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Selling RAID Shadow Legends- Cheap packs and Top ups

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Hello RAID SL Players,
Im an experienced loader for many games and offer a safe discount alternative to full in game prices. No refunds, no hacks and only safe loading always. I value 100% customer satisfaction and repeat customers. Contact me today to save the most on RAID Packs and top ups!

Pricing and packs (US$):
$99.99 - Pile of Gems (4200) - you pay $65
$99.99 - 15 Ancient Cards Pack - you pay $65
$99.99 - Void Shards 5 pack - you pay $65
$99.99 - Silver pack 4.5M - you pay $65

$49.99 packs of any kind including gold card membership - You pay $33
* Pricing options available for daily packs and smaller packs, so please ask!

Bulk pricing options are available!
2 Large $ 99.99 packs of any kind - You pay $125 (75% savings)
3 or more $99.99 packs purchased at once you pay $60US each! (40% off full in game price per pack!)

referral options can be discussed. If you get me more business, you get small bonus pack options or cheaper prices when another friend buys from me.

payment methods:
Paypal, Cash app, zelle, Revolut, Wise, Skrill, and Crypto

Contact me on Line App: xtortion123
Contact me in Discord app: Professor X#3030

I look forward to doing business with you
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