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scammed by goodgame7


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I'll just post the whole AIM conversation:

ScarsAlwaysMend: hiii
daft aikou: oh hey
daft aikou: im at work so if i brb that is why
ScarsAlwaysMend: kk
ScarsAlwaysMend: Wanna hear some really good news?
daft aikou: umm....
daft aikou: you won a corvette?!
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: >.>
daft aikou: i take that as a no
ScarsAlwaysMend: No, but if i do il come pick you up..
ScarsAlwaysMend: Anyways
daft aikou: yay
ScarsAlwaysMend: I talked to the girl i like
daft aikou: omggg
ScarsAlwaysMend: I just said [censored] it
daft aikou: good
ScarsAlwaysMend: and went over to her
daft aikou: what happened
ScarsAlwaysMend: and guess what?
daft aikou: !!
daft aikou: what
ScarsAlwaysMend: She said yes, what do you need, and treated me real mean
ScarsAlwaysMend: JK... i won her over
ScarsAlwaysMend: im so happy
daft aikou: !!!
daft aikou: ohmygod
daft aikou: thats soo cool
ScarsAlwaysMend: i dident ask her out or anything but like
daft aikou: !!!!
ScarsAlwaysMend: i talked to her and stuff
daft aikou: yah
daft aikou: thats the first step
ScarsAlwaysMend: and im just happy
daft aikou: you cant go out with someone without talking to themm!
ScarsAlwaysMend: tomorrow at lunch il sit with her
daft aikou: omg
daft aikou: cool
daft aikou: XD good job
ScarsAlwaysMend: ty for all ur advice and stuff.. <3
daft aikou: what made you decide to just.. do it?!
ScarsAlwaysMend: i know ur busy @ work, got some to do myself.. but, i hoped you might be happy
ScarsAlwaysMend: well... ptruthfully
ScarsAlwaysMend: Truthfully
daft aikou: im so happy for you
ScarsAlwaysMend: i said, that girl online last night said just go for it
daft aikou: and im at work it isnt busy at all
ScarsAlwaysMend: worst she can say is no
ScarsAlwaysMend: so i said, [censored] it
daft aikou: ooo
daft aikou: XD
ScarsAlwaysMend: went and sat next to her, and asked for help
daft aikou: glad i helped ;3
ScarsAlwaysMend: and then all of the sudden shes laughing bc im making her laugh, and shes like
ScarsAlwaysMend: your pretty cool, etc
ScarsAlwaysMend: im happy
ScarsAlwaysMend: Really happy
daft aikou: thats aweosme
ScarsAlwaysMend: Homecoming is in october
daft aikou: ooh
ScarsAlwaysMend: im going to ask her to that
daft aikou: you should ask her eventually
ScarsAlwaysMend: When is a good time to ask
ScarsAlwaysMend: not to early but not too late
ScarsAlwaysMend: ?
daft aikou: sorry someone was here
ScarsAlwaysMend: np
daft aikou: um.. dont ask like right away
daft aikou: cuz. then it will be like thats the only reason you talked to her.. i would honestly just concentrate on your friendship..
ScarsAlwaysMend: kk
daft aikou: if you make her laugh thats a totally big plus.. just keep having fun with her.. dont rush [censored], and like, suddenly ask her "wanna date" ya know? i mean, imo, that would scare the crap out of me
daft aikou: just be friends and then, bring it up
daft aikou: brb
ScarsAlwaysMend: k
ScarsAlwaysMend: well, theres alot of other guys hitting on her, and when i was sitting next to her, one of the kids who was hitting on her today like MADDDDDDDD was stareing at me and her
ScarsAlwaysMend: i dont want noone to get her before me
daft aikou: totally understandable
daft aikou: but still you dont want her to feel like your just "one of those guys" who just hits on her.. you know?
daft aikou: if shes surrounded like guys like that wouldnt you want to stand out?
daft aikou: really, i dont know her.. i just know how *i* would feel.. and im not her. ya know? when you feel like the time is right, i would.
daft aikou: ive never been asked to a dance, but thats because my school (homeschool) doesn't have 'em
daft aikou: but dude good start
daft aikou: see!! and doesnt it feel better that you actually did it then thinking "what if what if" your whole life XD
daft aikou: its kinda like what i did with my b/f.. we hung out alot as friends, with othe rpeople.. and then there was a county fair.. and i was like "heyhwanna go with me?" and we went together.. and we had soo much fun even tho it wsnt really a date
daft aikou: and i asked him what he would think if we started dating, and i didnt push or pressure him^^
ScarsAlwaysMend: hmm
daft aikou: sry im talking too much
ScarsAlwaysMend: im just thinking
daft aikou: haha ... thats always a plus; whenever i do it i hurt my head x.x
daft aikou: just go with what feels natural, if you try to plan out every single second, then it wont be fun.. how would life be fun if everything down to the milisecond was planned/ it wouldnt be fun at all..
