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scammed by Lokschris


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Guy scammed a WoW beta access key from me. here is the convo. Parts at the bottom are the major things, he wont allow me to verify that the key does not work with his account other than a screenshot of "invalid login" which he could have gotten from typing his PW wrong on purpose. then when i called him on scamming me he doesnt respond and "needs to go he will talk to me tomorrow"

[22:58] johnyboieu29: hi
[22:58] *** Auto-response sent to johnyboieu29: I am currently away from the computer.
[22:58] johnyboieu29: hurry
[22:58] Dmer27: hello
[22:58] johnyboieu29: still got key
[22:59] Dmer27: ya, got an offer
[22:59] johnyboieu29: how much
[22:59] johnyboieu29: ill pay more
[22:59] Dmer27: im asking if you have one
[22:59] johnyboieu29: oh
[22:59] johnyboieu29: 200?
[22:59] Dmer27: i havent gotten anything worth thinking aout
[22:59] johnyboieu29: ?? like that offer?
[22:59] Dmer27: whats your markee dragon name?
[22:59] johnyboieu29: lokschris
[22:59] johnyboieu29: ill psoto n ur thread
[22:59] Dmer27: ok
[23:00] johnyboieu29: done
[23:00] Dmer27: sorry just got offered 450
[23:00] johnyboieu29: woah
[23:00] johnyboieu29: then its a scam
[23:00] johnyboieu29: cuz i dont know no one who owuld pay that much!
[23:00] Dmer27: yea im figuring
[23:00] Dmer27: gimme a sec lol you understand
[23:00] Dmer27: he doesnt have 1 haha
[23:00] Dmer27: an account i mean
[23:00] johnyboieu29: yep scam..
[23:00] Dmer27: yea i said no
[23:00] johnyboieu29: ok
[23:01] johnyboieu29: so... we still on?
[23:01] johnyboieu29: ???
[23:01] Dmer27: can i give it like a bit of time sinc ei just posted =\. i know its a pain but
[23:01] johnyboieu29: grr
[23:01] Dmer27: lol
[23:01] johnyboieu29: 250$
[23:01] Dmer27: 20 mins?
[23:02] johnyboieu29: ok
[23:02] johnyboieu29: get back to me in 20
[23:02] Dmer27: will do.
[23:07] Dmer27: yo
[23:08] johnyboieu29: hold on a min
[23:08] Dmer27: k
[23:13] johnyboieu29: ok..
[23:13] johnyboieu29: so.. why no pos?
[23:13] johnyboieu29: why6 dont u got any positives?
[23:13] Dmer27: done a few trades but nobody ever gave rep. i can give yo uaims if you want
[23:13] johnyboieu29: who have u dont trades with
[23:13] johnyboieu29: anyone with alot of pos?
[23:14] Dmer27: no, just alot of rand people. i know its a huge downer on the trade
[23:14] johnyboieu29: because i cant just send 200$ without tring to someone with no pos no offence.
[23:14] Dmer27: i know
[23:14] Dmer27: i agree with you
[23:14] Dmer27: you want the aim of a guy i just traded with?
[23:14] johnyboieu29: whats his md name
[23:14] Dmer27: lemme ask em
[23:16] Dmer27: mm, he isnt responding. i can take a screenshot of my e-mail mailbox with it open and the code x-ed out if you want. its the same e-mail i use for paypal and everything
[23:16] Dmer27: ill hop on vent and talk if you want
[23:17] johnyboieu29: ye but still that does nothign for me ive been scammed alot *sigh* sorry unless you can trust someonewith 7 pos to try out before paying then i dont think this would work i apoligize =(
[23:17] Dmer27: i hear ya, what about a middle man
[23:17] johnyboieu29: still the middle man cant check if the info is right without putting it in use then it is useless
[23:18] johnyboieu29: sorry =(
[23:18] johnyboieu29: lol i guess i need more pos to be trusted =(
[23:18] Dmer27: i really want to sell it though! lol i need money. umm lemme get in touch with some people ive traded with and have them gimme rep. can you gimme a few hours
[23:19] johnyboieu29: naw sorry bro hope you find what your looking for *sigh* i guess 100% pos feedback isnt enuff o well gl
[23:19] Dmer27: so what do you want to do here, i give you the key and then you use it and send money
