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ViroSyphon: hey
ViroSyphon: Still looking for a 60 UD rogue?
ViroSyphon: I have one with epics
gliderino: do u want to trade or sell?
ViroSyphon: Looking for a trade
ViroSyphon: I dont have paypal
gliderino: Did u want the EU account with a 60 pally and 60 lock?
ViroSyphon signed off at 3:34:55 PM.
ViroSyphon signed on at 3:35:07 PM.
ViroSyphon: Sorry booted me what?
gliderino: Did u want the EU account with a 60 pally and 60 lock?
ViroSyphon: Do u have a US account =/?
ViroSyphon: Or only EU
gliderino: Only EU sorry its worth 250 though
ViroSyphon: ?
ViroSyphon: Oh well
ViroSyphon: Anyway to make it so i can play EU?
gliderino: Ok its easy
ViroSyphon: Oh cool
ViroSyphon: Wait 1 sec
ViroSyphon: I have a few questions
gliderino: Fire
ViroSyphon: pally or lock have any good gear?
ViroSyphon: ?
gliderino: mostly blues t.05/1
ViroSyphon: thats cool
ViroSyphon: And can u transfer off EU to us or no?
gliderino: I dont think so
gliderino: Feature is disabled im sure.
ViroSyphon: How do i make an EU account?
gliderino: its simple
gliderino: do u want to trade?
ViroSyphon: ok tell me how to set up to make it EU
ViroSyphon: Yes i do
gliderino: www.wow-europe.com/account
gliderino: go to your wow folder
ViroSyphon: Ok wait
ViroSyphon: 1 sec
gliderino: and youll see a thing called 'realmlist'
gliderino: simply open it in notepad and change the us.worldofwarcraft etc to 'eu'
ViroSyphon: my wow folder..k lemme find irt
gliderino: kk
ViroSyphon: Kno where it would be?
gliderino: set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com ~ change it to set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: C:\Program Files\WoW maybe?
gliderino: btw what server and race is your character
gliderino: what server*
ViroSyphon: Frostmane UD

gliderino: kk
gliderino: so u changed it
ViroSyphon: No i cant find my wow folder
gliderino: Can I tell u after the trade?
gliderino: Just go to Search and search for WoW or World Of
ViroSyphon: kk
gliderino: btw do u have username/pw?
gliderino: i mean sq/a
ViroSyphon: Do you>?
gliderino: yes
ViroSyphon: Cause i have it
gliderino: I dont mind if u dont
gliderino: kk
ViroSyphon: But can we play rhe chars wihtout it first?
ViroSyphon: I wont use urs either
gliderino: yes
gliderino: do u have time on your character?\
ViroSyphon: Yep
gliderino: kk so my details are
ViroSyphon: Wait
ViroSyphon: Not yet
ViroSyphon: I still havent done this
gliderino: Why?
ViroSyphon: Im trying to find the right onw
ViroSyphon: one*
gliderino: its easy lol
ViroSyphon: There are so many things that come up when i search for world of wacraft
gliderino: search for 'realmlist'
gliderino: and then when u find it open it in notepad
ViroSyphon: Ok
gliderino: why cant we trade first i gtg work in like 15mins
ViroSyphon: Because i want to be able to login..lol
gliderino: its simple to do; changing from eu to us
gliderino: u can lol
gliderino: i told u?
ViroSyphon: I seriously cnat find it wait up
gliderino: Quickly lol /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
ViroSyphon: Its searching..
ViroSyphon: im finding a folder calle
ViroSyphon: d
ViroSyphon: realmlist.[censored] but it wont let me open
gliderino: right click
gliderino: and go to open with notepad
gliderino: right click > open with > and find notepad
ViroSyphon: got it
ViroSyphon: Now save?
gliderino: did u change it to eu?
ViroSyphon: ...?
ViroSyphon: yes
gliderino: and yes save
gliderino: ok
ViroSyphon: beta.eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: not the beta
gliderino: just eu
ViroSyphon: ..
ViroSyphon: Beta already there
gliderino: set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: it should be?
gliderino: ok if its beta just leave it
gliderino: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com

gliderino: ok my details are
ViroSyphon: ok did now what?
gliderino: save
ViroSyphon: Wait i just log on?
gliderino: yes
gliderino: just open wow
gliderino: and your in /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
ViroSyphon: Lemme see if it worked
gliderino: try loggin onto your acc
ViroSyphon: I am
gliderino: it wont work because u dont have a EU one :p
gliderino: my details:
gliderino: username: myusername / pw: mypw
gliderino: yours?
ViroSyphon: Can i see if it works?
gliderino: sure
gliderino: dont be too long
gliderino: cause i need to go
ViroSyphon: U minimise my screen when u typ
ViroSyphon: e
ViroSyphon: umm..
ViroSyphon: The info doesnt seem to work..
ViroSyphon: Did i not do the EU thing right or is it wrng?