ScarsAlwaysMend: yep
daft aikou: there needs to be spontanious actions, uncontrollable laughter... wrong turns...
ScarsAlwaysMend: yeah
ScarsAlwaysMend: Well..like
ScarsAlwaysMend: listen
ScarsAlwaysMend: its like, god set me up perfect
ScarsAlwaysMend: today in first period
ScarsAlwaysMend: she droped her books
ScarsAlwaysMend: and i picked them all up for her
ScarsAlwaysMend: right?
daft aikou: ooo soo sweetXD
ScarsAlwaysMend: and she was like thanks.. just non shalantly
ScarsAlwaysMend: and now last period of the day
ScarsAlwaysMend: in the begging walked up to her
ScarsAlwaysMend: asked her if she new where everything was, just interducing myself
ScarsAlwaysMend: and then at the end, we had one more thing to do
ScarsAlwaysMend: she got assigned as my partner
ScarsAlwaysMend: !!!
daft aikou: damn
daft aikou: awesome!
daft aikou: that is like, fate!
ScarsAlwaysMend: when the teacher said her name, i like, "felt butterflys" lmfao, im such a [censored]
ScarsAlwaysMend: but i dont care
ScarsAlwaysMend: bc im happy
daft aikou: yes
daft aikou: and thats what matters
daft aikou: im so happy for you
ScarsAlwaysMend: Just ganna have to hope i do some stuff right..
ScarsAlwaysMend: im good at making people laugh
ScarsAlwaysMend: im the class clown pretty much
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: I never been excited to go to school, and i am tomorrow
daft aikou: thats cool though.. and ya know.. if it doesnt work with her, you learned things.. like, you learned you need to take chances, and its only been the first day!
ScarsAlwaysMend: right, for all i know she has a boyfriend or shes only being nice but ya never know
daft aikou: i try to think of every incident as a learning thing, it sounds soo lame, but you learn from EVERYTHING and if you try to look for the positive its easier
daft aikou: haha well, there is another "what if" and you'll have to figure THAT one out too XD
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: i just hope tomorrow turns out good
daft aikou: same
ScarsAlwaysMend: too bad everyone has to wear the same thing
ScarsAlwaysMend: or i'd dress to impress
daft aikou: oi...
daft aikou: you have.. what are they called.. dress codes.. err..?
ScarsAlwaysMend: yes
daft aikou: that sucks..
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
daft aikou: im happy your day went so well.. it really does seem like fate ...
ScarsAlwaysMend: i hope..
daft aikou: im all happy now!
daft aikou: lol im grinning so big..
daft aikou: one of the regulars poked his head in and saw me smiling and shook his head and walked out just now XD
ScarsAlwaysMend: LOL
ScarsAlwaysMend: i hate homework
ScarsAlwaysMend: ...
daft aikou: same im doing english right now
daft aikou: i ahve no idea what a pronominal adjective is x.x
ScarsAlwaysMend: :|
daft aikou: or... prob #1.034 The object of a preposition has to be a.__________ or b.____________
daft aikou: *cry*
ScarsAlwaysMend: ..
ScarsAlwaysMend: =+=
ScarsAlwaysMend: =_=
ScarsAlwaysMend: Hey, off top of ur head
ScarsAlwaysMend: what is on ur mule again, i think i might trade my account for ur mule
ScarsAlwaysMend: and sell my account and then get a acc on caithsith so i canpimp it out :p
daft aikou: all hq staffsss.. serket ring.. cure clogsss...
daft aikou: leaping boots..
daft aikou: elemental torque.e.... nq weskit... relic blm pants..
daft aikou: druid slops..
daft aikou: oh yah HQ opaline pants lol
daft aikou: black cloak i think.. er...
