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scammed =\


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I am Devyn: sorry, my aim sucks
I am Devyn: did you say it was pvp transferable?
MoDmsmc: ya
MoDmsmc: wats gear on ur rogue?
I am Devyn: i dont have a ctprofile for him, but i can meet you in game
MoDmsmc: ok but wats his gear
MoDmsmc: like epics?
I am Devyn: yes a few, he has epic weapons and 2/8 tier 1
I am Devyn: and some pvp gear
MoDmsmc: kk wat weps?
I am Devyn: brutality blade and gutgore
I am Devyn: bloodfang hood
I am Devyn: nightslayer bracelets and gloves
MoDmsmc: nice
MoDmsmc: id be intrestred in that
I am Devyn: what gear does your shaman have?
MoDmsmc: 6/8 t1 1.8 t2
I am Devyn: oo, can i see it in game?
MoDmsmc: finkles lava dredger
MoDmsmc: ya
MoDmsmc: destromath
MoDmsmc: make a troll or orc
MoDmsmc: names defect
I am Devyn: kk
I am Devyn: name is Gexx
MoDmsmc: wat server again?
I am Devyn: ner'zhul
MoDmsmc: ok uhm
MoDmsmc: what gear was ur hunter
I am Devyn: I actually just tryed to log on the hunter today, well like a few minutes ago and the password was changed, i think the original owner who traded me this rogue and the hunter for one of the toons i traded him a while ago took it back because i never used it =X
MoDmsmc: kk well the thing is now im scared if i trade that the rogue will get recalled by him
I am Devyn: its understandable but i still talk to him and i can make sure he wont
MoDmsmc: ok
MoDmsmc: well id like to do this
I am Devyn: We can middleman if you would like
I am Devyn: im always weary on trades now lol i was scammed before
MoDmsmc: so was i
MoDmsmc: out of a hwl rogue
I am Devyn: =X
MoDmsmc: so im really scared
MoDmsmc: but i want a rogue again
I am Devyn: you never got it back?
MoDmsmc: no
I am Devyn: you want to middleman then?
I am Devyn: we can find someone with a lot of rep on markee or something
MoDmsmc: hmm
MoDmsmc: idk havent had good succes with middleman
MoDmsmc: id rather just trust the person im dealing with
I am Devyn: yeah sounds good
I am Devyn: oh, I do not know the sq/a at the moment, i can try and get it from the guy i traded with a while ago if you want
I am Devyn: or you can keep your shaman's sq/a as well and if anything ever happened you can just recall it
MoDmsmc: i dnt have sq/a
I am Devyn: ok
MoDmsmc: thats y im scared >.<
I am Devyn: its fine
I am Devyn: we can go at the same time if you want
MoDmsmc: alright
I am Devyn: alright lets type in the account names
I am Devyn: my account
MoDmsmc: his account
I am Devyn: and password time lol, ill type it in and copy it then ill count down from 3 to 1
I am Devyn: on 1 push enter of your pw
I am Devyn: and ill enter mine
I am Devyn: at 1
MoDmsmc: alright
I am Devyn: ready for countdown?
MoDmsmc: yuh
I am Devyn: 3
I am Devyn: 2
I am Devyn: 1
I am Devyn: my password
MoDmsmc: his password
MoDmsmc signed off at 2:21:16 PM.
I am Devyn: .....