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Rexidesign's just Lol'd me on aim.


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This is What happens when you try and scam me.
TrickedoutsTz (5:06:19 PM): Well im a soar eye for scammers, so im just trying to make sure the stuff is right
TrickedoutsTz (5:06:32 PM): Wanna try a middle man if something doesnt seem right?
rexiadesigns (5:07:08 PM): im fine, as long as i get the password for password
rexiadesigns (5:08:24 PM): you rdy?
TrickedoutsTz (5:08:52 PM): Well sure but just to tell you i can call the original owner in about 2 seconds in case you try and screw me over or something, but if you are im just asking to not because this account means alot to me just to get it
rexiadesigns (5:09:13 PM): i fully understand
rexiadesigns (5:09:33 PM): try this again
rexiadesigns (5:09:36 PM): account: xifr
TrickedoutsTz (5:09:45 PM): Trickedout
TrickedoutsTz (5:09:47 PM): account
rexiadesigns (5:10:04 PM): password: wowabc123
TrickedoutsTz (5:10:17 PM): pass is : tradeabc1
TrickedoutsTz (5:10:39 PM): isnt working, sir ?
TrickedoutsTz (5:10:52 PM): Bah bah bah this isnt very nice u know
rexiadesigns has gone offline.
Used my Alternative aim address, little screw ball signed off aim.. Sigh sigh sigh
Got account back in Less than 1 minute, He never even got a chance to log on.. What a tard.