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Scammed by oLethizor on AIM for 42.50 USD Log inside!


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oLethizor: hey
oLethizor: hey
SkylineRacer989: hello
oLethizor: u still interested in a rogue
SkylineRacer989: yeah
oLethizor: ive got an UD one lvl 60 on pvp tht i want to sell
SkylineRacer989: gear?
oLethizor: 1 sec and ill get u the profile
oLethizor: http://ctprofiles.net/2370056
SkylineRacer989: nice
SkylineRacer989: how much u looking for?
oLethizor: around 100
SkylineRacer989: ill do 100 plus a glider key
oLethizor: o nice
SkylineRacer989: ok so are you intrested?
oLethizor: yeah
SkylineRacer989: ok do u have vent or teamspeak?
oLethizor: no sry :/
oLethizor: i can show in game
SkylineRacer989: ok thats np
SkylineRacer989: well cant go ingame dont have an acocunt, sold it
SkylineRacer989: how about this
SkylineRacer989: well crap i dont kno, the way i sold my account was he gave me the money i verified then gave him the info
SkylineRacer989: but i dont kno if ur a scammer
oLethizor: i can talk on the phone if u r worried about tht
SkylineRacer989: alright thts fine
SkylineRacer989: u wanna call me or me call u?
oLethizor: either way is fine
oLethizor: i guess u call me since ur worried about scams
SkylineRacer989: alright hold on
oLethizor: k
SkylineRacer989: ok well, all my paypal account has is 85 in it i have to wait 24 hours for more funds but ill give you 85 glider key and xp pro cd key. unless u wanna wait 24 hours
SkylineRacer989: its up to you im down 15 bucks
oLethizor: ill take the 85 and the keys
SkylineRacer989: alright
SkylineRacer989: phone number?
oLethizor: +1 (402) 403-1174 can u call in like 2 sec though im trying to finnish up talking to gf
SkylineRacer989: np
SkylineRacer989: now?
oLethizor: h/o 1 sec
oLethizor: ok im done
oLethizor: just ask for jai
oLethizor: ok the paypal is [email protected]
oLethizor signed off at 3:05:41 PM.
oLethizor signed on at 3:05:42 PM.
SkylineRacer989: u there?
SkylineRacer989: i thikn i lost ya
oLethizor: yeah sry
oLethizor: did u hang up?
SkylineRacer989: no
SkylineRacer989: lemme call back
oLethizor signed off at 3:19:21 PM.

whats a prick, so im filing with paypal obviously his name is chris smith, even did transaction on phone and he hung up his number is listed above along with his paypal info. anyway do not do buisness with this guy.


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oLethizor is a shocking similarity to my own AIM name. I use the AIM name Lethizor, however, without the o in front of it... I think this may be an impersonator. I'm sorry this happened to you. I just wanted to post to clarify that this person isn't me cause i saw the post and i was like " what? oLethizor?!"

I'll never use any AIM name BUT Lethizor, i'll put it in my sig so no one gets confused. I'm also in the process of getting TrustWho verified.


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Way to leave me a false negative. Sir if you go ahead and search my post history you will see that i've never used any variation of my name, only Lethizor on AIM. In addition, my paypal email has and always will be the same as my normal email which i use for these forums, which is Lethizor. I even posted here that this person was NOT me, and you were in fact scammed by an impersonator. I can't believe you'd just go and give me a negative. Did you even ask this person to post on my username or send you a PM or look at my post history at all before you traded with them? Also i have to ask why you would just jump to this sort of conclusion. I wasn't even involved. I'm really upset at your actions.