[23:20] johnyboieu29: Ye i verify if its correct and if it works i send you the 200$
[23:20] Dmer27: didnt i see a post from you that you got hacked or w/e?
[23:20] johnyboieu29: no i just psoted about a guy acting as me on aim though
[23:20] Dmer27: oh thats what it was
[23:21] johnyboieu29: but his aim was lokschris i dont use that for aim
[23:21] Dmer27: right.
[23:21] Dmer27: if thats the only way it can be done make it 225 and its a deal
[23:21] johnyboieu29: 225 -.-
[23:21] johnyboieu29: sure
[23:21] johnyboieu29: can u give me 5 min i need to make mac and cheese for my nephew
[23:22] Dmer27: alright
[23:22] johnyboieu29: microwavavble pwns
[23:22] Dmer27: easy mac, i live on it in college lol
[23:22] johnyboieu29: lol ye
[23:27] johnyboieu29: back
[23:27] Dmer27: through paypal right
[23:27] johnyboieu29: ye
[23:27] johnyboieu29: whats ur paypal
[23:27] Dmer27: [email protected]
[23:27] johnyboieu29: ok
[23:27] johnyboieu29: once i verify it i will send teh money
[23:28] Dmer27: ok
[23:28] Dmer27: if you try to screw me ill just send blizz a mail that it got hacked and to cnacel it ok
[23:28] johnyboieu29: ok
[23:28] johnyboieu29: of course lol
[23:29] Dmer27: cd key
[23:29] johnyboieu29: ok how do i check it?
[23:29] Dmer27: https://beta.worldofwarcraft.com/expansion
[23:29] johnyboieu29: kk
[23:29] Dmer27: Please begin by logging in to the website below with the account name and password of the retail World of Warcraft account that you play on. From there, you will be able to upgrade the retail account to an expansion beta account, which will allow you to copy characters to the test realms, download the installer, and access the beta-test forums. Upgrading to an expansion beta account does not affect your ability to continue playing on the retail realms as well.
[23:31] Dmer27: you there
[23:31] johnyboieu29: ye
[23:31] johnyboieu29: im checking it out
[23:32] johnyboieu29: hold on maybe i typed wrong cuz it said invalid login
[23:32] johnyboieu29: gimme a sec
[23:32] Dmer27: k
[23:34] Dmer27: well
[23:34] johnyboieu29: for some reaosn im typing in my accoutn name and pw
[23:34] johnyboieu29: then game key
[23:34] johnyboieu29: and its saying invalid login
[23:35] johnyboieu29: is this key to one account only?
[23:35] Dmer27: no
[23:35] johnyboieu29: dang i dunno what im typing wrong then
[23:35] johnyboieu29: im typing the key u told me and the account i want it on...
[23:35] Dmer27: just copy paste it
[23:35] johnyboieu29: i did
[23:35] johnyboieu29: twice
[23:35] johnyboieu29: hold on
[23:35] Dmer27: are you using the right password
[23:35] johnyboieu29: yes
[23:36] johnyboieu29: cuz i just checked and i logined
[23:36] johnyboieu29: the game
[23:36] johnyboieu29: trying in caps
[23:36] johnyboieu29: i didnt to beforei n caps
[23:37] johnyboieu29: SAYING INVALID LOGGIN
[23:37] johnyboieu29: oops
[23:37] johnyboieu29: sry for caps
[23:37] johnyboieu29: but it keeps saying invalid login
[23:38] johnyboieu29: this is wierd
[23:38] johnyboieu29: the account is valid
[23:38] johnyboieu29: *sigh* damnit
[23:38] Dmer27: when did you activate your account
[23:38] johnyboieu29: like 2 yrs ago
[23:38] Dmer27: was it active on octover 8
[23:39] johnyboieu29: ye
[23:39] johnyboieu29: [censored]
[23:39] johnyboieu29: i jsut tried on another one of my accounts
[23:39] johnyboieu29: and same thing on invalid login...
[23:40] johnyboieu29: wait
[23:40] johnyboieu29: what am i supposed to do exactly
[23:40] johnyboieu29: i went to the upgrade account tab
[23:40] Dmer27: what is your e-mail
[23:40] johnyboieu29: [email protected]
[23:40] Dmer27: i fwd'd it to ya
[23:40] johnyboieu29: ok lemme check
[23:45] Dmer27: uhh
[23:46] johnyboieu29: i got the email..
[23:46] johnyboieu29: but stil im getting invalid login... lemme get u a SS to show im not lying
