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scammed for a gamecard


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ohsandyman is his aim name..whitehat is his markee name..I cant give feedback for some reason could someone give him neg feedback.

TaurenBattler: r u org owner with sq/a and cd key?
ohsandyman: oh the account
ohsandyman: yes
TaurenBattler: and u just want 1 gamecard?
ohsandyman: yup to play my main
ohsandyman: gunna level a char on my rl server
ohsandyman: and it has no time on it
ohsandyman: idk if the warriors does or not
TaurenBattler: k, well can i c ingame
TaurenBattler: and id need the sq/a and cd key right away if imma do it
ohsandyman: lemme see if it has time if so i will
TaurenBattler: k
ohsandyman: Frozen
This account has been frozen and cannot be used for playing. Please add a payment below to reactivate this account.
ohsandyman: naw neather does this account
TaurenBattler: dam
ohsandyman: most i can do is tell you about him...
ohsandyman: tauren male warrior
ohsandyman: rank 12 gear
ohsandyman: acouple might
ohsandyman: rank 11 mount
ohsandyman: hes got boneweavers edge
ohsandyman: various other bwl drops
ohsandyman: so?
TaurenBattler: well i want to do it
TaurenBattler: but i have no way of knwoing u ahve the acct
ohsandyman: ah well...hmm....would you wanna talk on phone?
TaurenBattler: hmm would we be able to do a middle man

ohsandyman: how would that work?
ohsandyman: i mean i got acouple posatives if that means anything...for lagit buisnemss i have done.
TaurenBattler: k
TaurenBattler: imma try and find sum1 on markee as a middle man
TaurenBattler: but imma do it
ohsandyman: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showratings.php/User/15122
TaurenBattler: well can i activate the acct first
ohsandyman: brb wile u do that gotta take a mad poopy =) thought i would share that with you lol
TaurenBattler: to make sure its their
ohsandyman: if you want then yes, after i get back in acouple mins
TaurenBattler: then id give u the new gamecard
TaurenBattler: and u give me sq/a and cd key
TaurenBattler: let me kno wen ur back
ohsandyman: back
TaurenBattler: k
ohsandyman: so what is it you want to do?
TaurenBattler: activate ur warr acct
ohsandyman: add time on the account? a month or w/e? then make sure its ok then send me gamecard?
TaurenBattler: ya
ohsandyman: alrite
TaurenBattler: can we do it on the phone
ohsandyman: sure whats your #?
TaurenBattler: ---------1245
ohsandyman: just call me
ohsandyman: 559-392-1180 cus i gotta add that [censored] in with the area code and all that
TaurenBattler: k
ohsandyman: hm...loose connection? well i said just talk to me on aim cus this cost me money and stuff...
ohsandyman: so yea...just talk to me on here...and if you need me you can call me
TaurenBattler: ok
TaurenBattler: wen the gamecard comes ill let u know
ohsandyman: alrite
TaurenBattler: ight got it
TaurenBattler: could i have acct info?

ohsandyman: that fast?
ohsandyman: alrite 1 sec
TaurenBattler: ya im a member their
ohsandyman: change pw for you
ohsandyman: kootie//password123
ohsandyman: oops
ohsandyman: its kootie//password321
ohsandyman: got it?
TaurenBattler: ya adding gamecard
ohsandyman: alrite
ohsandyman: working?
TaurenBattler: 2 mins dude just booting wow
ohsandyman: did it go on?
TaurenBattler: hunter? thought u said warr
ohsandyman: the warrior
ohsandyman: on drak thal
TaurenBattler: hmm gimme a sec
ohsandyman: what info did i giver you?
TaurenBattler: kootie
TaurenBattler: theirs no warr..
ohsandyman: what name did i give you?
TaurenBattler: kootie
ohsandyman: login
ohsandyman: tofuboi
ohsandyman: same pw
ohsandyman: and see the warrior i just added time cus i thought i had time on him
TaurenBattler: doesnt work
ohsandyman: let me recall it then
ohsandyman: sec
TaurenBattler: u here?
ohsandyman: ya
TaurenBattler: whats going on?
ohsandyman: im recalling the warrior if that pw dosnt work
TaurenBattler: ok
ohsandyman: i see you changed my pw tho?
TaurenBattler: ya u said to..but i c u changed it back
ohsandyman: yea cus i dont know why you did that. and i dont know why you said you had added time onto it.
TaurenBattler: because i just put a gamecard on it..
TaurenBattler: and ur suppose to trade me a warr for a gamecard..
ohsandyman: why does it still say Frozen
This account has been frozen and cannot be used for playing. Please add a payment below to reactivate this account.
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June 4, 2006 9:52 PM PDT
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TaurenBattler: dude [censored]
TaurenBattler: kootie [Logout]

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This account is active and can be used for playing.
Account Created:
June 4, 2006 9:52 PM PDT
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July 10, 2006 8:11 PM PDT
TaurenBattler: from my gamecard
TaurenBattler: now dnt try and scam me..
ohsandyman: um emme make sure?
TaurenBattler: i logged onto ur huntr
TaurenBattler: so obviusly it works
TaurenBattler: otherwise how would i know the acct was a hunter....and not the war u promised
ohsandyman: im waiting for my pw for the warrior yet to come
TaurenBattler: its instant
TaurenBattler: dude [censored] stop trin to scam me
ohsandyman: haha um ok...
TaurenBattler: so ur a scammer
ohsandyman: um no...
TaurenBattler: well r u gonna give me the acct info?
TaurenBattler: it doesnt take this long.
TaurenBattler: dude..
TaurenBattler: if u scammed me u scammed me save us both some time and just admit it


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The reason you cannot add feedback is because you must be registered here for one full month due to users just creating other accounts on the forums and giving themselves posative ratings. As far as someone else doing it for you, sorry to say it has to be posted by the users involved, nothing like "A friend of mine was scammed." Good luck with future trades. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

ALSO; the phone number you have posted needs to be removed, you blocked out yours but left his? Please check the rules reguarding personal information being posted.


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sorry i could careless about his phone being their i hope people call and flame him...

Its just sad that he has 2 postive post and wont get neg feedback even though he scammed me.