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rezzinpwndu2 is a scammer


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Pretty much, I purchased two WoW Accounts from him for 2500gold.

He recalled and messed up some of my business, thus, since he is being uncooperative I am having bolth accounts banned, *ALONG* with the player I sent the 2500hold to.


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Posting for Cheazer

This guy stole my epic mage with 2/8 T2 and 4/8 T1 rank 10 dont trust

[/ QUOTE ]

How would we go about getting his IP banned?


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Thanks for posting this, almost did business with him! *phew*


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Just talked to him on another AIM, tricked him pretty good.

I am taking him to court, I know his IP, Address, and Cell/Home Phone number.

His "positives" are spoofed, he is a liar and a fraud. *PLEASE* beware of him.


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I called rezzinpwndu2's cell phone number: [personal info deleted]

The accounts: MrNoFriend2 /// Trade123 // trinidad
The accounts:homedogskot2 /// lacrosse1 // Barrans

Report those two accounts to blizz to ban.

After a moment or two into the convo, I decided to call his cell, in which he answered with "Chris" instead of the original "CJ". Anywho, the convo is listed below, though, most was over the phone.

[01:27] Wowisdashi: hey, interested in buying an account w/ 40 60s on it, w/ around 16 epics on it?
[01:27] Pickyen: ....
[01:27] Pickyen: Hello
[01:28] Pickyen: 40 level 60's/
[01:28] Wowisdashi: 4*
[01:28] Pickyen: Do you mind if I ask what the account name of the account in question is?
[01:28] Pickyen: I may be interestefd.
[01:29] Wowisdashi: why...
[01:29] Pickyen: I want to see if it has the same account name as a account I was going to buy ages ago =)
[01:29] Wowisdashi: vancity
[01:30] Pickyen: Hmm,
[01:30] Pickyen: With that many 60's may we speak on the phone now?
[01:30] Pickyen: I think I'm interested.
[01:30] Pickyen: Very interested.
[01:30] Wowisdashi: parents are asleep :-(
[01:30] Wowisdashi: im just selling for Gold on another server
[01:31] Pickyen: I will require the cd-key/SQA/ALL INFO
[01:31] Wowisdashi: of corse
[01:31] Pickyen: I heard you scammed some people on Markee =(
[01:31] Wowisdashi: like who
[01:31] Pickyen: Let me check. I haven't been there in awhile.
[01:31] Pickyen: sec
[01:32] Wowisdashi: i have no negitives...cause like..ppl dont remember info i give them..and it all gets resolved..
[01:32] Pickyen: Sahoso
[01:32] Pickyen: And RedCommunist
[01:32] Pickyen: they have pretttty muchj all positives.
[01:33] Wowisdashi: redcommunist is soo mean...he got mad cause like, i didnt talk to him after we traded...even though all info was right
[01:33] Wowisdashi: i can give u like 10 ppl saying im legit etc...
[01:33] Pickyen: I read that the the account info was recalled
[01:33] Pickyen: After he had purchased it -.-
[01:33] Pickyen: I have alot of money to spend on wow... but..
[01:34] Wowisdashi: ok, well if u dont trust me then its ok, but im telling u its all legit..but if u dont its ok cause i can proboblby find others
[01:34] Pickyen: One moment please
[01:34] Pickyen: Let me see =)
[01:34] Pickyen: No worries
[01:35] Pickyen: maybe we can deal
[01:36] Wowisdashi: k
[01:38] Pickyen: hmm...
[01:38] Pickyen: Sound's pretty good
[01:39] Wowisdashi: i stopd playin on this accoutn soo long ago...and like i just wanted to make a horde char w/ RL friends
[01:39] Pickyen: I understand
[01:40] Pickyen: ...
[01:40] Pickyen: So
[01:40] Pickyen: You there?
[01:41] Pickyen: Hellooo?
[01:41] Pickyen: ...
[01:41] Pickyen: Are you there?
[01:42] Pickyen: Confirmed
[01:42] Pickyen: Thank you
[01:43] Pickyen: You may check your message Chris/CJ.
[01:43] Pickyen: I will see you in court.
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[02:12] *** "Wowisdashi" signed off at Sun Jun 18 02:12:05 2006.
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