[23:46] Dmer27: so what the hell do i do now that you have my beta key
[23:46] johnyboieu29: dude
[23:46] johnyboieu29: im showing u the SS of me typign in ur key and it saying invalid login
[23:47] *** johnyboieu29 is trying to send you "invalidlogin.JPG".
[23:47] johnyboieu29: i just sent u the pic
[23:47] *** You have received C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Desktop\invalidlogin.JPG.
[23:48] johnyboieu29: see
[23:48] Dmer27: 1 sec
[23:49] johnyboieu29: did u see SS?
[23:49] Dmer27: yea i was checking the thing to see if it matched
[23:49] johnyboieu29: ok
[23:49] johnyboieu29: did it?
[23:50] johnyboieu29: cuz it looked like it did to me
[23:50] Dmer27: yea it did. i dont know what to say, you got the same mail id id
[23:50] johnyboieu29: i know but for some reason either it is allready in use or the key is messedup
[23:50] Dmer27: i just got it maybe 2 hours ago and i have no wow account anymore to even check itw ith
[23:51] johnyboieu29: well i checked it on 2 of my accoutnsthatsb een active for yrs
[23:51] johnyboieu29: and didnt work on any of them
[23:51] Dmer27: are you sure you did it right, i mean whatever process you had to use
[23:52] johnyboieu29: on the upgrade account all it asksis for accoutn name and pw
[23:52] johnyboieu29: then the key
[23:52] johnyboieu29: i did it ovr 5 times
[23:52] Dmer27: great, its prob locked out now then and i got nada
[23:52] johnyboieu29: why would it get locked out if no one has used it before i tried it..
[23:52] Dmer27: i dont know whats wrong with it. it doesnt say anything about a specific account
[23:52] Dmer27: or my account
[23:52] Dmer27: maybe the account e-mails need to be the one it was sent to?
[23:53] johnyboieu29: i dont know if it did then why would there be sellign alot...
[23:53] johnyboieu29: i mean why would anyone buy it then?
[23:53] Dmer27: i dont know
[23:54] Dmer27: it makes so sense to me unless you typed in your PW wrong so it would say invalid and are scamming me. thats the only logical thing i can think of since i got the key and posted within 10 minutes of receiving it
[23:54] johnyboieu29: well ive tried it liek 10 times and it keeps saying invalid login
[23:55] johnyboieu29: Dude im not [censored] scamming you try it yourself!
[23:55] johnyboieu29: oh btw
[23:55] johnyboieu29: think what the [censored] you will bro i am no scammer and havc tried it many times and it is not working.
[23:56] Dmer27: how are you the mad one over this. im the one being screwed over here. for all i know that IS what you did
[23:56] johnyboieu29: Because i wanted beta and i dont like being accused of being a scammer
[23:56] Dmer27: and if all these people are trading keys why is one that was never used and only given out a few hours ago "not working"
[23:57] johnyboieu29: i dont know maybes its in use and you jsut wanted to amke a quick buck but im not sayign that is the cas e all i know is it is not working and it keeps sayng invalid when i press upgrade account
[23:58] Dmer27: lol, where would i have sold it in 10 minutes. i got the e-mail a few hours ago and didnt see it till 3 minutes before i posted
[23:58] *** "johnyboieu29" signed on at Thu Nov 16 23:58:31 2006.
[23:58] johnyboieu29: im checking my account real quick hold on a sec
[23:58] johnyboieu29: and when i try to do the character copy it says im not able to cuz my account isnt upgraded.
[23:59] johnyboieu29: jambo02 <SMALL>[Logout]
[23:59] johnyboieu29: grr
[23:59] Dmer27: whats that
[23:59] johnyboieu29: Account Created:<SMALL>January 20, 2005 1:34 PM PST
[23:59] johnyboieu29: im tryign to show u the account was created awhile back so that cant be the problem
[00:00] johnyboieu29: gonna change my PW real quick
[00:00] johnyboieu29: to something easier
