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Rofl. Reroll newb


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pbfreak111112: Still got that shaman?
WoWTrader123456: Yeah
pbfreak111112: Can you show him ingame?
WoWTrader123456: sure
WoWTrader123456: go to Blackrock
WoWTrader123456: Make an orc
pbfreak111112: alrighty
WoWTrader123456: my guys name is Towly
pbfreak111112: Are you on?
WoWTrader123456: yeah
WoWTrader123456: Towely
WoWTrader123456: Sorry
WoWTrader123456: lol
pbfreak111112: er
pbfreak111112: just invite yhallothar
WoWTrader123456: ok
pbfreak111112: oh god
pbfreak111112: its full
WoWTrader123456: yeah....
pbfreak111112: [censored]...
WoWTrader123456: you have a 'lock right?
pbfreak111112: yeah
pbfreak111112 wants to send file C:\Documents and Settings\Trevor\Desktop\WoWScrnShot_021906_003958.jpg.
pbfreak111112: Im the human
WoWTrader123456 received C:\Documents and Settings\Trevor\Desktop\WoWScrnShot_021906_003958.jpg.
WoWTrader123456: kk
WoWTrader123456: LOL
WoWTrader123456: Nice tabard!!
pbfreak111112: haha
pbfreak111112: here
pbfreak111112: Ill make a screenshot of my inv
pbfreak111112: and [censored]
pbfreak111112: and /say this is me
pbfreak111112: and send them to you
pbfreak111112: so you know Im legit, cause you cant create a guy on the realm
WoWTrader123456: I can't...?
pbfreak111112: Nope
pbfreak111112: Not if there's a que
WoWTrader123456: well
WoWTrader123456: lets try
WoWTrader123456: Im almost through it
pbfreak111112: If this doesnt work
pbfreak111112: Ill let you go on my account to test him out
WoWTrader123456: ok
pbfreak111112: And Ill try out the shaman, never played one
WoWTrader123456: does it come with SQA?
pbfreak111112: But I know what to do
WoWTrader123456: Mine doesnt
WoWTrader123456: But ill let you on
pbfreak111112: I can get the SQA..
WoWTrader123456: I trust you
pbfreak111112: But I'd rather not give it out, just incase anything goes wrong
pbfreak111112: So what class have you leveled from 1-60?
WoWTrader123456: Warr, druid, rogue, and priest
pbfreak111112: Cool
pbfreak111112: Ive leveled a warrior and pally
pbfreak111112: Character Creation Management System - Eyonix on 2/15/06
We've implemented a new system that will disable character creation when a realm has a queue to better control realm populations. This system will disable character creation for accounts without characters on an individual realm when it has a queue. This will limit population growth on congested realms during peak hours and assist us in our efforts to provide a better overall gameplay experience for our players, especially those on high population realms.
Please note that players with existing characters on a queued realm will still be able to create characters, and during off hours when there is not a queue all players may create characters as normal.

WoWTrader123456: damn it
pbfreak111112: not worth waiting twice
pbfreak111112: Ill just give you my info
WoWTrader123456: kk
pbfreak111112: k, *** is account name
pbfreak111112: password is ****
pbfreak111112: yours?
WoWTrader123456: one second
WoWTrader123456: I am not going to log on yours just yet
WoWTrader123456: I have another offer
pbfreak111112: alrite
WoWTrader123456: I might log on soon though
WoWTrader123456: in a bir
WoWTrader123456: bit**
WoWTrader123456: ill tell you if I do
pbfreak111112: what was the offer?
WoWTrader123456: a druid
pbfreak111112: eww
WoWTrader123456: with full Cenarion
pbfreak111112: lol
WoWTrader123456: some stormrage
pbfreak111112: druids suck ;/
pbfreak111112: imo
WoWTrader123456: imo??
WoWTrader123456: What does that mean?
pbfreak111112: in my opinion
WoWTrader123456: o ok
pbfreak111112: dude
pbfreak111112: why did you change my pass?
WoWTrader123456: back
WoWTrader123456: I didnt
WoWTrader123456: I just got back
WoWTrader123456: why?
pbfreak111112: Yeah you did
pbfreak111112: you're the only one with my info
WoWTrader123456: w/e I didn't
WoWTrader123456: Possbily my bro
WoWTrader123456: he uses this comp to
pbfreak111112: bro
pbfreak111112: this isnt funny
pbfreak111112: get it back from him
pbfreak111112: it was either you or him
WoWTrader123456: it was him
WoWTrader123456: let me go beat his head in
pbfreak111112: get it back
pbfreak111112: please
WoWTrader123456: what should I hit him with?
WoWTrader123456: Fire poker or a bat?
pbfreak111112: bat
WoWTrader123456: kk
WoWTrader123456: [censored] piece of [censored]
pbfreak111112: bro, can you get it back
pbfreak111112: please
WoWTrader123456: my parents dont care about him
WoWTrader123456: we adopted him
WoWTrader123456: were [censored] putting him in a trash bag and sending him down a river
pbfreak111112: Are you there?
WoWTrader123456: yeah
WoWTrader123456: well sorta
WoWTrader123456: looking for him
pbfreak111112: Get the [censored] pass..
WoWTrader123456: Just recall
WoWTrader123456: I dont think he will tell me
pbfreak111112: This is a [censored] lie man
pbfreak111112: Its your alibi
pbfreak111112: For stealing my account..
WoWTrader123456: im serious
WoWTrader123456: just recall from him
pbfreak111112: I will
pbfreak111112: but thats bullshit
WoWTrader123456: Im serious
WoWTrader123456: He has
WoWTrader123456: it
WoWTrader123456: Just recall from him
WoWTrader123456: come on
WoWTrader123456: recall it
WoWTrader123456: can you?
WoWTrader123456: [censored] man
WoWTrader123456: He wont tell me
pbfreak111112: there
pbfreak111112: recalled
WoWTrader123456: thank god
WoWTrader123456: man
WoWTrader123456: he stil wont tell me
WoWTrader123456: are you on the account? in game?
WoWTrader123456: im not
pbfreak111112: What the [censored]?
pbfreak111112: You were logged in
pbfreak111112: In ironforge
WoWTrader123456: I was?
pbfreak111112: you're a [censored] lier
WoWTrader123456: haha, later man
WoWTrader123456 signed off at 8:17:05 PM.


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Yeah, hes been scamming everyone from what it looks like.

Good thing you could recall =)