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RDM75,WHM69,THF64,NIN60,BLM57,DRK37,WAR35,RNG24 on Alexander


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281 days playtime rank 6 bastok sky access only 100k on hand but... 350+ beastman seals and 100+ kindred seals... plus ive got inv and mog inv like stock full of misc equip...

any specific questions e-mail me orrr contact my msn... msn e-mail = [email protected] my e-mail to actually e-mail me is [email protected] i Have 2 pictures one contains alllllll items i have and other all the other misc equip... i have extremly good rep on server... spent countless days saving people at zones instead of crafting to pass the time... very good account im asking 250$ or best offer contact me asap i need to sell