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scamm ryancagle1232also knwo as the ThePreformerICE


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guy wanted to trad eme his shaman for my accounts heres and now he has my warrior ryancagle1232: cus u get ass raped by ur dad
ryancagle1232: i own ur account now u *****
blue lick24: wtf
ryancagle1232: go jack off douchebag
blue lick24: i cant
ryancagle1232: oh
blue lick24: i gues su win
blue lick24: soo ahve fun
ryancagle1232: =*(
blue lick24: with a new account
ryancagle1232: c ya ugly
ryancagle1232: gl
ryancagle1232: with ur [censored] life
ryancagle1232: haha
blue lick24: yeah
blue lick24: w/e
blue lick24: ur dumb
blue lick24: hmm
blue lick24: yay
blue lick24: y did u do it
ryancagle1232: haha
ryancagle1232: bye
ryancagle1232: douchebag
ryancagle1232 signed off at 5:16:42 PM

yeah dont trade with him ever he will scamm u