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Report against TGS The Gaming Supply company


Multiple Accounts
I want to file a report against The Game Supply, First off i understand that I know that they cant give me a refund, because i did void there warranty process by changing the email. HOWEVER..

Long story short, I bought an account from these guys (2) accounts to be specific, the transactions were both smooth and everything went well fast. But one account which i bought at around 600USD, was recalled and I understand the risk that we all take when we purchase battle.net accounts. But in The Game Supply's warranty and policy it says something about if you recall an account, they can take legal action. Basically the original owner recalled the account, I emailed TGS about the entire situation, asking not for a refund or anything, but if they could do anything to atleast ban the guy who recalled the account. Funny enough, they've ignored my emails for 2 months.

If you're a person looking to buy an account I would definitely look elsewhere, because obviously the customer service from this company is lacking terribly. And there policy for recalls is obviously lackluster, because if they truly cared, they would've done SOMETHING by now, sadly I was even told they would get back me to in 2-3 days, and it's been almost 2months.

Sad to say, do not go to THE GAME SUPPLY to buy and sell your blizzard.net accounts.
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Report ip hash: 3d0aa17bccebdad53e944a