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Rank 8 (pvp) paladin up for trade!!


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This is a very good paladin with rank 8 gear and AB armor!! he have epic shield and epic shoulders! and arcanite reaper.. things worth 600g+ he owns PVP and is also one of the best paladin on the server! he have very high dmg and have LB belt (tier 1) FR gear 86 with no buffs! he got the paladin epic mount and have a very good rep on the server! he also have the perfect pvp build and it cost 15g to change talents , but the talents are very good pvp.. he got 18 crit chance with pvp gear!

looking to trade for Rouge , mage or warrior..

Contact me on msn or send me a e-mail : [email protected]

Best regards

Since i got a question about server i will write it here , so you all can see!! its on Azune..