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Redeeming Battle.net gift card using VPN


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I bought a Brazil Blizzard account and can't find a method that currently fits me to buy anything in the shop other than using Battle.net balance. I bought a BRL gift card and tried redeeming it but it won't let me do it unless I use a VPN (tried on a dummy account using VPN while redeeming the code to check the validity and it works) because of the region difference. Has anyone tried redeeming the Battle.net gift card using a VPN to the account country? Has anyone gotten banned? and how safe is it in general? I just don't want to risk it if it will ever be a permanent ban situation
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i had that same issu also what i did was just turn my goverment id to blizzard and they just changed the region i blured my face they did not accept it but i turn it again with my face it was accepted so my recommendation is ask the seller if they bought the account or was it theres if they bought it tell them if they have conntected to the seller who he bought it from and go on till you hopefully find the og owner if he is the og owner then ask if he had turn in a goverment id on his account this is very important as if he did theres not much you can do other than do what you're doing right now and buying the account already is a risk as the person who own it could turn in his goverment id and kick you off the account and theres nothing you can do
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