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This kid didn't seem to know much about his own account, as you can see in this message. Starting freaking out cause i didn't want his account....

ripcurl2269 (12:14:38 AM): yo I have a warrior you might be interested in
Noob993 (12:15:10 AM): coo
ripcurl2269 returned at 12:15:10 AM.
ripcurl2269 (12:15:35 AM): Obsidian Edged Blade

Blastershot Launcher

Quickstrike Ring

Cloudkeeper Leg Plates

Stronghold Gauntlets

Gauntlets of might

Flameguard Gauntlets

Lionheart Helm

Onyxia Necklace

Dark Iron Helm

Don Julios
ripcurl2269 (12:15:42 AM): undead on smolderthorn PvP
ripcurl2269 (12:16:21 AM): It's a DPS MS Crit Warrior....im not sure if ur looking for this type or a "might" warrior tanking warrior
Noob993 (12:17:07 AM): well how much are you looking for ...
ripcurl2269 (12:17:18 AM): idk i just wanted to see how much ud offer
ripcurl2269 (12:17:58 AM): full wraths go for 700+ full might go for 500+
Noob993 (12:18:11 AM): dont need full might
Noob993 (12:18:14 AM): but 6\8 ...
Noob993 (12:18:58 AM): but anyway i think i would buy yours but its not exactly what im looking for and troll and undead would be my last choices for races for a warrior im sorry = /
ripcurl2269 (12:19:33 AM): undeads unfearable
ripcurl2269 (12:19:44 AM): but rogues can stunlock
ripcurl2269 (12:19:58 AM): i can beat the [censored] outta locks shadowpriest etc
ripcurl2269 (12:20:01 AM): but alright
ripcurl2269 (12:20:11 AM): how much would u have offered if u were interested im just curious
Noob993 (12:20:23 AM): for yours like $150
Noob993 (12:20:42 AM): for one with might like $300
ripcurl2269 (12:20:47 AM): tru
ripcurl2269 (12:20:55 AM): why are u so fixed on "might"
Noob993 (12:21:13 AM): not but its the warriors epic set...its the only epic set besides wrath
Noob993 (12:21:19 AM): blues cant compare...
ripcurl2269 (12:21:28 AM): all the things i sent u are epic
ripcurl2269 (12:21:52 AM): lol
Noob993 (12:22:08 AM): yes, but a few arn't BoP...2 epics are gloves = /
ripcurl2269 (12:22:46 AM): i have a feeling that u dont know that much about wow but w.e ur choice....its sad that u didnt recognize some of the best rag/mc drops as epics lol
Noob993 (12:23:37 AM): rag drops? not one drop there is from rag, I played a Warrior from level 1 - 60 and took him Through MC, Ony and killed Nef... i know how to play them.
ripcurl2269 (12:24:04 AM): lol alright...........u didnt recognize a full list of epics lol but w.e
Noob993 (12:24:33 AM): i recognized them..alot of it is BOE, and if it is BOP then its PVP, I focus on PVE more than anything...
ripcurl2269 (12:25:21 AM): 2/10 are boe........and u have really no idea about a warrior and u are a noob peace lol
Noob993 (12:26:17 AM): here
Noob993 (12:27:10 AM): Stronghold Gauntlets , Lionheart Helm, Dark Iron Helm and Cloudkeeper Legplates are all BOE.
Noob993 (12:27:22 AM): Sad you don't know that when its your own account.
ripcurl2269 (12:27:33 AM): cloudkeeper leg plates are the best legs in the game u moron
Noob993 (12:27:44 AM): lol...no.
Noob993 (12:27:48 AM): and they are still BOE
ripcurl2269 (12:27:52 AM): ur a dumb [censored] lol
ripcurl2269 (12:27:56 AM): they are better then warlord legs
ripcurl2269 (12:28:08 AM): 20agil strength stam
ripcurl2269 (12:28:12 AM): find me some better
ripcurl2269 (12:28:12 AM): u moron
Noob993 (12:28:19 AM): you said they wernt BOE genious

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