gliderino: is the eu thing
gliderino: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
ViroSyphon: k..
gliderino: can we just exchange usernames/pw so I can check your acc man
ViroSyphon: Mna i want to make sure it works [censored]
gliderino: www.wow-europe.com/account
gliderino: try logging in there
ViroSyphon: Im just gonna set it to what said
gliderino: Just hurry man I really need to go
ViroSyphon: Ok ill do it on the site then..
gliderino: Thanks.
gliderino: Can I have your details?
ViroSyphon: When i see if it works...
gliderino: Oh come on.
ViroSyphon: Dude i need to check jeez
gliderino: elcome‚ themadworm. Should you have any questions regarding your account‚ please contact our Account and Billing team via www.wow-europe.com/en/support/
ViroSyphon: Yes im logging on
gliderino: Sorry if im rushing you im just need to get going :p
gliderino: All fine?
ViroSyphon: Yes ur making me nervous
ViroSyphon: Its logging onto the site
ViroSyphon: But i really need to knwo how to change it to EU
ViroSyphon: Can u tell me what to save it under when im done?
gliderino: just save it as what it is?
ViroSyphon: ok
gliderino: realmlist.[censored]
ViroSyphon: Server?
gliderino: what do u mean
ViroSyphon: Wow they dont even have char transfer for EU
ViroSyphon: What server is the char on
gliderino: Al'Akir and Antheron
gliderino: now can I check your account?
ViroSyphon: ok
ViroSyphon: checking it
gliderino: quickly 6mins ~_`
ViroSyphon: Plenty of time
gliderino: Please man. just details me
ViroSyphon: man [censored] i still cant log in
gliderino: what do u mean
gliderino: did u logon to the site?
ViroSyphon: To the gamre
ViroSyphon: Yes
ViroSyphon: Cant login to the game tho
gliderino: set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
ViroSyphon: I need that to work
gliderino: make sure that is the ONLY thing in there
ViroSyphon: Copy exaclty me to say
gliderino: Dude can I have your details and we can go through this
gliderino: set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: that is it ^!
gliderino: copy and paste that
gliderino: and save it under the name it is
ViroSyphon: kk
gliderino: now can I have your details
gliderino: since U changed mine
gliderino: ViroSyphon...
gliderino: Excuse me...
ViroSyphon: What
ViroSyphon: I need to be able to get the EU thing to work
gliderino: You have changed my details.
ViroSyphon: I saved it and all
ViroSyphon: Yes because we are trading arent we?

gliderino: Yes
gliderino: But I dont have your details
gliderino: I will help you once I can check your account
ViroSyphon: Well because i cant log on
ViroSyphon: So this is [censored]
ViroSyphon: I copy and pasted
gliderino: [censored] GIVE ME BACK MY ACCOUNT
ViroSyphon: And saved as set realmlist eu.logon.worldofwarcraft.com under
ViroSyphon: realmlist.[censored]
ViroSyphon: Dude im giving u mine..
ViroSyphon: I need ur help first
gliderino: Fine what are the details
gliderino: No I need your account
gliderino: I want to check it
ViroSyphon: No i need ur help
gliderino: U AHVE MY [censored] ACCOUNT MAN
ViroSyphon: Yea but it doesnt work..
gliderino wants to send file C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\realmlist.[censored].
gliderino: put that in your damn wow folder
gliderino: and give me your details now
ViroSyphon: Hack me?

gliderino: its the realmlist.[censored] u tool
gliderino: gliderino wants to send file C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\realmlist.[censored].
ViroSyphon: Calling me a tool..
ViroSyphon received C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\realmlist.[censored].
gliderino: U HAVE MY ACCOUNT
ViroSyphon: Ok im doing it
gliderino: Now give me your details
ViroSyphon: says set realmlist us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com
gliderino: change the [censored] thing to 'eu'
ViroSyphon: Do i change that to EU?

gliderino: YES
gliderino: then open wow
gliderino: and it will work
gliderino: now details me
ViroSyphon: umm
ViroSyphon: hows about
ViroSyphon: U tell me how to do this righ
gliderino: I have man
ViroSyphon: And not scam me
gliderino: Far out
gliderino: How have I scammed u
gliderino: U have my account and youve changed the pw?
ViroSyphon: cause ur rushing me
gliderino: DUDE
ViroSyphon: And not letting me get one
ViroSyphon: on*
ViroSyphon: You know what
gliderino: Either give me your details or Im going to do the SQ/A get my account back and report you on MarkeeDragon
ViroSyphon: [censored] this
gliderino: Give me my password!
ViroSyphon signed off at 4:03:31 PM.

[censored] if your reading this i'm going to do the sq/a when i get home from work.


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glider1no [censored] you are one of the lamest scammers and worst at it, When i tell you i want to buy your char you said oh hold on im going to naxx ill get back to you and blocked me on my other aim, but was on the other, then i told you id buy on that one and you went away after i asked to see in game, None of your chars exist, You Offered a Male full t2 UD warr on barth, plus a male NE rogue on Barthilas both pvp...how so? And wont show in game either! GL calling people scammers, when you cant clarify yourself from being one. Look at all these bad posts and reposts from your other screen name thescream666 as well...GL


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Lol yea. he acted liek i was scamming him like it didnt even work. And then it did, but he was freaking out and [censored] and i saw hsi ratings. so i was like "[censored] this" And deleted all of his characters.