ScarsAlwaysMend: not bad
daft aikou: i pretty much just have a bunch of random higher end items
daft aikou: on a lv1 mule
daft aikou: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: relic blm pants..
daft aikou: oh
ScarsAlwaysMend: ?
daft aikou: rofl
daft aikou: i was thinking of the character..
daft aikou: my taru prose
ScarsAlwaysMend: o
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
daft aikou: nm then. haha let me log in and get an exact list
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: ok
daft aikou: and screenshots.. if you want
ScarsAlwaysMend: You can just name everything
ScarsAlwaysMend: =]
daft aikou: loggin in
ScarsAlwaysMend: k
daft aikou: and it has like 9mil gil
ScarsAlwaysMend: not bad
daft aikou: holy phial, friars rope, enhancing earring, morion earring, inferno sabots, baron's slops, astral ring, ether ring, hq staffs, Kirins pole, red cape +1, seers tunic +1, second astral, penitents rope, elemental torque, dark torque, mrc. cpt. belt, leaping boots,
ScarsAlwaysMend: hmm
daft aikou: cure clogs, serket ring, opaline boots, federation slops, mertial slacks, ceremonial hose, druid's slops, opaline dress, errant hpl, igqira weskit, marys horn, piccolo +1, cornette +2, gemshorn+1, traversiere +2, millitary harp, solid wand, utsusemi: ichi
daft aikou: 9,932,505 gli
daft aikou: gil*
ScarsAlwaysMend: hmm\
ScarsAlwaysMend: And youll trade that for my strped account, hmm
daft aikou: its femaleee :9
ScarsAlwaysMend: Iuno if 3 75 jobs, cop done, etc is worth that tho
ScarsAlwaysMend: gimme a little bit to think
ScarsAlwaysMend: :p
daft aikou: yah. its understandable if no.
ScarsAlwaysMend: When will you be able to change my credit card info, if we traded bc i dont wanna get charged
ScarsAlwaysMend: as soon as u get home from work?
daft aikou: naw
daft aikou: i have my cc here
ScarsAlwaysMend: ok.. brb let me go see if if this acc is completly striped
daft aikou: k
ScarsAlwaysMend: loggin in now
daft aikou: hm.. the object of a preposition has to be a a.____________ or b.____________
ScarsAlwaysMend: k, theres some stuff on it thats sellable, but all the good [censored] is gone i just sent to my mule...
ScarsAlwaysMend: If you want to trade il do it
ScarsAlwaysMend: not like i use the acc
ScarsAlwaysMend: =\
daft aikou: hah.. sure
ScarsAlwaysMend: k, let me change my pw and [censored]
daft aikou: the accnt is 2 char, first char the 74drg on carbuncle, and then the mule on caitsith
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol ok
daft aikou: soo.. you can do w/e you want with the loldrg
ScarsAlwaysMend: heh
ScarsAlwaysMend: drg blows
ScarsAlwaysMend: =\
daft aikou: yah
daft aikou: i know
daft aikou: i bought it cheap tho
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
daft aikou: ;p
ScarsAlwaysMend: k, almost done changeing info and [censored]
daft aikou: yah changing it too
ScarsAlwaysMend: Ok, all done, ready when you are
daft aikou: okieee
ScarsAlwaysMend: btw, not that i dont trust you, but im not going first, would you like my phone number or anything so you think im not some scammer lol
daft aikou: ill go first
ScarsAlwaysMend: ok, would you like any info bout me first
ScarsAlwaysMend: ?
daft aikou: umm.. naw.. your cool.. i dont think you would scam me..
daft aikou: i mean, if you are gonna.. that really sucks..
daft aikou: but...
daft aikou: w/e
ScarsAlwaysMend: Not like that =\
daft aikou: QBFB4701 password: worksucks
ScarsAlwaysMend: kk lemme logg in and stuff
ScarsAlwaysMend: logging in now
daft aikou: okie dokie
ScarsAlwaysMend: changeing pass and info then logging into the char to check it
daft aikou: mk
daft aikou: take your time.. im trying to do these 2 problems that dont make any sense
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
daft aikou: this whole packet has nothing about prepositions.. yet they ask me questions on prepositions.. w.t.f.
ScarsAlwaysMend: thats how school is
ScarsAlwaysMend: duh
daft aikou: :mad:
ScarsAlwaysMend: god my pol is so slow
ScarsAlwaysMend: [censored] i need to reformatt again
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
daft aikou: ';
daft aikou: ;;
daft aikou: i have ffxi/pol, my school program, and microsoft word i dont think i can install much more on the laptop.. i forget how you check lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: [censored]
daft aikou: ?
ScarsAlwaysMend signed off at 2:55:22 PM.
ScarsAlwaysMend signed on at 2:55:27 PM.
