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scammed by LuftWaffel

Dispute Type
Scam Accusation


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Purchase Date: 25 feb 2022
Date the problem began: 26 feb 2022
Method of Contact Used (chat program): discord
Instant Messenger username of the person you're accusing: @LuftWaffel
Your Instant Messenger ID:

Other information:

DISPUTE Information
Link of transaction thread (URL, Epicnpc thread):
Approximate value of property: $150 USD
Was Trade Guardian used? no
If yes, what is the Trade Guardian ID?

28 jan 2022 i bought an account from luftwaffel, 10 hours later i got an email from battle.net saying my account was compromised and action taken: password reset, then it let me change password and worked fine ( first 2 pictures ) then

25 feb 2022 i bought another account from luftwaffel, less than a day later i got an email from battle.net saying my account was compromised and action taken: account closure and when i try to sign in it says i'm banned. ( note never got any emails about any accounts saying the account was compromised except his 2 accounts )

he told me to contact support and gave me the original owner id, i contacted live chat support from another account and they said they are going to restore the account to the details it was under three days ago ( his details ). he told me he checked and they didn't, so i checked the tickets again from the account i contacted them from and it said " as we discussed, the account in question has been secured and restored to it's original owner "
i told him and he said they didn't and told me to check. my gmail messages ( of the account i bought that got banned) i did and it said the account has been changed. ( so they reclaimed the account back to his old account)

then he told me try to open a new support ticket about the account restore. i told him the account was already changed from support as you see in the picture i sent.
he said the original owner doesn't have acess to the old email, and he gave me an email and said he doesn't have password and told me to contact support again, i told him to give me all the emails that was put in this account to contact support again ( please note he never sent me any emails when i bought the account, he changed the account i bought to my email instead of giving me the email), he told me idk try to contact support , i told him they will ask about emails so give me the emails even the email you got from the original owner when you bought the account and the email you changed it to and he still didn't give me and said he will try it my himself.

i told him i will try to contact them again ( altho he still refused to give me the emails except one email saying it was the original email and don't have acess to it) i did what he told me to say and sent them the email that he said is the original email, and this time they said " we weren't able to verify your ownership with this info because of that we won't be able to get you access to the account ".

he said he will try it by himself and they told him in the picture he sent me " checking into this, i'm afraid we will not be assisting you with recovery of that account as you are not the account owner "
i told him ok i need another account then, he said he will try to find another for me. 7 days later i messaged him asking if he got one he said he will get 2 soon in 5-10 hours and asked me for my email to change it to when he get it, i told him to send me the email and password when he get it so maybe not much problems happen like last time.

next day i asked if he got an account as he said, and he said no because 1 has real id and game activity and 1 had korean region.
then i found that he posted on epicnpc new post selling a pink mercy account, i sent him a screenshot of it, he said this one is korean, ( note korean accounts doesn't have fake id and he wrote in that post it's fake id and even told me he didn't get an account because it was korean)
so i told him when he gets one not korean to tell me, then i messaged him from another account asking if he is selling a pink mercy account still, and he said yes and not korean and it's fake id ( so he was lying to me)

i messaged him again from my main account and he said he has 0 accounts, so i showed him a screenshot from the other account which he said he is selling the pink mercy account and showed pictures to me and gave me a link to pay.
and i told him why are you doing this, he told me you want a fake id this is a real id, so i showed him another screenshot from the other account where he said it's fake id.
he said yeah so? i told him i want it since you have an account he said " if it get's blocked or recovered you promise not to write any dispute on epic "
i said no any account you sell for anyone you are responsible for it. he then said " lmao lol i sell account to u and this acc got banned in your hands, where is it my fault or the fault of the real owner ? wtf are u talking " i told him. not true and to read the whole chat again, and told him if you don't want to give an accouny lmk to open a dispute. he told me to open a dispute

proof in the screenshots aswell

Account Recalls
Most account recalls have little proof. To get more evidence, please open a support ticket to attempt to recover the account BEFORE opening a dispute thread.

Did the seller say he's the original owner? (provide proof)
What account information did the seller provide you at the time of sale? (ID, SQA, etc)
How long did you have the account before it was recalled?
If you have a support ticket about this recall, please post screenshots of it.
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its me


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