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Rares, Artifacts, Veteran Rewards, Homes, Lowered Prices Read


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I have to sell off as much items as I can as I would like to close my accounts asap, please icq me a list of the items you are interested in. Thank you. Please do not icq me if you are not a serious buyer and please do not leave messages for me here as I do not visit these boards regularly.


White Stag Hide (unique quest rare item only 1 on shard) 60 Mill
2 Blade of Righteousness 20 Mill each
2 Armor of Fortune 18 Mill each both dyed
Jet Black Robe & Cloak 1.7 Mill
Ice White Robe & Cloak 1.8 Mill
Dark Grey Robe & Cloak 1.6 Mill
Valorite Robe & Cloak 1.1 Mill
2 Dryad Bows one with +5 peace and other +10 peace 8 Mill each
Inquisitors 55 Mill
Hat of Magi 15 Mill undyed
2 Kasa of Raj-In 2 Mill each
Full Set Tokuno Dyes 15 Mill
Axe of Heavens 1.5 Mill
Ethy Horses 700K each
Potted Plant Sets 1.5 Mill each
Black Chessmen 20 Mill
Lenshire Clan Tabard 3 Mill
White Brit Guard Sash 1 Mill
Bloody Bandage 10 Mill
Spitoon 35 Mill
Kettle 12 Mill
Tattered Ancient Mummy Wrappings 8 Mill
Silverware 10 Mill
Phoenix Armor Gloves 4 Mill
Sea Serpent Crystal 10 Mill
White Wyrm's Heart 13 Mill
Dragon's Blood 8 Mill
Bushel 5 Mill
Full Plate Coal Armor 8 Mill
Crude Corroded Manacles 13 Mill
Skinned Deer 1 Mill
Saddle 5 Mill
Hanging Leather Tunic 1.2 Mill
2 Gruesome Standard 150K each
Wood Curls 15 Mill
Ice White Lamp Post 15 Mill
Ice Blue Lamp Post 10 Mill
Other Colour Lamp Posts (not dyed ones) 3 Mill each
Blood Tiles 2 Mill each
Ruined Painting 30 Mill
White Muffin 2 Mill
2 Zyronic Claw 15 Mill each
Ring of Elements 4 Mill
Voice of Fallen King 3.5 Mill
Arcane Shield 3.5 Mill
Valentine Muffins & Cards
Neon Bottle Hair & Beard Dye 8 Mill
Open Book 3 Mill
2 Towers Trammel 8 Mill Each
18X16 Malas 10 Mill
18X18 Tokuno House Near Town On Road Great Vendor Location 20 Mill BO

Most homes will be sold with items in it like deco items as we are trying to sell off as much and as fast as possible.

I have loads of other vet rewards, deco artifacts and rares. All prices are negotiable. Just ask me for anything you are looking for. Thanks.