ScarsAlwaysMend: wow
daft aikou: o.o?
ScarsAlwaysMend: like i cant upodate pol
ScarsAlwaysMend: on windower
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: it froze me
ScarsAlwaysMend: sry
daft aikou: i just did
daft aikou: o_O
ScarsAlwaysMend: i cant
ScarsAlwaysMend: =\
daft aikou: weird
daft aikou: do you have newest version?
daft aikou: i have 1.17.02 and it works fine
ScarsAlwaysMend: yep
ScarsAlwaysMend: my cpu isent
ScarsAlwaysMend: so good tho
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: its ok il just got normal mode
daft aikou: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: brb, bout to end full screen mode
ScarsAlwaysMend: enter*
ScarsAlwaysMend: omfg
ScarsAlwaysMend: ...
daft aikou: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: it had to check 15k files
ScarsAlwaysMend: has
ScarsAlwaysMend: [censored]
daft aikou: ...
daft aikou: [censored]?!
daft aikou: oooo____ooo
ScarsAlwaysMend: lemme ss it
ScarsAlwaysMend: sec
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
daft aikou: dmn
daft aikou: restart your comp maybe
daft aikou: not normal yo!
ScarsAlwaysMend: i think its bc i just reformatted and lost all my ffxi files, but i dident know i had to do it for every char
ScarsAlwaysMend: would you want me to change pw back to worksucks or just wait for it to finish
ScarsAlwaysMend: ?
daft aikou: i dont think you do
daft aikou: what do you mean? i dotn care..
daft aikou: im not even logging into it again
daft aikou: dont*
daft aikou: its so ugly taru taru M ewww
daft aikou: but the mule is hot XD
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol..
daft aikou: brb phone
ScarsAlwaysMend: k
ScarsAlwaysMend: im ganna sign off of msn and aim and everything to make it go fast, il be back on in as soon as it finishs
ScarsAlwaysMend: brb.. 10 min or so
ScarsAlwaysMend signed off at 2:58:59 PM.
ScarsAlwaysMend signed on at 3:59:12 PM.
ScarsAlwaysMend: k
daft aikou: wow
ScarsAlwaysMend: update is all done
daft aikou: n hour!
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: checked acc, everything is there
ScarsAlwaysMend: let me get u the info
ScarsAlwaysMend: rdy for it
ScarsAlwaysMend: ?
daft aikou: well yeah
daft aikou: duh its all there
ScarsAlwaysMend: lemme find my pol id, sec
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: k, just changeing my real info to blank stuff
ScarsAlwaysMend: 2 mins
daft aikou: o.o
ScarsAlwaysMend: Are you really ganna play this account
ScarsAlwaysMend: ?
ScarsAlwaysMend: or just ganna keep it as a mule
ScarsAlwaysMend: lol
daft aikou: yes
daft aikou: no im gonna play
daft aikou: i want a female accnt
daft aikou: and its done with cop XD
ScarsAlwaysMend: ic
daft aikou: although wish you got tamas ring instead
daft aikou: ;p
daft aikou: ill just farm until i can afford better gear n [censored] but it wont take long
ScarsAlwaysMend: kk, wut u want pw to be
daft aikou: um..anything
daft aikou: idc
ScarsAlwaysMend: kk
ScarsAlwaysMend: schoolsucks it is
ScarsAlwaysMend: one more sec
ScarsAlwaysMend: :p
daft aikou: lol
ScarsAlwaysMend: POL ID = WBCB1668
ScarsAlwaysMend: got that
ScarsAlwaysMend: ?
daft aikou: brb person here
ScarsAlwaysMend: k
daft aikou: back
daft aikou: it says incorrect
ScarsAlwaysMend: How did you spell the pq
ScarsAlwaysMend: pw
daft aikou: schoolsucks
ScarsAlwaysMend: capital s's on School and Sucks
daft aikou: oh
daft aikou: nope..
daft aikou: tried WBCB1668.. with pw schoolsucks and then SchoolSucks
ScarsAlwaysMend: <3~ I hate to be this way, but sorry.. im keeping your account, tons of gil + items = alot to me, sorry it had to be this way, i know karma is a [censored] and i probbly wont impress the girl tomorrow bc of this, but thanks, <3.. and dont both calling POL, i changed all ur info includeing ur cc to mine, sorry hunny, i do this for a living, i allrdy sold all ur gi lto ige for almost 400.00. take care.
ScarsAlwaysMend signed off at 4:08:25 PM.