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Selling [S12] 4 SSR+ Evan Karaka Evankhell & Mascheny Mid-Game 154K Suspendium

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[S12] 4 SSR+ Evan, Karaka, Evankhell, & Khun Mascheny Mid-Game 154K Suspendium

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Hello there!
I am selling my TOG: New World account as I am condensing my gacha rotation.
Below are images of the units and bag contents.

T4.png T5.png T6.png
T7.png T8.png

~Notable Details~
~ Red+2 Wangnan Ja, Blue+2 Hwaryun, Green+1 Khun Mascheny, Evan, Karaka, Evankhell ~
~ 154,375 Suspendium for summoning = 500+ Summons ~
~ 90 Summons in on Banner (SSR in 100 and SSR+ in 200) ~
~ Can easily increase Shinsu Link by summoning ~
~ Adventure 16-4 ~
~ Can obtain more Summon Tickets through Story Mode ~
~ In an Alliance ~
~ Shibisu + Hwaryun Summer Skin ~
~ Linked to a dummy gmail ~

Account will be maintained until sold and info will be updated as notable progress is made.
If you have any questions DM me here or on Discord: ÐragonZ#4561
$55 USD
MM or Paypal
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