[00:03] johnyboieu29: changed pw tried everythign stil sayuing invalid god damn!
[00:03] Dmer27: i dont know what to tell you. maybe its something on your end cus the key is valid and unused
[00:04] johnyboieu29: i dont know what i could be doing wrong ive done it over and over to what they say to put in
[00:04] Dmer27: since you have rep i trust you wont give it out atleast
[00:04] johnyboieu29: No not at all
[00:04] johnyboieu29: i just want to get this to work so i can do some beta
[00:05] johnyboieu29: if u manage to sell and it works when they use it i dunno what to say..
[00:05] Dmer27: i just hope you're not trying to scam me here.
[00:05] johnyboieu29: Im not..
[00:08] johnyboieu29: im goign to posto nthesite
[00:08] johnyboieu29: forums if each key is to one email or account
[00:08] Dmer27: let me know as soon as you find out
[00:08] johnyboieu29: because maybe like what u said where it will only work if the accnt has the email that it was sent to
[00:08] johnyboieu29: ok
[00:11] johnyboieu29: posted
[00:13] Dmer27: you have got all your accounts info right. like cd key and stuff
[00:25] johnyboieu29: ye
[00:25] johnyboieu29: i do
[00:25] Dmer27: would you allow me to try the account just to verify nothing funny is going on. since you know you can get it back (not that imout to scam
[00:25] johnyboieu29: sorry bro i would if it waasnt so good its got my tier 3 rogue on it
[00:26] Dmer27: you have all the info. you can gimme it for 30 seconds i just want to type it in and make sure nothing weird is going on.
[00:26] johnyboieu29: it takes not longto DE or delete a char bro i owul but here ill let u use a crappier acountto try it on
[00:27] Dmer27: lol ofcourse it would be invalid on another account if you used it up on that 1
[00:27] johnyboieu29: well unless we can get someone who i know wont scam me i cant give you teh info
[00:27] johnyboieu29: get like a mod or someting
[00:28] johnyboieu29: i gotta go for now but ill be on 2 morrow get a mod to do it and u willseee im not lying.
[00:28] Dmer27: no bs
[00:29] Dmer27: if you get off now you're obviously scamming me
[00:32] Dmer27: nothing to say?
[00:32] Dmer27: you got caught and there is nothing to say other than you believing i can d/e crap in 10 seconds not even having the game installed on my computer lol.
[00:32] Dmer27: you got msn?
[00:34] Dmer27: ok dont respond. im posting negative andt his whole convo if you dont get back to me soon


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Yep i sure scammed him @[email protected] lol the key didnt work he got his panties ina bunch and tried to post me as a scammer he can go to hell cuz it didnt work the10 times ive tried it /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif


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Oh and like i said i will not alolow this PoS to log on to my rogue with t3 and i guess his plan faield cuz i said id only allow a mod to do it so .. o well =D


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I've had this problem with a beta key I was trading. You need to login using an older password.

Invalid login does not mean the key is invalid.


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I'm not exactly sure HOW far back you need the password from, but I'm guessing it would have to be the password used on the account before the beta testing was released. You should try the one used around October 8th.

What happened with my Beta key was the guy tried it and was recieving the Invalid Login. He was very persistent in playing Beta, I'm guessing, because he tried for an hour and never once gave mention of wanting the account he traded me back. He contacted the person who had the account around October 8th to find out what password he used, and everything worked fine.