesterday
MdBaramor37: [censored] wierd nammme
i am ed462: ik
i am ed462: lol
MdBaramor37: brb gotta clean my room

MdBaramor37: hey..
MdBaramor37: what would you think.. about sharing the priest?
MdBaramor37: if I told you.. that we could get full trans.. t2.5
MdBaramor37: full epic damage gear.. etc.
MdBaramor37: share it 50/50
MdBaramor37: you there?
i am ed462: eh
MdBaramor37: what would you say to that?
MdBaramor37: Because.. the original owner of the warrior is freaking out, and wants to recall
MdBaramor37: but cant remember the phone number..
MdBaramor37: and.. I really want to share the priest with you, etc..
MdBaramor37: I can get him full trans, tier 2.5, full epic pvp gear
MdBaramor37: etc
MdBaramor37: my guild on another server needs priests, we're on cthun..
i am ed462: >_>
i am ed462: all my friends are on magtheridon
MdBaramor37: The people in my guild are very nice, you'd really like them
MdBaramor37: and.. we're in need of good priests.. etc.
i am ed462: hmm
i am ed462: why is the OO pissed?
MdBaramor37: because the accounts I traded him were recalled, so I basically got pissed....
MdBaramor37: Screwed*
MdBaramor37: as I said, you can get extremely geared.. heh.
i am ed462: i dont want to leave mag.
i am ed462: if this gets recalled im getting
i am ed462: done and done
MdBaramor37: done and done??
MdBaramor37: wha?
i am ed462: if this gets recalled im getting priest
MdBaramor37: yeah?
MdBaramor37: so.. you dont want to move to my server then?....
i am ed462: no i do not want to move to ur server
MdBaramor37: damn.. man =/
MdBaramor37: ur gonna recall the priest?
i am ed462: well its common curtosy if something u trade someone is taken back with nothing in there control you give them there thing back
MdBaramor37: well
MdBaramor37: ****** is your p/w
i am ed462: so ur telling me hes recalling the acct?
MdBaramor37: he's trying too
MdBaramor37: so can Ijust have the p/w
MdBaramor37: so I can make it easier for him.. =/
MdBaramor37: please? i gtg soon...
MdBaramor37: ???
i am ed462: i will keep him until he offically recalls
MdBaramor37: he cannot recall..
MdBaramor37: you just said.. "i am ed462 (5:53:10 PM): well its common curtosy if something u trade someone is taken back with nothing in there control you give them there thing back"
MdBaramor37: so.. can I please have the password back
MdBaramor37: i have to go.. like.. soon
MdBaramor37: alright the
MdBaramor37: peace.. then...
MdBaramor37: wow
MdBaramor37: give me the priest back
MdBaramor37: or give me the warriors password....
i am ed462: ..
i am ed462: the priest is still urs
MdBaramor37: you changed the priests p/w...
MdBaramor37: you changed it..............................
i am ed462: no i didnt
i am ed462: im playing on frosty atm
i am ed462: in an arathi basin
i am ed462: want an ss?
i am ed462: so whats goin on? Previous message was not received by MdBaramor37 because of error: User MdBaramor37 is not available.

Started transfer last night, got on to check it this morning, password was changed tried the password given to me for the priest... didnt work


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